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  1. Xavier

    Budget 41-50k Please help me build a gaming PC within Rs. 40k

    Hey guys, posting here after a long time. I'm looking to build a new PC in the first/second week of July and would like to get your thoughts and insights on the same. I've been out of the scene for quite some time and am not aware of the latest components/advancements. What is your budget? 40K...
  2. Xavier

    Bumblebee on Two Wheels

    More than 8 years after my trusty old Hero Honda Ambition was finally showing its age and giving up on me, I finally decided to take the plunge and buy a new bike. I had a budget of Rs. 100k max and simply could not stretch it beyond that. After loads of research and test rides, I zeroed in on...
  3. Xavier

    Graphic Cards Cheapest Possible Graphics Card for Watching HD Movies

    Okay, so here's the deal. My ancient PC (2007) is in dire need of an upgrade but due to severe budget constraints, I won't be able to do that for another 6 months or so. In the meantime, a friend of mine shifted to the States and gave me his Viewsonic 24" full HD monitor. My current config runs...
  4. Xavier

    HTC One Unveiled - 4.7 inch of 1080p goodness with Sense 5

    HTC has introduced a device it hopes will help in regaining its Android crown - the HTC One. Frankly, there’s not a lot here that hasn’t already been spoiled by an insane number of leaks over the past few weeks, but the One is still a terribly pretty handset. The One sports a 4.7-inch...
  5. Xavier

    Any MMA fans out here? / Possible MMA Discussion Thread?

    Are there any mixed martial arts (MMA) fans here at TE? Would be great if we could discuss the sport and upcoming UFC/Bellator events. Speaking of which, UFC 157 has a tough predecessor to follow if it has to match the awesomeness of UFC 156. Rousey vs Carmouche should be interesting...
  6. Xavier

    Post your Homescreens here

    I tried looking for the old thread but simply couldn't find it. I know that one existed since I clearly remember posting some screenshots on it. Anyway, if the mods can find it, kindly merge this into that thread. In the meanwhile, post screenshots of your mobile OS homescreens here.
  7. Xavier

    Marco Simoncelli dies in Motogp crash at Sepang :(

    Marco Simoncelli succumbed to his injuries suffered in a crash at the Malaysian GP today. The crash was simply horrific as his helmet came off when Colin Edwards' bike slammed into his body. Marco was just 24 years old and was one of the most exciting riders in recent history. I still can't...