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  1. mayank11280

    FS: Headphone Fiio K1 DAC/AMP

    Hi, I am selling my Fiio K1. It has been used moderately. It works perfectly fine. Sound quality is really good. It can drive headphones up to 100 Ohms. I bought it when my previous laptop's aux jack went kaput. This was a great improvement. Negotiable.
  2. mayank11280

    FS: Headphone Monk Plus and JVC Spiral Dot (L)

    Hey, I am selling the following: 1. Monk Plus w/o Mic: 500 INR Has a legendary reputation for being the greatest bang for the buck. Bought from AliExpress when it was possible. Hardly used as I prefer IEMs and headphones over earbud. 2. JVC Spiral Dot: 1000 INR Used a pair only. Can remove...
  3. mayank11280

    WTB Fiio DAC/AMP

    I am looking for either a Fiio E10K or a Q1. Can look into a BTR3 or BTR5 also. HMU. Thanks.
  4. mayank11280

    Laptops Need to get my laptop from Gandhinagar to Bangalore. Any ideas?

    Hey, So, I recently got a new laptop and a few items along with it from US. These are with a friend in Gandhinagar. I am in Bangalore. I am not sure about how to get these items from there to here. I looked for shipping services, but I am not sure which one would be the cheap and the best...
  5. mayank11280

    WTB Galaxy S10E or LG G8X

    Hello, I am looking for Galaxy S10E or LG G8X. If anyone have the devices for sale, then please PM me with your offers. Regards.
  6. mayank11280

    WTB Kindle Oasis/ 7" e-Reader

    Hello, I am looking for Kindle Oasis or any 7" or larger e-Reader. If anyone has it, then please PM me with your offers. Regards.
  7. mayank11280

    FS: Home Audio Video Shanling M0 (Hi-Fi Digital Audio Player)

    Hi, I am selling my Shanling M0. It has been moderately used. The battery life is still good at about 6-10 hours with wired output, depending upon what media format you play. Its features include Bluetooth audio transmission and reception. It can work as DAC for your PC/Mac. It plays all...
  8. mayank11280

    FS: Home Audio Video Bose Soundlink Revolve with 1 year Warranty, Box and Accessories.

    Gently used Bose Soundlink Revolve with 1 year warranty for sale. The product has a brand new official battery, all accessories ( Charger, box, and dock ) I personally loved the product, the sound reproduction is the best in the 20K range for bluetooth speakers, Punchy bass and very clear mids...
  9. mayank11280

    WTB Airpods Pro

    Hey, I am looking to buy Airpods Pro. If anyone has them and willing to sell, please PM. Regards.
  10. mayank11280

    WTB Drop Sennheiser 58x (or similar Open Back Headphones)

    Hey, I am looking for a Drop Sennheiser 58x. If anyone is wishing to sell, please PM me your offers. If you have any other similar open back headphones to sell, you may PM as well. Regards.
  11. mayank11280

    FS: RAM 8 DDR4 Laptop RAM

    Hello, I am selling these two DDR4 RAMs which came with my laptops, after upgrading. 8GB (2666 MHZ) for 2,999 INR 4GB (2666 MHZ) for 1,599 INR [SOLD] Both at 4,499 INR [UNAVAILABLE]