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  1. hmasalia

    Need Amazon Prime Account

    Hello TE Members, My mom will be in US for couple of weeks and there are some small purchases like Cables and Accessories that I want to purchase of Amazon, if anyone has an account can give me access for couple of days for me to make purchases from their account would be great. Thanks in advance.
  2. hmasalia

    Android One plus one issue

    Hi.. I got my one plus almost a month back, and suddenly today it just went off, it's not turning back on. The battery should have been around 35 percent when I had last seen it working... Has anyone else faced this issue... Need suggestions, I Googled it, some say wait for 24 to 36 hours...
  3. hmasalia

    Ebay: Rant!! :(

    My troublesome experience with eBay and its seller sky.way I had purchased Samsung S3 Mini White Color phone, for my wife from EBay seller sky.way on 2nd June- Brand New for Rs.15500.00 Payment was made using paisa pay and the seller shipped the product within 2-4 days, All was fine till...
  4. hmasalia

    FS: Mobile Samsung S2

    Hi! Selling this on behalf of a friend, Samsung S2, Not in Warranty, Purchased the day it was released in India, Running CM 10.1, has a spare 3200 mAh Extra Battery with Cover. Box & Charger, Cable & Earphone not available with the phone. In extremely good condition. Pics attached for your...
  5. hmasalia

    Tata Indicom 4 MBs Booster Pack

    Hi! I am on Tata Indicom 2 Mbs package, while paying Rs.300.00 for Night Unlimited, Last month I need an urgent file to be downloaded and didnt have much time, since the download window was open for a very short while, I decided that I will activate 4 Mbs Plan by paying additional Rs.300.00 for...
  6. hmasalia

    Online Telephone Address Book

    Dear, I am looking for a preferable Free Online/Offline Address Book, Would like to have approx 800-1000 peoples Contact Details, preferable with their family people name/address. Name: Fathers Name: Wife Name Children Name Official Address Residential: Address Mobile Email etc Do inform if...
  7. hmasalia

    Happy Birthday Udit

    Wishing my dear friend Udit, a very Happy Birthday Have a great day buddy
  8. hmasalia

    Happy Diwali

  9. hmasalia

    Eid mubarak to all te members

    Hello!! Wishing all TE Members a very Happy Eid, Those who can make it to Visakhaptnam, please come home for Sirkhurma/Sweets
  10. hmasalia

    PC Peripherals CM690 Cabinet - HDD Trays gone bad - Where to get replacements ?

    Where to get Hard disk tray for CM 690 ? Dear Sir, Would you inform me, where I can get the Hard Disk Tray for CM 690 Cabinet, I managed to crack around 3 of my Trays.
  11. hmasalia

    Invite Required for bit-hdtv site

    Dear All, Request for invite, Have nothing much to offer against it.. except a BIG THANK YOU. Regards, Hussain
  12. hmasalia

    IPAD/Playbook/Galaxy Tab/Etc

    Dear, Will be going to Dubai shortly. What should I get from there.. I would like to have portable unit. Mostly for pleasure, but may require for Office use as well. Also i would personally want to want plug and play unit for playing dvix files. Also Will the Warranty effect buying it from...
  13. hmasalia

    Few Day Ago!

    Dear Friends, Couple of days ago! I had created this thread Requesting you guys to Vote for the Most Popular Team Would like to announce to you guys that Team Visakhapatnam came 1st in the overall Rally and won...
  14. hmasalia

    Happy Birthday Udit

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Buddy!! :):):):):):):hap2::hap2::hap2::hap2:
  15. hmasalia

    Please Vote for my Friend

    Dear Sir, Please vote for my Friends Team. They are participating in a Car Rally, Organised by our Community, This is a 2500 KM odds Rally, Many International Teams will be participating as well. You can vote for other teams from your respective cities but I request you to vote for my friend...
  16. hmasalia

    Eid mubarak

    Dear Friends, Wishing you all "Eid Mubarak" Come over to my place for Sirkhurma and Sweets :)
  17. hmasalia

    Can anyone do me a favour!!!!

    Hi!!! I was in Delhi last year in July..... Had being to Karims.... Please go and have a BIG MEAL on my behalf :) Feel like having one of every dish on their menu.............. Thanks ;-)
  18. hmasalia

    Mass SMS Service Provider/System

    I require Mass SMS Sending Service which sends out SMS to 500-600 Selected People. Some of whom are registered with DND, I need out to sent certain Information to these people but at the same time I would not like these people to come out of there DND Registration as other Service Providers may...
  19. hmasalia

    Plz suggest phone HTC Hero/Satio/Omnia HD 2

    Dear Friends, Planning to upgrade my cell phone from E71 to the above mentioned ones. Please suggest.... Need to be fast & touch interference will be added bonus. Which one according to you will be the best... PS: Should not crash...
  20. hmasalia

    Books Showoff... My collection so far!!!!

    Hi!!! Managed to get an early copy of The Five Greatest Warrior by Mathew Reilly... Adding a lot more to my already existing collection.... NOTE: Around 30% has been borrowed by my & my sisters friends and never been returned...... :( Will be shortly be buying Astrix Collection as well...