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    FS: Others LastPass Password Manager Premium Membership

    LastPass Membership for Sale valid till 2027. Have total control of your password manager with 5 years validity. Current price for the product is 36 USD/year.
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    OpenWRT Supported Router Recommendation

    Hello there. I am using D-Link DIR 1260 in AP Mode to my JioFiber Router. D-Link Router was perfectly stable for 2 months. Now it's gets powered off on it's own once every day at random times. I am not able to figure out the cause. I'll get it replaced but I need a new router to run in AP mode...
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    How much will I get for these old PCs?

    Hello there, I wish to get rid of OLD hardware. Any idea how much I can sell these for? i5 2320 Intel DH67BL 8GB 1600Mhz DDR3 x1 1TB HDD iBall Cabinet & PSU. i5 4440 Gigabyte H6x (Will update later) 16GB DDR3 1366mhz (4GB x4) Sapphire RX480 GPU 240GB SSD CM MWE 450W v2 PSU NZXT Cabinet
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    Other Android v/s iOS - 2021

    I have experienced the file management capabilities are very limited in iOS. Android is generations ahead in this regard. I personally don't recommend an iPhone now a days unless you need to be part of the Apple eco system.
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    WTB 9th Gen Octa Core

    I have an old Skylake Rig where I plan to use 9th gen octa core chip with modded bios. Send me your offers with price.
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    Where is the money going?

    Total debt in 2014 - Total debt end of this financial year 2021 - 51,42,284 crores in 2014 to 135,86,000 crores. 84.84 lakh crores increase in 7 years. This after...
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    Intel's Gracemont Architecture

    Performance of Skylake Architecture at just fraction of power consumption. Alder Lake is going to be a big deal!
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    High Loaded Latency

    Hello there, I am noticing high Loaded Latency on wired connection from JioFiber Router as well as the AP connected to the JioFiber Router. The issue persist even when most devices are on idle. What could be causing it? How can I go on resolving it? DSL Report...
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    Best way to monitor uptime for JioFiber Connection

    Hello there. What will be a perfect way to monitor uptime of my JioFiber Connection?
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    Tata Sky Volume Control

    Hello there, Is there any way to control volume? I have noticed that the volume output during advertisements shoots up automatically. Not in the levels controlled by remote but the output from channel itself. Is there anything which can help me set fixed output/level of audio at db level? This...
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    WTB 8GB DDR3 Desktop (Single Stick)

    Hello. Looking for 8GB DDR3 Ram x1 for my Desktop. I am in Mumbai and looking to get one asap. Thanks!
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    PC Peripherals PSU Recommendation

    Hello, Need to replace this Kaput PSU of one of my system. Any recommendations? Not looking to spend more than 3K. Thanks!
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    Can all ram sticks fail together?

    Hey guys. I have an old system (i5 4440) which I boot up occassionally for running virtual machines. It was working fine from years and all of the sudden it stopped working. System is showing power but there are 3 beeps when it tries to boot. I suspect the ram sticks have gone kaput. I wonder...
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    WTB Octa Core Processor

    Looking for 8 cores / 16 threads. Please let me know if you got something for me.
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    Does any body live near MTNL office here?

    Hello guys. I needed a favour. Does any body live near MTNL office? I had got a new MTNL sim before the lockdown. I want to do First Recharge on it which can only be done from MTNL centers. Can any body do it for me who lives near MTNL? I will pay via PayTM/UPI for the same.
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    What happen to BSNL taking control of MTNL Mumbai operations?

    Hi. There was news that BSNL going to launch in Mumbai and will be taking control over MTNL operations. What happen to that? MTNL is dying and BSNL really need to fix things by taking control...
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    Wireless Over the Ear Headphones under 3K

    Hello there. I am looking for wireless over the ear headphones to use with my pc and my mobile. I found that Soundcore Q10 have good battery life and can connect up to 2 devices. Is there anything better than this at this budget?
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    USB Type C to DP Cable

    Hello there. Can any body recommend me this cable? I checked on Amazon but not able to figure out which brand to go with and all are expensive as well.