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  1. tommy_vercetti

    FS: MP3 Player Sony Walkman A105

    Can you add Apple Music to it? or other streaming apps?
  2. tommy_vercetti

    iOS Esim

    @Pratikh does resetting phone reset the eSim? and require reconfiguration?
  3. tommy_vercetti

    FS: Tablet Galaxy Tab S7 LTE with Book cover

    Received the tablet, everything working as expected :)
  4. tommy_vercetti

    FS: Mobile Pixel 4a 128gb warranty till June 15 2022

    Posted at 1:46 PM Sold by 2:18 PM, fastest DM's first
  5. tommy_vercetti

    Android OnePlus 6

    Approx 3.5k since it was a friend
  6. tommy_vercetti

    Android OnePlus 6

    Just to update I was able to get this fixed by a friend, who I think helped in replacing the motherboard
  7. tommy_vercetti

    PiHole should be a must

    You can ignore those, use a good power supply i.e. 2A 5V , time for you to check journalctl
  8. tommy_vercetti

    Budget Above 40k Recommendations for mobile under 50k

    Cashify is giving 10k for a OP6 8G/256 variant, also last update OnePlus will not be merging, but I do not know if the changes already implemented will be rolled back or not, the changes are not there in 7T/8T, personally own 6/7T/8T and now the 9RT
  9. tommy_vercetti

    Budget Above 40k Recommendations for mobile under 50k

    Not liking it, there have been changes due to ColorOS integration, like clearing the apps, it will tell me the phone is in optimal condition I got a second hand very good condition G7 :)
  10. tommy_vercetti

    PiHole should be a must

    run dmesg and check what is happening
  11. tommy_vercetti

    Asus (Zenfone) 8Z Launch on 28th Feb

    Asking the right questions
  12. tommy_vercetti

    For Sale - HaVe A LoOk SaLe ThREaD

    How old is the R7000?
  13. tommy_vercetti

    Budget 90k+ Which Processor and Motherboard should I choose for running 20 VMs for lab purpose:

    Also some of them also have IPMI for connectivity and management