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    Charging Different devices with varying charging technology

    With myriad number of devices , each with thier own charging bricks , what is the solution for them ? For example i have one plus , which uses dash charging , samsung tab , which uses different charging technology. If we misplace a charging brick then these wont charge with maximum capacity. Is...
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    Windows Moving 5 year OLD OS/Files to New PC [HELP]

    I have a almost 5 year old Sager Laptop and running very fine. It has a SSD and a HDD. OS resides on SSD and important softwares are installed that SSD. HDD is partitioned and contains varied files and software installation. As some know , i am building a NAS with a gaming PC. Most of the...
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    WTB For My NAS build

    I am planning to buy a * Mobo which has following 1. Micro ATX / Mini ATX board 2. Supports 6 sata port 3. Support for upto 64GB RAM(ECC) * Supporting CPU for the above board * Supporting RAM , Any quantity will do , but should be ECC compatible. * A minimum 450W 80+ PSU
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    Budget 0-20k 16gb RAM for my laptop

    I have a GOLDKEY 16GB DDR4 PC2400 CL15 GKE160SO102408-2400A I want to add one more 16gb I cant find a CL 15 one paired with 2400 Hz ram on amazon or fk. Can anyone tell me what or which ram to get ?
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    Windows Managing EMAILS to each department

    We have few departments and as of now i have 1. Gmail account 2. Self hosted Mail account .. for now have two accounts created. The issue here is , currently all mails are going to gmail , since it was the one which was used for long time. My question is 1. How do i redirect mails based on...
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    Android Control / Access Phone given to worker for business

    Planning to buy a phone to my worker with regards to my business. Its mainly to call the customers, interact with them through WA , possibly send bulk sms. I do have that mobile number connected to my Amazon business account. But not installed that app on it. Is there a way to control the...
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    WTB Android Tv Box

    Looking for a used , working , good android TV box. I already have himedia Q5 Pro , so looking for another for my hall TV. Should be able to play 4k , HDR , HD-Audio. with USB 3.0 support
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    OC & Modding Help re-pasting thermal paste for my CLEVO P670RE / SAGER NP8677

    Its been 4+ years and thermals have been running a little high. I do regularly clean the fans and open the laptop and do thorough cleaning . But i feel i need to do a repaste for both cpu and gpu (if its possible) If i can , what thermal paste should i use and what precaution i should use ?
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    WTB Looking for used branded PC w/o Monitor

    Let me know if anyone is willing to sell branded PC from dell , lenovo ,etc want for my business use. not much use though. but expecting above 3rd/4th gen cpu
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    PC Peripherals Recommend a Mesh Wifi system

    I have a 100mbps fibre net from BSNL and i have 2 floor house. The signal is pretty bad on top floor. So I was thinking of getting a mesh system. I tried to use a old router as repeater and was having issues with SSID selection by devices. Also i want it to be little future proof. I am planning...
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    WTB Multiple Items

    1. Tripod / Monopod in good condition 2. External DVD or Bluray Reader+writer. 3. NUC (well maintained one) 4. SSD (120-350 GB) but under warranty 5. Webcam (1080p) 6. (will be udpated) Should be able to courier to tamilnadu. should be in good working condition.. not particular on cosmetic...
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    Budget 90k+ 1440p Dual Monitor - Huge Storage/NAS ? - Gaming Build (Part by Part)

    What is your budget? 90+K What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) none Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model) My mouse , worn our mouse pad and cosmic byte controller Which hardware component are you...
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    Suggest Gadgets / Items which can be bought from US

    My brother might be coming in 3-4 months to india. I have planned to get Nvidia 3080 from there (good selection ?) to build a new PC similarly can someone suggest gadgets / items which are cheaper or exclusive or better there than here ? Edit : If possible please do add the cost saving by...
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    Advice on buying a new refrigerator

    Planning to upgrade my 13 year old model fridge(Whirlpool F23/2007).. I cant able to find a reliable source for review and comparison on refrigerator in India.. Going by amazon top seller is good ? Need something big ie 300+ litres. Also confused so many variety.. ie bottom mount , three door...
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    A good Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones for both OP7 Pro and My Laptop

    Need a good earphone (not into headphones right now, nor ear buds) ,which has Bluetooth 5.0 capability and can connect to two devices and switch over to when i need. A decent sounding earphone under 2K Rs.. I searched on amazon , there are few , but i thought i would ask here for personalized...
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    Help on Wordpress Elementor and Astra WP Membership

    I am creating a website and want some help. I was designing after seeing loads of videos etc , and came across elementor and astra wp as base for the design. But some features i am looking for are under Pro version. I was wondering is there any web designer here who can help me with those pro...
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    PC Peripherals Suggest Duplex Monochrome Printer with Network Printing

    Suggest a good Duplex monochrome (no need of color printing or anything ink related) printer with network capability. Approx - 400+ Page printing / month Should be able to print from any of my 5 networked computers. Not particularly looking into wifi capability , but if it comes without extra...
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    Budget 0-20k Monitor for my Laptop(970m) 1080p - 24-27inch

    What is your budget? 10-20K What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) SAGER LAPTOP 970M GPU 16GB RAM Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model) nil Which hardware component are you looking to buy...
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    WTB WTB Samsung Note 9 / S10 plus

    Planning to get a well maintained and good condition either Samsung Note 9 or S10 plus (genuine , not fakes). thanks. Thanks got a new one