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  1. rishabh.asthana

    Budget 51-70k Laptop for photoshop and a bit of gaming

    My current sony fit is about to die (bad hard disk,conked off wi-fi, flickering screen) so i am in looking for a replacement. This laptop will serve as a portable editing station/entertainment machine. As i will be using photoshop a lot, I will need a capable processor. Have an extra 256 GB SSD...
  2. rishabh.asthana

    FS: Storage Hardware Seagate 3X500 GB Hdds (1 dead 2 working fine)

    For sale 2 working seagate 500 Gb hdds (7200.11) and one dead 500 Gb hdd (7200.11) Price for working HDDs: Rs 1800 each Price for faulty HDD: Rs 1000.00
  3. rishabh.asthana

    FS: Mobile Nokia 925 Black 16 GB

    Dear All the mobile is in excellent condition with a slight dent on the edges, primarily coz of keeping it in the flip cover. However, PS that Noka Lumia 92x series have an inherent heating problem which occurs while playing games, using camera for longer duration I purchased the mobile in...
  4. rishabh.asthana

    FS: Mobile pLZ DELETE

    Mobile sold thru outside :) :)
  5. rishabh.asthana

    FS: Mobile LG Nexus 4 - SOLD!!!!

    For sale nexus 4 16 GB bought from US somewhere around Feb last year. Have original box and charger. Price: Rs 14500+shipping charges Location: Lucknow Reason: moving to Nokia Front dont have a screen guard
  6. rishabh.asthana

    WTB Seagate expansion adapter/harddisk

    i looking for genuine seagate expansion hard disk adapter. Mine has conked off and local adapters are not working. So if someone is having multiple hard disks and adapters and can sell one off i will buy it from him. Otherwise will take also buy a 3TB seagate external hard disk with adapter.
  7. rishabh.asthana

    FS: Others Gold Gym Membership Certificates

    For sale, gold gym 1 year membership certificates for 15k each (normally cost 25k each). I have around 10 of them lying with me and i need to dispose them off asap. Each membership certificate will include membership to the following: 1. Gym facilities: Cardio and strength training 2...
  8. rishabh.asthana

    XtremeGuard Coupon: 82% Off Sitewide

    XtremeGuard offers 82% off Sitewide on Screen and Full Body Protectors when you add 2 or more items to your cart and enter coupon code 82off2. Note, must add 2 or 3 items to cart to receive discount
  9. rishabh.asthana

    legal help needed

    Hi everyone, i am currently working for an organization which is a major player in payment processing industry. When i joined this particular organization i was made to sign an document (not on a stamped paper) which mentioned that i can not join any organization which is related to my...
  10. rishabh.asthana

    Games Online Stores Play

    hi, there is this site called about which i came to know through friends on facebook. it gives listing of prices of electronics on different e-retailers. Just went through some items and just looked at the graphs. Cant believe that there are so much fluctuation in prices and looks...
  11. rishabh.asthana

    need flat for rent in Gurgaon

    hi, got transferred to Gurgaon and will be moving there by this month end. Now i have a house in Indra Puram but its too far for daily travel so i am looking to move to Gurgaon and if any one can suggest me a good 2BHK apartment with rent in the range of 10k - 14k in or near DLF Cyber City Phase...
  12. rishabh.asthana

    3 Months old BB 9780

    Hi, looking for a quick sale of Blackberry Bold 3, 9780. The phone was bought in July'11. Condition: Screen guard from first day. Have one 1mm scratch on the top near the blackberry logo and some other minor scratches on the body but they are hardly noticeable. Price: Bought for 21k from...
  13. rishabh.asthana

    Car & Bike Honda CBR 250R ABS Query

    so guys booked a Honda CBR 250R toady ABS version, final cost is coming to 1,98,832/- i think instead of paying 44k as interest i will opt for full payment. need to know if the price quoted bu the dealer is right or i can pester him for some discount. Also i am buying it in Bangalore. One more...
  14. rishabh.asthana

    'Spartacus' Star Andy Whitfield Dead Aged 39

    'Spartacus' Star Andy Whitfield Dead Aged 39 | Andy Whitfield | News | MTV UK
  15. rishabh.asthana

    anyone need help moving stuff from delhi to bangalore

    hi guys i am going to delhi for an official visit for two days so if anyone of you need anything moved from delhi to bangalore i will be able to help you out as i wont be carrying much luggage. i wont be charging anything just wanted to help out my fellow members here :) hotel where i would be...
  16. rishabh.asthana

    How is the Asus X42j (core i3) ?

    guys i am getting asus X42J for 29,000 rupees here in Hubli. Its the core 3i version. Just need to know should i go for it or not as i have been restricted to a budget of 30k
  17. rishabh.asthana

    Samsung Spica

    hi, looking for samsung spica if someone is looking to sell their spica please contact me. cheers, rishabh[COLOR="gold"]
  18. rishabh.asthana

    need help from a nagpur member

    hi i need a huge favor from a member from nagpur. i have bought 2 lens at another forum and need some one to take delivery of those lens and ship them to me. The guy i am buying from is also a newbi on that forum and that is what bothering me. transaction of money and lens would most probably...
  19. rishabh.asthana

    canon 500d

    hi i got the following quote from Jayesh Mehta in Bangalore for Canon 500d kit (18-55 IS lens): 32k without warranty 35k with warranty so guys what is your opinion is the deal good also is there any better options ? thanks:D
  20. rishabh.asthana

    Canon 500d or Nikon d5000

    hi looking for a used (not more than 2k on shutter count) Canon 500d or Nikon 5000d camera...or any thing in that range :) no p&s please