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  1. deadbynight

    Is there Anyway to reverse a recharge?

    Basically I recharged another number instead of mine. Swapped a two digits and only noticed it after having completed the transaction. Contacted CS immediately and was told that since the recharge was successful, there's nothing they can do now. Is there really no way to help people who have...
  2. deadbynight

    Budget 71-90K Gaming Laptop or rig ?

    Which country are you in?
  3. deadbynight

    How to clean the inside of a washing machine and keep it that way

    Can you please write the process for cleaning the LG top load ones?
  4. deadbynight

    OpenBox AMD Processor with GST invoice and Full warranty

    Hey do you sell sandisk memory card too?
  5. deadbynight

    Question regarding Real Debrid.

    even for the *ahem* *ahem* stuff?
  6. deadbynight

    Graphic Cards GPU pricing trends

    Well if you ever do come back, it'd be super helpful if you could bring a gpu with you for the helpless people like myself : )
  7. deadbynight

    Graphic Cards GPU pricing trends

    You could bring some over and sell them to us :)
  8. deadbynight

    FS: Others Raspberry Pi 400

    Can't PM so asking here, Where does one claim the warranty?
  9. deadbynight

    Graphic Cards GPU pricing trends

    Which card did you apply for?
  10. deadbynight

    Budget 15-20K Looking for a phone for my Mom

    Moto g40 is a good option imo. Its currenty on sale for 14.5K. SD 732G, 6gb ram, 6000 mah, 120hz refresh and stock android.
  11. deadbynight

    FS: Others Miscellaneous stuff (80/120mm fans giveaway, TP Link wifi adapter, 2x8GB SODIMM DDR4-2666)

    I'd love to receive the fans. Can you ship them via india Post?
  12. deadbynight

    Graphic Cards GPU pricing trends

    noob question, but why are the prices for gpu falling?
  13. deadbynight

    Graphic Cards GPU pricing trends

    If you do receive the invite next month, can you please send it to me? (if you dont plan on buying that is)
  14. deadbynight

    Graphic Cards GPU pricing trends

    which card did you enquire for?
  15. deadbynight

    WTB 5600x or 5600G
  16. deadbynight

    FS: Others Vintage electronics ( camera, mobile phones) (Giveaway)

    >Rs 150 for 1 item and Rs 350 for all. Is this the shipping cost?
  17. deadbynight

    WTB Intel NUC 8th gen or later

    How much warranty left and whats your asking price?