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  1. rk17

    FS: Motherboard MSI X570 Tomahawk wifi Motherboard

    WIFI Antennas, SATA cables, cooler mounting bars and back-plate for stock cooler all available. Prefer Speedpost or DTDC for shipping. Items other than mobo in the pics like Noctua cooler and Memory are not for sale as i will reuse them. R3 3100 and R5 4650g was/is used with this mobo and both...
  2. rk17

    WTB i5/i7 processor(6th or 7th gen)

    As title suggested looking for 6th/7th gen i5/ i7 processor. 4.5k for i5 and 5.5k for i7 non k and 6k Rs for 6700k and 7700k.
  3. rk17

    WTB SFX power supply[Corsair SF450(gold/platinum)] with invoice and warranty

    Looking for SFX power supply Corsair SF450(gold/platinum) with invoice and warranty Prefer SF450 gold.
  4. rk17

    FS: Processor AMD FX 8350 processor and Biostar TA990FXE motherboard[combo sale only]

    AMD FX 8350 processor(No Stock cooler) 3500 Rs Biostar TA990FXE motherboard[comes with I/O shield only] 3500 Rs Motherboard tested with 4x8GB 1600 MHZ Corsair Vengeance ram and 2x2GB Elcheapo brand to make sure there is no memory compatibility issues. Looking for combo sale only. Other than...
  5. rk17

    WTB 2x4GB ddr4 desktop ram[Crucial, Samsung, Micron, Hyperx, Corsair LPX]

    2x4GB ddr4 desktop ram preferably without heatsink [prefer Crucial, Samsung, Micron]. Budget 2k shipped. 2x4GB ddr4 desktop ram preferably with heatsink [prefer Hyperx, Corsair LPX]. Budget 2.5k shipped.
  6. rk17

    FS: Others 2 x Corsair AF140 Quiet edition Fans(Red LED)

    2 x Corsair AF140 Quiet edition Fans(Red LED) 3 pins. Working good. Ship by Speedpost for free (or) buyer has to pay for DTDC.
  7. rk17

    WTB Ryzen 3 3200g

    Looking for Ryzen 3 3200g(with stock cooler) 5.5k Shipped is the budget.
  8. rk17

    WTB Ryzen 3 1200/Athlon 200GE/Athlon 3000G

    Looking for Ryzen 3 1200/Athlon 200GE/Athlon 3000G with stock cooler. Budget 2.5k+shipping