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  1. nRiTeCh

    CPU/Mobo AMD 5600X prices

    Dude yous serious that budget is for 5600x in warranty? Even a non-warranty ones will sell above 17k.
  2. nRiTeCh

    Bank locker query

    If someone is having a bank locker with either something precious or a nominal stuff stored in it. And suddenly due to some uncertainty/accidents that person and also his family and even nominee dies. What happens to his locker and the stored stuff?
  3. nRiTeCh

    TV extended warranty Fraud by Zopper

    Posting on behalf of my brother.. I wasn't aware of this drama at all. The question is, as we already paid for 5 yrs extended warranty to Zooper while purchasing the tv, shouldn't had Sony instead asked aka charged the amount to Zooper in this regards rather than passing the bill on us? Can...
  4. nRiTeCh

    eBay purchase query

    I want to buy few stuff on ebay US where the stuff is literally at throwaway rates compared to India availability. Is it better to pay myself by linking my Indian Credit card on PayPal or should I ask the person in US to do the honor for me. What will be the pricing difference, if any. (He is...
  5. nRiTeCh

    PC Peripherals Suggest mouse

    Need a wireless cum wired mouse. All in one type. Budget under 2k. Kindly suggest.
  6. nRiTeCh

    Beware: Caveat Emptor-Flipkart checkout pricing discrepancy- Daylight loot with hidden charges- Eye Opener

    Wife was trying to shop for few stuff on flipkart and discovered this flaw. If a single item is added to cart the price stays as mentioned + delivery charges as applicable. If one more some another brands xyz item added to the cart, the price of first item changes considerably higher than...
  7. nRiTeCh

    Require 3D printing service

    I need to 3D print few small sized model/figures. Size is just 3-3.2cm height (colored print will be awesome) Need to know if someone on this forum does 3D printing so instead of doing it outside I will give the job to him. Outside rates are horrible and unworthy. I'm currently based in Pune...
  8. nRiTeCh

    User Guides Guide to delete 'Contra Crypto Miner malware' (Self-created)

    A self-created guide and methodology to get rid of Contra Crypto Miner malware -----Summary: Last week on 17th Mar 22, my system got infected by a crypto malware named: Contra Crypto Miner-- Essentially an infection from fake ads of a new game called Contra Returns which is fluke! -----How I...
  9. nRiTeCh

    WTB Need these earphones

    My wife needs these boAt Bassheads 105 Wired in Ear Earphone in lime color. Its oos everywhere. If someone can fnd it on some site or in your local shop kindly let me know will place an order.
  10. nRiTeCh

    WTB Dummy RGB ram

    I need dummy RGB rams to fill empty ram slots for aesthetic RGB purpose. Any china/local/brands will do as the sole purpose is only to fill in the empty slot and matchup with the rgb aesthetics of all rams.
  11. nRiTeCh

    Graphic Cards MorePowerTool for Polaris, Navi and Big Navi AMD GPUs

    Stumbled upon this for AMD GPUs Anyone tried or willing to try..
  12. nRiTeCh

    Form C: Urgent help required regarding filling details

    Guys I'm filling my Form C (investment) on my company portal however for my home loan I'm in a very huge confusion. Need to clear very important doubts and fill the form by Monday 14th as its locking/last day after which I wont be able to make any changes and will be wrongly charged income tax...
  13. nRiTeCh

    Continuously rising medicines cost-- Why ?

    I want to know why have medicine prices risen so much and still are rising at pretty fast rate. Raising this concern because last week I walked into a medical shop and saw a couple furiously arguing and their raising voices for medicines they came to buy where they quoted that same was...
  14. nRiTeCh

    Video TV display flickering/shaking

    Since 2 weeks we have observed that whenever anyone in the tv room answers phone calls the screen flickers/shakes etc. But this never used to happene earlier. However, while watching netflix/primes/yt etc no such issues but only while watching channels on tatasky. TV: Hisense 40in DTH: Tatasky...
  15. nRiTeCh

    Mega Multi Job openings-- Will be active and regularly updated

    Below are the latest openings in me and my friends cos. Openings Exp. AngularJS 4-8 Yrs UX Designer 4-8 Yrs Seeburger 3-8 Yrs MEANSTACK 4-8 Yrs Pega 4-8 Yrs Sharepoint Online/SPFX/Powerapps Developer 3-8 Yrs IBM BPM 3-8 Yrs MERNSTACK 4-8 Yrs ReactJs 4-8 Yrs Java +...
  16. nRiTeCh

    PC Peripherals Audio issue or is it normal

    I'm having this issue but unsure if this is even an issue or not! Complete build into my signature. I have few 3.5mm jack headphones with mic. When I plug it directly in either back or front panel Green jack, usual pop-up appears for headphones and I'm able to hear sound. But concern is with...
  17. nRiTeCh

    R I P Crucial Ballistix- The memory brand is no more

    Micron Kills Off Crucial's Iconic Ballistix Gaming RAM Crucial is, without a doubt, one of the most widely recognised brand names on the market. This is not just due to the fact that they have an excellent history of providing consumers with high specification gaming RAM and storage devices...
  18. nRiTeCh

    OC & Modding Generic LED strip query

    In my cabinet I'm using 4 RGB led strips connected in sequence with a RF controller and a remote. Have bought them 5 yrs ago from an FB gaming group based in Kolkata. These strips have 3 wires. Though they resemble SMD 5050 but yet I'm unsure. I now plan to remove them from my setup and wish...
  19. nRiTeCh

    OC & Modding Suggest CPU cooler or AIO

    HI guys, Referring to my this thread kindly suggest me either CPU cooler or AIO to cool my Ryzen 5600x. I even heard that AIOs work less efficient compared to traditional coolers so clear the air as well as dont want to end up getting compromised! If anyone has any for sale do pm me and we...
  20. nRiTeCh

    5600x high idle temperatures

    Guys I have assembled my rig however I'm quite very much annoyed due to very high idle cpu temps at stock! I googled and made few bios settings and now Bios reports idle temps as 45c but when booted to windows it shows 60c. But but but earlier bios displayed stock idle temps as 63c but then I...