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  1. scott1391990

    Budget 0-20k SSD Upgrade advice needed

    Current Rig. Ryzen 7 1700 and asus b350 motherboard. 32 gigs RAM, 3070 TI Samsung 980 500 GB M.2 NVME Drive (OS drive) Bought last year Crucial MX500 250 GB (Work Drive) Bought in 2017 The crucial drive has worked well all these years but now I need a bigger drive as my work projects are...
  2. scott1391990

    Budget 0-20k Corsair Harpoon vs Corsair Katar Pro Mouse?

    Can someone please tell me which mouse is better among these? I used to have a logitech G300 few years ago and loved it but in the 2 years of warranty I had to get it RMAed two times. But still I loved it because of the extra buttons placement. When it finally gave up after warranty was over...
  3. scott1391990

    Need help buying a Split AC

    In the market for a new AC but with some limitation. I need a split AC with 1.5 T capacity and 5 star rating as the room is 14ft x 12ft The length of the wall where I can install the AC is 88 cm so the AC needs to be 90 cm or smaller because on one side there is almirah and on the other is...
  4. scott1391990

    PC stuck on "Preparing Automatic Repair" loop

    My PC has started acting strange today. Got a 320 gigs HDD from Joy Das last evening and it's the only thing newly added to my system. Today in the evening, I went away for 10 minutes and when I cam back, the PC had restarted and only firefox was running at that time. It seemed a bit strange but...
  5. scott1391990

    Advice needed for Baby Monitor Camera

    Okay, so I am in the market to buy a baby monitor camera and have no clue as to which one should I buy as I have no experience with any. On searching on amazon, one would easily come across Qubo Baby cam by Hero Group Product Link...
  6. scott1391990

    CPU/Mobo Will I benefit with a PCI-E 4 Mobo?

    I am a 3D architectural visualiser and work on 3DS Max and Unreal Engine. On Unreal Engine I use GPU for rendering/baking because it's much faster than the CPU because of the CUDA cores on GPU. Before the RTX 3070 TI, I had a GTX 1650 Super and it was also good in rendering but the only problem...
  7. scott1391990

    Investment advice needed for girl child.

    So this is my first time in my life when I have decided to invest for my child's future. She was born in June this year and since then I am having a hard time choosing what's right for her. Policybazaar executives seem like they just want to sell anything to the customer. Although they do clear...
  8. scott1391990

    FS: Desktops Ryzen 1700 and 2700 based desktops for sale

    Sorry for the long thread. I have tried to include every info required. If anything missing, do let me know. The box and bill pics will be added tomorrow. The Adata RAM bill pics will be added a little later. Everything mentioned here was purchased in September/October of 2017 except the...
  9. scott1391990

    FS: RAM 32 GB Adata XPG D30 3200 MHz DDR4 Desktop RAM

    For sale is less than 1 month old Adata RAM sticks that are not compatible with my Ryzen 7 1700 CPU. Location is Greater Noida West Price is 10,500 including shipping
  10. scott1391990

    WTB Ryzen 7 2700

    Looking for a ryzen 7 2700 with some warranty. PM me with warranty details and expected price. Location is Greater Noida West. Also have corsair 2*8GB DDR4 3000 MHz CL15 on sale. Can exchange wth that as well. I will pay extra cash with the RAM as needed.
  11. scott1391990

    FS: RAM [Trade only] 4x8GB ADATA Gammix D30 3200 MHz with 4x8 GB sticks or 2x16 GB sticks

    Ordered these on 30 September and received 3-4 days ago (grabbed them as the pricing was very good and I was also looking to upgrade) but unfortunately for me, these aren't listed in the QVL list for my motherboard. I should have checked this before. My bad. Now I need to exchange these with...
  12. scott1391990

    CPU/Mobo PC not booting when side intake fan is connected

    Okay, so today I upgraded my RAM from 16 GB (2x8Gb Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHz) to 32 GB (Adata Gammix XPG 4x8GB 3200 MHz) and my PC didn't boot. Motherboard was showing yellow LED which meant there is some issue with the RAM sticks. So I opened the case and rechecked if the sticks are placed...
  13. scott1391990

    FS: RAM Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8 GB 3000 MHz CL15

    For sale are 2 sticks of Corsair Vengeance LPX 8 GB 3000 MHz CL15 Bought in September 2017 from Kishanrazor. Don't remember if it was through Erodov or TE though. Anyways, here is the product link...
  14. scott1391990

    Suggestion for PC NFC/BT/Fingerprint lock

    I am looking to get a PC locking device for my office which can lock my system if I am away at a certain distance and unlocks when I am in range. The fingerprint lock would also work but with a proximity based lock even if I forget to lock it manually, it would automatically do it if I go away...
  15. scott1391990

    FS: Others Microtek Sebz 900 Sine wave Inverter (800VA/640Watt)

    Bought this after I shifted to Greater Noida West in Jan this year and everything was fine until I upgraded my GPU to 3070 TI. My previous card i.e, 1650 Super consumed 100W at full load and this card consumes 290W at full load which started causing problems due to overload. Upgraded the...
  16. scott1391990

    Home Inverter buying advice with 850+ Watt load capacity

    I have a Microtek SEBZ 900 (625 W load capacity) and a 160 Ah battery which I got 6 months ago. Now, I recently upgraded my graphics card from 1650 Super (TDP - 100 W) to a 3070 TI (TDP - 290W) and this has become a problem since then whenever there is an electricity cut. During electricity...
  17. scott1391990

    FS: Video Card Zotac GTX 1650 Super with 46+ months warranty

    Bill, box both available. Not even used for gaming. Never overclocked. Have used for about 2 months for rendering in Unreal Engine 4. I keep cleaning it from time to time so no settlement of much dust either. Please do not comment on the pricing unless you have a reputable website link with...
  18. scott1391990

    FS: Home Audio Video Boya BYM1 Omnidirectional Lavalier Condenser Microphone

    Bought it last year for teaching purpose and used for about 10 hours only in the first 10 days of purchase. Has been lying unused since then. Later, upgraded to a Maono microphone kit.
  19. scott1391990

    FS: Video Card For Trade with 3060 TI only [Sealed Zotac RTX 3070 TI Amp Holo unregistered on email]

    Prepaid for this card 7-8 days ago as I liked the price. I know it's a bit high but still better than other cards that I eyed. Received the card today and you can see the bill is of today's date as well. To be exchanged with strictly with 3060 TI plus cash as I am considering upgrading my CPU...
  20. scott1391990

    WTB Looking for a Decent Laptop for my society's security guard's daughter

    Today, my society's security guard asked me if she can get a used laptop in 5k for her daughter who just completed 12th and now she wants to gift her daughter a laptop. I told her it would be impossible to get a decent laptop under 5k and she did raise her budget by 3k but she also said that her...