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  1. sumeet3011

    FS: Headphone Hifiman He560 Jerg mod

    I have a mint condition Jerg modded He560 for sale, comes with a upgrade cable and Hifiman hard case. Refer to headfi for details on Jerg mod. Also thinking of selling my cavali amp, pm for details Thanks 1598699520
  2. sumeet3011

    FS: Headphone Hifiman He560 Jerg mod

    Hello, Want to sell my Jerg modded He560 in immaculate condition. Also comes with a portable Hifiman hard case and an upgrade cable. Kindly PM for details. Price slightly negotiable within reason Thanks.
  3. sumeet3011

    FS: Headphone Shure SE846 with Upgrade cable

    Hello, up for grabs is the flagship iem from shure. Comes with an upgrade FBI silver cable.In perfect working condition. Kindly PM me for any questions. Thanks.
  4. sumeet3011

    FS: Headphone AUDIOPHILE [ Beyerdynamic DT1350 + HIDIZS AP100 + Fiio E12

    HELLO, I want to sell some of my audio equipment BEYERDYNAMIC DT 1350 HIDIZS AP100 Fiio E12 AMP A great setup which i have to part with albeit unwillingly. Have priced it very...
  5. sumeet3011

    FS: Headphone PHILIPS FIDELIO L1

    Product Name: Philips FIDELIO L1... A nice mid tier SEMI OPEN Headphone..many good reviews
  6. sumeet3011

    FS: Headphone SENNHEISER IE8i + FIIO E11

    Product Name: SENNHEISER IE8i [ iphone compatible mic] + FIIO E11 Expected Price: Rs 12000 Shipping charges:200 Description if any: IE8 are among the flagship model iems...many reviews can be found at headfii- Reason for Sale: UPGRADING Product...
  7. sumeet3011

    WTB fiio e9/ comparable headphone amp

    hello guys... looking fwd to buy a used amp fiio e9 or similar headphone amp for my senn hd650