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  1. asingh

    Scam centers and us

    TATA Loans and HDFC. My god, these guys are the worst. Am sure, True Caller will soon run out of space cause of 'em.
  2. asingh

    What watch are you wearing today???

    A bit like the Navihawk.
  3. asingh

    Anyone used for buying from amazon US ?

    Ok, thanks. Any other reliable portals which offer this.
  4. asingh

    Anyone used for buying from amazon US ?

    Sorry for the bump. Any other feedback on ubuy. Want to buy a lens hood for my camera.
  5. asingh

    How to clean the inside of a washing machine and keep it that way

    Too good. Many thanks. Stickied!
  6. asingh

    The Photography Thread !

    Aperture Priority F/5.6 1/50s 50mm ISO3200 [using: E PZ 16-50mm]
  7. asingh

    Musk strikes a deal for twitter

    Why is he doing this..?
  8. asingh

    Netflix crackdown is coming

    After I picked up the 14 services bundle on JIO TV, I realized that I actually do not need Netflix. I was part of a shared pool--which we are dissolving due to members moving to other parts of the World. Netflix was all the hype when they came in (maybe) due to the over priced subscription. I...
  9. asingh

    Horror movie recommendations

    *Any Dracula movie with Christopher Lee.
  10. asingh

    MS Excel Advanced and Macros

    Buy any book on Visual Basic. It is same to the VBA available on MS Suite. Just objects are different. But language syntax varies. VB does not have the Excel object model directly exposed.
  11. asingh

    Some questions about Jio Fiber

    See if you can lower the MTU value. Though I did not have to do this. I use Cisco VPN on my office laptop-at home. Works without an issue for all applications.
  12. asingh

    Some questions about Jio Fiber

    If you do another recharge do not activate it. It will self kick-in once the current plan expires.
  13. asingh

    Some questions about Jio Fiber

    ^^ You get prime membership for all the 14 apps mentioned in the 999 plan. Netflix is not mentioned, so it is not part of it. The app is there, so you can login using normal process. Even Youtube is there (as app icon), but you do not get paid membership, but you can login using QR. When I see...
  14. asingh

    Fitness Tracker/Pseudo/Dumb-Smart Watch

    Amazfit BIP U, takes hours to sync. Stopped using it. Useless it is.
  15. asingh

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

    83 - sigh.
  16. asingh

    Requesting help on creating a program

    One word: VBA
  17. asingh

    Currently Listening

    GTA meets the 80s in 2020
  18. asingh

    Apple Event 2022 recap

    Still using SE 2016. This model lineup rocks. Still updated to iOS 15.0. Small and functional. And can fit inside a pocket. This new one seems the face. SANS: face recognition.
  19. asingh

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

    Jagame Thandhiram - 8/10 Some scenes are full-blown neo-noir