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  1. DrkLord

    Suggestions for cheap controller for playing platformers on PC.

    Hi. I am looking for suggestions for cheap controllers to use on pc( win 10) for platformers like Hollow knight. Budget: under 2k Connectivity: wired/wireless Desired features: plug and play(I don't want to manually map buttons). Thanks in advance!
  2. DrkLord

    Distortion coming from both speakers powered by an AIWA music system

    Hello, I have got a aiwa music system(amp with cd player/cassette player plus 2 speakers, I use it with my tv. Around 1 month ago, sound became distorted, a humming sound started to come from both speakers. I would have laid the blame on speakers but since both speakers had this issue at same...
  3. DrkLord

    Front loading or top loading washing machine?

    Guys I'm looking for a 7kg-8kg washing machine. I have heard front loading washing machines offer superior cleaning. For those of you with experience with both, is this true. Also, heater + drier also required. Brand preferences: none. ( though those with good service are preferred). I have read...
  4. DrkLord

    Recommendations for making good black coffee

    Hello, guys which method should I use for making good black coffee? My current method and coffee: nescafe classic/ sunrise with hot water. Recommendations for equipment and coffee will also be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. DrkLord

    Storage Solutions Need advice for buying 500 GB SSD

    Guys I'm looking to buy a 500 GB SSD with great performance and endurance meaning the Read/Write speed drop should not be too much after 3-4 years of use. The SSD will primarily be used for coding and gaming. I have already got one 250 GB SSD which I use to run my OS on and was looking to get a...
  6. DrkLord

    Suggestions for good battery and ac powered led bulbs

    Looking for suggestions for battery and ac powered led bulbs for home use. Luminous intensity that of 9W or 12W conventional led bulb. Thanks!
  7. DrkLord

    Looking for good earphones ( not iems) under 2000

    Hello, I'm looking for good wired earphones under 2000 ( conventional earphones not iems). Earphones I've used: Sennheiser cx 180, Apple Earpods, the basic earphones that come with Samsung phones( with tips, not the plastic ones). Sennheiser cx 180s have been discontinued. Desired properties...
  8. DrkLord

    Any reliable solar power led lights

    I know it is monsoon season, but being off season for solar powered devices I thought I might get lucky and get some good deals for solar poweed leds. The luminous intensity I am looking for is that of a 9 watt conventional led bulb. Or if that is too high ( I'm new to this,sry) equivalent to...
  9. DrkLord

    Other Using blackberry in 2021

    Hello guys, what are your thoughts on using a blackberry phone(the old ones, not android) in 2021?
  10. DrkLord

    WTB SONY MH755 or MH750 Earphones.

    Looking to buy sony mh755 or mh750 earphones. I posted earlier buy the post is nowhere to be seen. Here's hoping I didn't break any forum laws...
  11. DrkLord

    Ear cushions for Boat Rockerz 600

    Guys does anyone know of replacement cushions for Boat Rockerz 600 headphones? They are good value but well, the usual wear and tear has left them useless.
  12. DrkLord

    WTB Full tower cabinet

    I want to buy a full tower cabinet. I have got a mid tower, and it can't accommodate cpu coolers with height greater than 150mm, hence the post. Thanks in advance!
  13. DrkLord

    WTB Looking to buy a DSLR camera

    Looking to buy a dslr camera. I have eyes on nikon d3500, canon eos m50, sony 6000, canon 1500D with lenses 18-55 mm and 55-250 mm.
  14. DrkLord

    WTB Looking to buy PS4.

    Looking to buy PS4 fat 12k or PS4 PRO for 20k or PS4 slim for 13-14k.
  15. DrkLord

    WTB A working iphone 5s or iphone 6,6s

    I am looking for a working Iphone 5s or 6 or 6s it shouldn't have any defects.
  16. DrkLord

    Audio Suggest an IEM under 4000.

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for good balanced IEMs under 4000. Desirables : durability, good connector, balanced sound. Thanks in Advance.
  17. DrkLord

    WTB IEM earphones(Tin T2 or KZ ZS10 pro or Blon BL03)

    Looking for a good budget IEM like Tin T2, KZ ZS10 or Blon BL03.
  18. DrkLord

    WTB Looking to buy a Fiio DAC(Q1 or Q3) or Fiio M3K

    I have got Audio Technica M50 that I would like to drive to their full potential, so I am looking for some Fiio DACs. I am also open to other brand DACs as long as they are good. Thanks in advance.