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  1. desiibond

    PC Peripherals What keyboard to buy?

    Get the Gateron switch tester unit. Keychron uses gateron switches. These can be compared to cherry MX but there could be massive difference when compared to switches from china like those used on cheap keyboards.
  2. desiibond

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 - 14,999 at samsung portal / Flipkart

    Why do you even have to pay 7k or 8k for Amazfit. You can get boat for 2k and get battery that lasts for few days. Anyways, you cannot rely on heart rate tracking on any of these. Noise colorfit pro 2 has a 10 day life and it costs around 2.8k. Coming to battery life, if battery life is...
  3. desiibond

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 - 14,999 at samsung portal / Flipkart

    Bloody hell. I was also looking at Amazfit and boy, they are really really really bad at tracking heart rate while doing a workout. Apple watch series 7 on the other hand is just mind blowing. Glad that I had switched to Series 7, from GTR 2e.
  4. desiibond

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    You should have looked for red switches. Blue is always noisy. With non removable switches, max youl can try is to use a mat under keyboard and add foam inside keyboard to reduce noise.
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    PC Peripherals How many fans does your chassis have?

    2 x 200 mm ARGB Fans (Front) I 1 X 120 mm Fans (Rear). Here are the idle temps of 5800X (ambient temperature of 22 degrees right now. Yeah, this is how a summer is in Bengaluru :D) in Eco mode.
  6. desiibond

    PC Peripherals Wireless USB mice on a budget

    This mouse goes on and on and on. Here is mine that is nearly half a decade old. I stopped using it as I got bored and office gave me triathlon mouse. Currently I use it as a backup mouse. It is a bit small though as it is targeted for laptop users where space in the bag is limited.
  7. desiibond

    NVIDIA & AMD GPU Pricing Update For May 2022: GeForce Graphics Cards Now 14% Over MSRP, Radeon at Just 6% Over MSRP

    Make it 39k or lower in offline store if you buy entire build.
  8. desiibond

    Sony WH-1000XM5 MKBHD review

    Check iPhonedo for headphone review. Faruk does this lot lot better than these other YTers who just read out specs and barely do any testing before certifying it as good or bad. Also, I am waiting for someone like Joshua Valour to test it. Also, see the opening footage of his Sony Xperia 1...
  9. desiibond

    How do people manage with Ear Pods ?

    These are not neck band style headsets. Most of them are buying pseudo TWS from boat noise etc.
  10. desiibond

    Scam centers and us

    Doesn’t work here. Every week I get calls for hdfc loan, Bajaj personal loan, act, axis loan and other shit. The calls are not from these firms. They come from agencies who get bulk list of numbers and they just don’t care about DND. Report the number and they call from different number when the...
  11. desiibond

    How do people manage with Ear Pods ?

    I second this. My office headset has amazing noise cancellation and proper mic. Wind noise is fully suppressed. Some of my colleagues had to buy new headset as their current headset died after few years. I can hear when they turn on fan. It is so noisy that we ask them to stay on mute when they...
  12. desiibond

    How do people manage with Ear Pods ?

    As I said, just because you dislike a product does not mean that it is bad. People change 60k rupee phone every other year. No body cares if an IEM lasts 10 years. Those who buy TWS are not buying that to hand it over to their grand kids. They buy for the comfort and ease it offers right then...
  13. desiibond

    Scam centers and us

    Register your number once on policybazaar and magicbricks. Then turn on full DND again. You will know.
  14. desiibond

    How do people manage with Ear Pods ?

    While I do agree that boat noise and all are bad/pathetic, I would not call WF1000XM4 or Airpods Pro crappy. Just because you do not like the product category does not mean that they are bad or crappy. I use HD599 headphones for audio and I also use Blon BL-03 while on the move. In short, I am a...
  15. desiibond

    NVIDIA & AMD GPU Pricing Update For May 2022: GeForce Graphics Cards Now 14% Over MSRP, Radeon at Just 6% Over MSRP

    Ignore those FB groups. Also, ignore any 3xxx card now above 3060 Ti. We are entering Q2 in a month and a half and we will start seeing more and more details of 4xxx and RDNA 3 cards. You can now get a 3070 under 65k in offline stores (easily under 60k if you build entire rig). 3080 is now...
  16. desiibond

    -rep to Ringke India

    fusion X series is grippy.
  17. desiibond

    To make sure that data is not recoverable

    There are DoD compliant hard drive erase tools available for free.
  18. desiibond

    Amazon India lightning deals

    This is a seriously good deal for those who can take advantage of every single core. Check Realme pad.
  19. desiibond

    PC Peripherals What keyboard to buy?

    Close your eyes and get the Keychron K2 V2 or K8. I am using the K2 V2 with MacBook Pro and Windows. Is brilliant. Make sure you get the brown keys or red keys variant, with backlighting. Do not buy from Amazon. The buyers there are scalpers. Place order from Keychron India site. Gets delivered...
  20. desiibond

    Flipkart pre-approved credit

    Probably as dependable as Flipkart's after sales support. :D