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    WTB Airpods 2 sealed pack

    Looking to buy airpods 2 sealed pack for 7k for >10 month warranty left Price will be lesser if warranty is less than 10 month Location: Mumbai/Thane Invoice must be from India not looking to purchase products purchased outside of India. Sealed pack only not looking for open seal products...
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    Less than 10K Phone for media under 10k

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a phone for my grandmother under 10k she uses it only for YouTube and calling. I'm thinking of redmi 9 prime unless there are any better suggestions
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    Budget Above 40k Iphone 11 vs 12 base 128gb

    With the iPhone 11 being sold for less than 40k in the Amazon sale, does it make any sense to buy an iPhone 12? Here's what the best deals I have right now on all three phones: 11 base 128gb (40-43k, depending on Amazon sale price and hdfc card discount+2000 rs saved on buying a charger) 12...
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    WTB LGA 1155 processor (i5 3470, i5 3450, i5 3570, i5 3550, xeon e 1220/1230 V2)

    Looking for a quad core LGA 1155 processor (i5 3470, i5 3450, i5 3570, i5 3550, xeon e 1220/1230 V2). Location: Mumbai Dm me if you have any for sale.
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    WTB [WTB] Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition, Uncharted Lost Legacy, RDR2

    So after waiting 11 years to buy a console, I finally got a PS4. Looking for some exclusives that I might have missed from the early playstation era. This is my wishlist: Demon Souls (cannot afford right now) Ghost of Tsushima (cannot afford right now) Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition...
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    WTB PS4 Normal/ Slim 500 gb/ 1TB

    Location Thane, Mumbai. Console must be clean and in good condition. Extra controller would be nice but not really needed.
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    WTB Intel i5 3570

    Looking to buy i5 3570 location mumbai