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  1. superczar

    Budget 21-30k Tablet for Father - Pls advise timely

    One may/may not like iOS / iPad OS for what it has or hasn’t vis-a-vis android - and thats a personal preference which I respect. However stating that the lifecycle is short is objectively incorrect. Support lifecycle of devices is a parameter where they fare drastically better than android ...
  2. superczar

    MacBook Pro 14 and MacBook Pro 16 with new processors released

    It does usually go in the opposite direction on most "tech" oriented reviews. E.g. this review barely mentions the 1000 pound gorilla that this display features - the insane peak brightness which is almost 3X the levels of regular OLED TVs or laptop screens. Having used the iPP display for the...
  3. superczar

    Powerful chargers

    Stay away from this, This is not a USB-C PD charger.
  4. superczar

    FS: Laptop MacBook M1 Air

    WHat upgrade is on the cards mate ? :)
  5. superczar

    iOS Anyone here using Apple Airtags?

    Use case updated in post above . Didn't get the 2nd part..Why would I get pings from iphones around?
  6. superczar

    iOS Anyone here using Apple Airtags?

    I have 5.. Love them :) Attached to car keys and wallet for both wife and I and 1 attached to my vape :lol: Both if us, especially I I have a tendency to misplace things very often so it does come in very handy. FWIW, I was using tile earlier - that used to work fine This however is much...
  7. superczar

    Which wired LTE router?

    Seems to be working fine. I have decent lte coverage in my area so speed tests seems to indicate anywhere between 15-60 mbps depending on time of day. I can’t say for certain how good the connection quality is as a primary connection because it’s a failover line. Having said that, There...
  8. superczar

    Apple Airpods 2 in 2021-2022 for android/pc

    Connection stability is not an issue on Pixel Buds. Talikng of SQ is a can of worms but let me anyway have a go. Practically no TWS will have the level of detail /resolution you can get from a good Over-the-ear Headphones. But the good ones get pretty good so there is that. oo both AP2 and...
  9. superczar

    Apple Airpods 2 in 2021-2022 for android/pc

    I use the AP2, APP, AP Max - and Jabra 65t and Pixel Buds As much as I would like to recommend the AP2, it is hard to do so for usage with Android and Windows - The premium that goes towards the SoC they use is negated as they will work as well (or as bad) as any other BT headset. I would not...
  10. superczar

    Storage Solutions Solid Snake-Oil Storage: This SSD Is Aimed at Audiophiles

    I try avoid posting on this topic on Hifivision but this one was too far-fetched to resist :dead: While on the topic, here is another product that is at least as audiophool targeted as this one if not more...
  11. superczar

    I am buying an SD card on much import duty will I have to pay once it reaches India ?

    The seller has 0 ratings. Stay away, esp for an overseas purchase
  12. superczar

    Recommendations for making good black coffee

    There is nothing wrong with instant coffee and its perfectly fine for a occasional coffee drinker. However a proper espresso shot is orders more flavourful than what you get from instant coffee. The only catch is that you will need at least a 15 bar pump machine to get a decent shot . For...
  13. superczar

    FS: Others Tile Mate BT Tracker - 4 units

    Last remaining unit sold to @ishanjain28
  14. superczar

    [WTB Suggestion] Bosch C7 Battery Charger or something else.

    I got this last year for just under 3K
  15. superczar

    CPU/Mobo Reducing Power Bill with homelabs

    My home server is a i3 10100 with 32GB, 1 ssd and 1 spin drive. The average power draw is between 35-40W that translates to about 1 unit a day (24x0.04) However, the server needs a ups for obvious reasons even though power failures are rare. That adds another 14-15W extra. But even that...
  16. superczar

    Budget 31-40k looking to buy used macbook Air 2017

    LOL.. I sure hope not. Was just pointing out the possible pitfalls for a non seasoned buyer.. Mini PCs and desktops can actually be expected to be in better than average shape since they are used solely within the office.
  17. superczar

    Budget 31-40k looking to buy used macbook Air 2017

    The problem with used bulk laptop, esp Thinkpad's and latitudes is that they are almost entirely sourced from the 2 year or 3 year retirement cycle of corporate laptops. Most of these laptops have seen a fair amount of use and abuse as most people are a little less careful with their office...
  18. superczar

    Where to get good coffee beans

    The old one (Mr Coffee) has served me well and I do like the output with a simple Lavazza Quality Rossa (and now Il Mattino) I am not a huge coffee connoisseur and haven't really bothered with fresh grinds - As long as I get a good medium Roast arabica extract for a couple of strong cups of Joe...
  19. superczar

    Where to get good coffee beans

    What espresso maker were you using before? Curious to know as I have been on a regular consumer grade espresso machine for almost a decade now. Its showing its age so wondering if I should just get another 15-20K worth pump espresso from the likes of Morphy Richards etc or splurge on something...
  20. superczar

    Budget 51-70k Laptop for Office Use

    the under 70K deal during diwali was probably the best time to get it. I don’t know what impact, if any the new model expect in 2022 will have on the pricing/availability. My usage is 50% docked via TB driving a 4K display Its in the docked mode where the performance difference is most...