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  1. raksrules

    The Provident Fund (PF) Queries Thread

    Hi All. I have opened this thread for people to ask queries and seek answers to their questions about Employee Provident Fund (EPF) and Voluntary Provident Fund (VPF). I will start with my first query.. I recently changed jobs and my previous organization was Non-Exempt (PF with EPFO) and my...
  2. raksrules

    Recommend a good rechargeable and small in size torch

    Planning to buy a torch. Needs to be compact if possible and still have decent light throw. LED preferred. Needs to be rechargeable using some sort of USB Port on it. Any suggestions? Is this a good option...
  3. raksrules

    The IKEA India Thread

    We all know Ikea has opened its stores in India. One in Hyderabad and 2 in Mumbai. In Mumbai (technically Navi Mumbai), one is a full fledged store and another is a smaller profile store in Worli. Additionally, they have online operations too wherein they ship their products to certain parts of...
  4. raksrules

    Need suggestions for big screen digital wall clock

    Until now I was using iPad 2 (10 years old) as wall clock but battery of the same is bulging now and I am scared to use it. I am looking for a preferably digital clock with big screen that will act as a wall clock. Big here means it needs to be size of iPad or more. If it runs on battery or...
  5. raksrules

    All OS Need tablet display On 24x7, should I continuously charge or have charge and discharge cycles?

    So until now, I was using my very old iPad 2 from 2011 as wall clock and it was connected to power 24x7. I knew eventually the battery would give up and now it did. There is visible bulge in the tablet and screen has come up. Now I can get its battery replaced but it is not cheap and it would be...
  6. raksrules

    AC Compressor seems to be turning off frequently without adequate cooling

    I have Voltas 1 Ton split AC in my bedroom. Off late I have seen that the ACs compressor seem to be cutting off sooner than expected even when the room is not cool enough. We are currently using the turbo mode which I am guessing is fans on full speed all the time. I even have to lessen the...
  7. raksrules

    Mouse not holding left it fixable?

    I have Logitech M570 which is like 1.5 years old or so. Since last 2 days, I am facing an issue with it wherein it will no hold the left click. I mean it will work sometimes and not work sometimes. This is very frustrating. What may be the issue and is there something I can attempt to try and...
  8. raksrules

    Which bullet blender to buy?

    Wife wants to buy a bullet blender. I know in US Nutri bullet is very famous and it is costly in India. Don't want to spend so much. Need something in reasonable price and decent power for the work it is in intended for. Don't want to go overboard and buy something which is bigger in size. Want...
  9. raksrules

    Any way to make Amazon MiniTV work on iPad / Tablet?

    Amazon shopping app has the MiniTV option which has webseries and such. It works well on iPhone's amazon app but on the iPad app, it doesn't even show up anywhere. I believe it does not work on tablet version of amazon app too or the amazon app. I know that the app's interface on a tablet is...
  10. raksrules

    Health & Fitness Which Term Insurance Company to go with?

    Hi All. I am in need of buying a term insurance after Aditya Screwed me over. I bought term insurance through my employer last year through a group insurance policy and the vendor was Aditya Birla. Being group policy, the premium too was less considering my age. I was told that the policy will...
  11. raksrules

    FS: Others Maruti Suzuki Genuine Accessory - Day Night IRVM - Part# 84703M75J12-6GS

    Selling Maruti Suzuki Genuine Accessory - Day Night IRVM - Part# 84703M75J12-6GS. It should work with old celerio, swift, dzire, spresso and wagon-R. I got this because I had booked S-Presso car and it by default comes with normal IRVM. But now that I have cancelled the vehicle and buying a...
  12. raksrules

    All OS Are you using any cable management box? If yes please suggest

    My work desk at home has a power strip with 6 outlets and all have them have something plugged into them all the time. Basically, the corner is a mess with entangled wires all around. I want to get one of those cable management boxes which can house the power strip, laptop adapter and all wires...
  13. raksrules

    Car & Bike Suggest me a family automatic car, preferably well under 10L OTR (lesser the better)

    Before I tell my requirement, I want to mention that at this point, I have already booked the "Maruti Suzuki S-Presso VXi+ AMT" in Oct 2021 end but still waiting for allotment and hence window shopping for options. I am looking to buy my first ever car and it is meant for myself, wife and 2...
  14. raksrules

    Windows Work Laptop shuts down even after putting to sleep

    I recently got a new work laptop which is Dell Latitude 3410. I have setup the power options to "never sleep" for the laptop, be it on battery or power. Also before ending day's work, I make sure I press the windows button -> Power Icon -> Sleep so machine goes to sleep. I expect next day to...
  15. raksrules

    AC Chemical Cleaning: How Frequently?

    How frequently should one get the chemical cleaning of AC done? The AMC told me they in chemical cleaning, they sort of dismantle the AC (not the outside window machine but only the inside the home one) and that helps a lot compared to the regular servicing they do.
  16. raksrules

    Mac OS Any Windows / Mac software to convert OLM to PST format?

    I have a 20+ GB PST file which I downloaded on my macbook and imported the same in outlook on Mac. Now I have added few more emails to this PST and then exported the same but mac only allows OLM format (it is equivalent to pst on windows) which I did. Then I closed the OLM and everything on my...
  17. raksrules

    iOS Anyone here using Apple Airtags?

    Anyone here using Apple Airtags? If yes then how has it been working in India since we don't have lot of iPhone users and what is your use case?
  18. raksrules

    What product(s) did you buy with a YOLO (you only live once) mindset?

    What product(s) did you buy with a YOLO (you only live once) mindset? Asking this since usually saving is ingrained in our brains since childhood. We first save money and then spend. But amongst all these savings, we always have this itch to buy something we absolutely want and our brain tries...
  19. raksrules

    WTB Fire HD 8 / 8+ (2020)

    In case any of you have bought the fire hd 8 or 8+, 2020 release during the black Fridays deals or prime day ones and have decided to not use, pm me as I may be interested in the 8 inch tab.
  20. raksrules

    FS: Others Apple Pencil 1st Gen - Less than 3 Hours Used - Warranty Expires on 14-Dec-2021

    Selling my Apple Pencil 1st Gen which I bought last year (2020 end) along with iPad 8th Gen. This was bought from US so no invoice available. The warranty expires on 14-Dec-2021 so assume no warranty. Total usage the pencil has got is less than 3 Hours as I thought wife may use as she sketches...