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  1. zeultimo

    Dedicated section for dealers and resellers

    @puns [love your name & puns... pun intended, all the way] @renegade I want to buy a reseller tag, I am speaking to my accountant later today to understand the nuances & sign up with a reseller tag from TE, I hope I get a lot of my questions answered which have been due for a while now & also...
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    FS: Keyboard and Mice White Pudding Keycaps Giveaway

    Hello.... Giveaways! who doesn't like giveaways?
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    25L Geyser (AO Smith or Bajaj)

    The pleasure is mine. The idea of IoT is to blur the lines between technology & ease of use so much & so well that we should not feel like it exists yet... we can't do things as easily without it, like how mobile phones, the internet has become a convince for us techys! The new company one...
  4. zeultimo

    Budget 10-15K Need a smartphone for my father

    I am in the same boat as you, I heard moto g40 fusion is the best out there, but last I checked, it was limited to Flipkart
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    25L Geyser (AO Smith or Bajaj)

    Bajaj is an excellent choice for the locale, IoT features implemented in this bad boy is actually for the benefit for non-Tech savvy people, like Auto off if there is no water supply & the coil is heating the limited water stored inside of it, auto off after X minutes among other things.
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    Dedicated section for dealers and resellers

    @renegade Please help me with the reseller tag & basic requirements, additional features that I have been posting about.
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    WTB Amazon Fire stick / Mi Box / Raspberry pi 4 / android phone with USB C to HDMI out

    I agree to what sankalp said, coz even on Amazon show 8 [2nd gen] Netflix plays on a browser & knowing the past history of Amazon & alphabet, they may fall out of love again
  8. zeultimo

    25L Geyser (AO Smith or Bajaj)

    I have an AO Smith, hard as a rock! working without a flaw yet, For the location being in Gwalior, I think an Indian brand is better for after sales services, however... AO Smith is install & forget. I have seen a few fantastic IoT set of features in a new product launch of V-Guard in Delhi...
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    Podcasts review and discussions

    Puneet, thank you for making this thread. baccilus & t3chg33k [probably not to buy a keyboard from ebay?] for people who walk too... coz we gotta clock 10k steps on a regular basis? Mods, Shall we pin this please? Thanks in advance! I love what Jim Rohn does with his content, surely his...
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    Online content such as youtube

    or even
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    Dedicated section for dealers and resellers

    Thank you for moving this mods. Would anyone please get around to my reseller tag upgrade question? Also I thank the mods in advance for merging it by design or manually doing it with my previous post!
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    Free Discord Nitro (3 months)

    It was probably that.... I tried a different card &
  13. zeultimo

    Doctor Who

    Seeking Doctor whovians... let's open several can of worms, it is all going to be such a fun discussion. On the top of my head, Don't blink with David is one of the Best episodes, so is that murder mystery on a train with Peter.
  14. zeultimo

    Free Discord Nitro (3 months)

    How far along are you? I can't seem to edit my post, hence adding another... this is how far I got a few mins ago, trying again.
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    The book I am reading currently

    Any one read $100M Offers by Alex Hormozi ?
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    Online content such as youtube

    How many of you are JunsKitchen fans around? I loved this video of his, my jaw dropped!
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    Dedicated section for dealers and resellers

    Hey, Thank you for this topic starter & guidance. A few questions.... 1. How to Flip exclusive items that I pick at a good discount, [to sell at a higher price] & I am leaving them all packed as I received. 2. Anything else on these lines as I am totally new to this & will have a lot of...
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    Tech Enclave on Mobile device

    Hello, I tried to login on my android to contribute here, but it never logged me in through the google account, everytime I try, the login / register button are staring are me like our parents do when we try to demonstrate that something isn't working but it does. I also got some error when I...
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    What Investment mistakes you made that you want others to avoid?

    Ankur Warikoo is making some good strides on Youtube about financial education, he also recommends a good amount of books to learn from, and then there is a treasure trove of audio books for the multitaskers, I usually listen to summaries when I am walking for about 100 minutes.
  20. zeultimo

    Plz suggest great Eng spy espionage movies

    I loved Broadchuch of you are into slowburn, which is not exactly thriller... probably the opposite but mentioned it coz you said British. Speaking of British, Luther is a fun watch! I don't think movies provide enough time for the character to develop, but these are my classic recommends...