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  1. RadarHz

    Budget 0-20k Suggest a 500 gb m.2 nvme ssd.

    SN570 is a better buy than SN550 Also look at the Kioxia excercia NVMe models, they offer DRAM cache + TLC NAND in this price point which is hard to beat. The Kingston A2000 offers the same features but at a higher price. Also check out subreddit r/NewMaxx...
  2. RadarHz

    PC Peripherals Wireless USB mice on a budget

    For office-type work only, not concerned with gaming-branded mice that cost upward of Rs. 1000. Currently have one flipkart smartbuy generic mouse that i bought in 2018 that somehow still works except it needs a new AA cell every 10 days. Can aging electronics even do this?
  3. RadarHz

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding 3 Corsair iCUE SP120 RGB Pro

    Are these fans 12V RGB? Do they work only within the iCUE ecosystem or would they work with any 12V RGB header?
  4. RadarHz

    PC Peripherals USB-C hub

    I do not intend to plug in any USB 3 storage devices, only for peripherals like mice, keyboards. File transfer speeds are a secondary concern, having my peripherals connected without random USB disconnections is the priority. Intended for use with the USB-C port on my laptop. The more economical...
  5. RadarHz

    Budget 0-20k Need quiet 240mm AIO for Ryzen 7 2700

    EK AIO 240 and Arctic Liquid Freezer II are standout performers in noise-normalized thermals.
  6. RadarHz

    Amazon India lightning deals

    Not a screenshot, but I saw that price listed for the MX500 and saved it to list this evening. The price has unceremoniously gone back up to what it displays now. No mention of the price hike like they do price drops. Non-business account.
  7. RadarHz

    FS: Video Card Gigabyte RTX 3070 LHR

    The listing price was 54k iirc, actual deal price could be anything
  8. RadarHz

    OpenBox Motherboard with GST invoices and Full warranty

    Prices of #3 and #4 aren't listed?
  9. RadarHz

    Ryzen 5600 (non X) projected release date/price in India?

    It would cannibalize sales of other mid range AMD offerings, that's for sure
  10. RadarHz

    Ryzen 5600 (non X) projected release date/price in India?

    I never asked for CPU buying suggestions, I only wanted to know the projected price and release date.
  11. RadarHz

    Ryzen 5600 (non X) projected release date/price in India?

    The 5500 and some 4000-series SKUs that were announced earlier this year have shown up in retail sites. In fact, the 5500 was up on Vedant Computers a while ago, even before the retail launch elsewhere. Waiting to see when the 5600 is coming to shelves and possible pricing. Any info?
  12. RadarHz

    Budget 31-40k GPU buying query.

    Some lower end 3060s are selling for about 40k, that's about as good as I can see in your budget.
  13. RadarHz

    WTB 500GB NVMe SSD (>90% health)

    received drive, feedback left
  14. RadarHz

    WTB 500GB NVMe SSD (>90% health)

    payment made to @rehankumar
  15. RadarHz

    WTB 500GB NVMe SSD (>90% health)

    bump, accepting DRAMless too; but TLC or HMB is wanted
  16. RadarHz

    WTB 500GB NVMe SSD (>90% health)

  17. RadarHz

    MICRO-ATX power supply

    Went back out of stock lol, this listing is haunted.
  18. RadarHz

    MICRO-ATX power supply

    Strange, if I type in 500090 it shows a delivery date. Seller: OMTS
  19. RadarHz

    MICRO-ATX power supply

    That's an SFX unit my guy. You just linked to a different unit while saying that it's the exact same one. Atleast you now know what to look for. This is the one you have, btw.
  20. RadarHz

    MICRO-ATX power supply

    Look at the positions of the screw holes and compare it to ATX/SFX screw layouts. That which you linked is standard ATX screw holes, so you have an ATX PSU that's just shorter. This is an SFX to ATX bracket, and SFX screw holes are perfectly flush in a rectangular arrangement, while ATX screw...