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  1. nemo_online

    Any recommendation for packers & movers from Delhi NCR to Bangalore?

    Any recommendation for packers & movers from Delhi NCR to Bangalore? Also, is it possible to ask for a packer and mover to deliver the goods only on a particular/ self-scheduled date? Thanks
  2. nemo_online

    Windows MSI afterburner no in-game display. What am I doing wrong?

    Till last year, on the same PC, I used to get in-game displays. Usually, I don't feel the need to turn this on as I am happy enough to play if the game doesn't hang and there is no screen tearing. Just thought yesterday that it would be nice to know FPS etc. on 'Days Gone' which I have just...
  3. nemo_online

    Audio Any clue what happened to F&D and Creative in India?

    I have fond memories of Creative 5.1 speakers and have an F& D soundbar now which was purchased few years back. Was just searching online today and I see that both brands have a very token presence on Flipkart & Amazon. Did Boat wipe them out? Surely, Creative had better quality audio...
  4. nemo_online

    Any experience with green soul executive/office chairs

    I am planning to buy a chair for home office use and gaming after office hours in the near future. Will be sitting for 5-6 hours per day. I need a chair that tilts at least 135 degrees. I suffer from coccyx pain so use a cushion designed for relief from that. So, whatever chair I buy, the...
  5. nemo_online

    Laptops Questions about gaming laptop batteries & laptops

    Noob questions - 1. How long do gaming laptop batteries last considering that even when they are brand new they seem to give a backup of 1-2 hours for gaming at best without being plugged in? 2. Does battery performance change according to the moolah you're paying? ( I think not, but open to...
  6. nemo_online

    Budget 51-70k MSI gaming laptop. How good or bad?

    I wanted to know the thoughts of MSI laptop buyers on the build quality, user experience and after sales service in India. They seemed to be the cheapest in the market with a Rtx 3050 / 3060 configuration. I am considering a gaming laptop within 70k. Would prefer to get feedback from...
  7. nemo_online

    Apple is selling polishing cloth for Rs 1900 I thought this is also technology news and deserves a mention :D :D
  8. nemo_online

    iOS Any idea why some sites open on windows & show SSL error in iPad

    There are two sites that open perfectly fine on Windows desktop and laptop in firefox, chrome etc. (show the https lock too) but for some reason they don't open on any browser on iPad. ( Tried firefox, firefox focus, brave, safari, chrome) . What could be the reason? P.S. These are those kind...
  9. nemo_online

    iOS How does one transfer a .cbr/cbz file from windows PC to iPad

    I tried using iTunes and EaseUs MobiMover so far and both say file format not recognized. I hope I am doing something wrong but will be really pi**ed/ disappointed if I find out that there is no way to move a comic book to an iPad from Windows so really hoping someone can help me out here. Also...
  10. nemo_online

    iOS Screen protector recommendations for iPad?

    For the screen protector - Folks outside India seem to swear by "Paperlike". What is a good option in India? Recommendations please.
  11. nemo_online

    My Samsung experience

    I had been shopping for a tablet for my wife and had placed an order for a Samsung Galaxy A7 tablet on the 23rd of August from the “Samsung shop” app. However, sometime after placing the order, I had a change of mind and I cancelled my order. I promptly got a cancellation message on the 24th of...
  12. nemo_online

    FS: Laptop Asus Core i5 from 2019 with WIN 10, 1 TB HDD, 256GB SSD, MX 150 GPU & warranty remaining

    Product Name: Asus Vivobook S 15 , Model no. X510U EJ460T Expected Price: Rs 36000 Shipping charges: (Can talk about this) Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: Charger not there but laptop in great condition. Has been my productivity/ entertainment laptop for last 2 years. Original...
  13. nemo_online

    Android New Realme launch prices (phones & tablet)

    Screen capture from the launch event. On sale from 13th September.
  14. nemo_online

    Budget 10-15K Does anyone still recommend/ use Nokia phones?

    If yes, how is the service in India now? How is their build quality nowadays?
  15. nemo_online

    How many people here read comics & use dedicated apps for it?

    Just looking around to see if we have any comic book lovers here and maybe learn something new in the process. If you read comics via apps, which are the apps that you use? Do you think comixology needs to be accessible in India?
  16. nemo_online

    Query about student discounts on Apple & Samsung products & reqd. email IDs

    So, I have been wondering about this for a while now - The two above mentioned companies give student discounts which all well and good but what I don't understand is that when they ask for an email ID from the institution that you're studying in, what email ID are we supposed to give? The...
  17. nemo_online

    All OS Suggestions for reliable used/ unused old 4:3 tablet sellers

    Hi all Need a tablet in 4:3 aspect ratio (don't like 16:9 /16:10) primarily for reading books & comics which will be ideal for one-handed operation. The idea is to use it at night while lying down in the bed.I think even the 16 GB first gen Apple iPad Mini would be perfect (although I have not...
  18. nemo_online

    All OS Anyone looking forward to the Mi Pad 5? Pls share experiences with the Mi Pad too if used by you

    In these pandemic times, I see there is a demand for tablets again. The Mi pad 5 was just launched in China in 3 variations and although we don't if it is going to come to India, are you guys looking forward to it? Also, how was the original Mi Pad? Any users ? Experiences? Samsung S6 lite did...
  19. nemo_online

    Hello all, once again [ I used to be pom99]

    Hello all After spending many years on TE as pom99, I had the misfortune of being locked out of my account thanks to some goof-up with 2FA. I tried reaching out to admin, downloaded Google authenticator all to no avail. So, here I am again in a new avatar. Hope to spend some more time on this...