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    Amazon India lightning deals

    Bought a MX master 3 for 6290 after bank discounts. Great deal I reckon
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    Storage Solutions Old hardware SSD boot issues

    I'm using SSD on my phenom2 and 890GX setup. no problems here
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    [WTB Suggestion] Bosch C7 Battery Charger or something else.

    I have a CTEK charger, its an older model with max 4A charging current but does the job well. C3 will do for your car as well, no need to get the C7. Unless you buy a BMW etc which comes with AGM batteries.
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    (NO GPUs) 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    How much can I pay for 8 month old components? strix x570i nr200p corsair sfx750
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    WTB AMD Rx Vega 56/64/5600XT/5700

    I dont recall reading any such rules. Can you kindly point me to the same?
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    Major Shift in PSU architecture 12VO SFX PSUs for Tiny, Efficient Systems

    12VO and the efficiency improvements it brings are mainly for corporations with thousands of PCs, where even 0.5% or 1% more efficiency due to 12VO is significant. It is not and will not be significant for the DIYer. I dont see it even coming to this market.
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    WTB AMD Rx Vega 56/64/5600XT/5700

    Both cards shipped and delivered, full payment received. Thank you for the smooth deal!
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    I'm as big fan of Royal Kludge keyboards, I have a RK68 myself. The wireless capability plus the hotswap deals the deal for me. Awesome! The jades feel awesome but they're too loud for my PC. Perfect for my parents PC where they need as much audible feedback as possible for their typing! I...
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    You should try out Kailh Box Clicky switches, White Pink and Jades. I have the Whites and Jades, they're really a class above the usual cherry/gateron offerings when it comes to clicky switches!
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    WTB Kalith or Omron mouse switch

    Cheaper on GenesisPC
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Rearranged the PC, gone back to air cooling. Made the AC Freezer 50 TR cooler fit on the 2700x Moved everything to the Coolermaster K380 donated by @kalph09 Had to make some relief cuts on the case to make the cooler fit
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    OC & Modding Rebuilding an old and mostly problematic TVS Gold Keyboard

    I bought a couple from aliexpress before they were banned. Check sites like GenesisPC or StacksKB for cheaper options
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    OC & Modding Rebuilding an old and mostly problematic TVS Gold Keyboard

    Membrane keyboards work on the principle of having two circuits on membranes and the keys when pressed cause a short circuit and hence register a key press. The circuits are intricate and if there is a failure, it is near impossible to repair it/absolutely not worth the effort. Open they...
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    How do I connect PSU with big plug ?

    This is what I'd suggest as well. Otherwise, take it to any electrician, tell him to cut the plug and ask him to wire in a new 3 pin plug. Problem solved. Its easy to do it yourself too. I'm using a 5A plug cable with my EVGA 1200W PSU so you will be fine
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    User Review The best (budget) USB DAC AMP - Apple USB C to 3.5mm

    Check the side like here
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    User Review The best (budget) USB DAC AMP - Apple USB C to 3.5mm

    its printed on the short cable. The label on the box also has it All adapters sold locally are A2155