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  1. asingh

    Torrent Tracker Invite Thread

    A lot of changes and operational functions are being repeatedly highlighted/implemented in terms of strictness and security for Private Torrent Tracker invites. Thus, we are closing the current Invite Thread. Please follow the below guidelines, and use this thread to share private tracker...
  2. asingh

    Airtel BB - Slow Download Speed when Uploading

    Hi.... I got an Airtel BroadBand connection, and am facing a weird issue. I have the 4 mbps DL (80 GB FUP) with 512 kbps UL plan from Airtel. Today I fired up my torrent client. With only uploads happening the torrent is maxing out to the designated speeds, but at the same time my DL speed...
  3. asingh

    Dishwasher India - circa 2014

    I am in the hunt for a good Dishwasher. Had some basic questions: 1. Which is a good brand with decent after sales reputation. 2. For drainage discharge, can the outlet be directed to the sink node. (like an RO). 3. Is average pressure (my water comes from around 15 floors above) enough to...
  4. asingh


    Hi Guys... I am shifting houses, so will need to remove my Dish TV antenna from the roof top. Now when I had installed it earlier, there was all ready a Dish (Dish TV brand) mounted on the roof with an LNB. I just left my one also one the roof, and used the existing one. Now I cannot remember...
  5. asingh

    WTB Street Fighter IV - PS3

    Let me know....! SF IV or Super SF IV, for the PS3.
  6. asingh

    Android Nokia XL (Dual Sim) - Impressions ?

    I have some questions around this phone: Link: How is this phone in terms of usage and UI fluidity. Since it is running on Android OS. Also it is dual sim. For EDGE/3G to be working, does one need to take the data pack on both SIMS, or taking...
  7. asingh

    Airtel Broadband Feedback Required

    So.... Due to my local ISP dude not able to provide me a stable connection even though one line-of-site bridge dish device has been mounted on my roof (got a mast installed), reluctantly I will have to migrate to Airtel. Yea, their plans are pathetic, and have no pure unlimited plan, and all...
  8. asingh

    Budget 0-20k New System for: Revit 2014 and Autocad 2013

    Guys... Please suggest me a decent configuration for the above two rendering application. Also a display screen would be needed. Thanks.
  9. asingh

    Graphic Cards Equivalent for ATI 6700

    Hi Guys, One of my friends ATI 6700 has died. What would be a decent equivalent for playing the latest FIFA @ 1080pi. He will never ever play any other game. Let me know.
  10. asingh

    Mechanical Watches - Ask and Get a Reply (AG&R)

    Mechanical watches form an integral and collective (literally) segment in horology. A lot of people are not well - versed with this technology, so am starting a thread where questions and queries pertinent to Mechanical watches and their respective movements can be asked. Others are most welcome...
  11. asingh

    Harassment by Tata Indicom - Not shutting down my connection

    Tata Indicom is not shutting down my Tata Photon+ connection. I have two connections since 2009, and now wish to shut one down. I had initially raised a request on 17th December, 2013 for closure. I was called by their CC and suggested to move to a low data plan and three months of my billing...
  12. asingh

    Reliance Broadband in Delhi

    Is anyone using Reliance Broadband (wired) in Delhi. How is the service and up time..? I am interested in their unlimited Thunder plans. Most importantly, do they throttle P2p. How are the UL speeds, this is important..? Any other pointers and critique would be welcome..!
  13. asingh

    Alternate ways to mount a table mount on an LED

    Any ideas how to table mount an LED [Sony EX52 - 40" - 2011 Model] if the table stand is not available. I have misplaced the tray, which hold the table mount, and this is not available easily. Sony AD said, they can procure for 9,000; but never got back to me. I also opened a WTB thread for this.
  14. asingh

    WTB Table Stand for Sony EX52 - 40"

    Hi, I have misplaced the table stand for my Sony Bravia EX52 - 40". This is not easily available for retail. Anyone who does not need theirs, and willing to sell would be helpful. Mine is the 2011 model, so the mounting system is slightly different. I can explain more here, if needed or via...
  15. asingh

    Failed Transaction with MakeMyTrip (MMT)

    Guys... Am kind of screwed over. I was booking tickets (air) with MKT and as soon as I hit SUBMIT on the payment gateway (CITI BANK) the lights went. My CC was hit INR 48321. Now I called up MKT, they cannot see this money, and are asking for a statement from the bank. The bank is saying...
  16. asingh

    SAMSUNG AC : RESET (AW122ZB – 1.0 T)

    Hi Guys... Need some help here. Due to a faulty stabilizer, the above AC has gone into some hang mode. It needs to be reset. But not able to find the method. When I switch it on (from the socket); it powers on, the compressor kicks in, and the vent is locked at one position. But it works, I...
  17. asingh

    HMT PILOT : GO @

    Hi Guys, There is a GO happening at ; for the HMT Pilot. Please read below: 1. Ceiling for 500 Limited Edition HMT Pilot watches. 2. Each watch will be be etched with "Limited Edition - 1-->500 on the case back". Might be in Devnagari/Roman, but we are voting on that. 3...
  18. asingh

    PAN Card for a Green Card Holder

    Guys.... One of my friends wants to get a PAN Card made. He has an Indian PP, but got a GC some months back. He visits India on and off every 2 years. Is there any site he can do this from, sitting in the States, which facilitates such processes for NRIs. He does not want to do it from here...
  19. asingh

    Guide : Sending Notification and Status mails from a Torrent Client

    Many a times we want some sort of status updates from our Torrent clients. Bittorent clients have a provision of executing/sending command line prompt signals to the Windows OS. Kind of similar to how the Task Manager works on the Windows layer, i.e. it is constantly polling vs. the internal...
  20. asingh

    Ainol Tablets

    Guys.. Anyone got working experience with the Ainol range of budget tablets. I am interested to get the Venus 7 model. 7" Tablet PC from Ainol - Ainol Legend, Ainol Crystal, Ainol Venus & Ainol Flame Let me know..or any other suggestions. Not more than 10K.