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  1. kalph09

    Awesome Game Soundtracks

    Synthwave Dream '85 has awesome tracks. There aren't many gameplay videos on the tube. You'll get the drift if you enjoy 80's retro music whilst driving a Countach.
  2. kalph09

    List: Tools/Sites you use to find online deals

    This one runs telegram alerts. However, it's a mixed bag of good and not-so-good deals.
  3. kalph09

    Affordable way to set up a simple surveillance system?

    What's the power supply situation in that area? I think it is not just surveillance, you need to invest in a UPS to keep it running with little to no downtime.
  4. kalph09

    Just one of the many reasons why investing in unregulated markets like crypto is a foolish idea (May 13, 2022)

    He has busted quite a few fake gurus, and Ponzi schemes with proper evidence. Pretty good content.
  5. kalph09

    Which tablet under 30K?

    2021 iPad fits the bill. It is about 28k-ish after the HDFC discount. However, the screen is about 10.2 inches. With the A13 Chip, It should serve 3-4yrs easily.
  6. kalph09

    The IKEA India Thread

    They take 5-7 business days to deliver in Bangalore.
  7. kalph09

    Scam centers and us

    Mark's video has gone viral. I get calls from these scam centers, the best two-bit I can do is waste their time by pretending to be an easy victim. That way, their time is lost in scamming someone for real. I follow Jim Browning and a couple of others. It takes an immense amount of planning...
  8. kalph09

    Musk strikes a deal for twitter

    Slight OT: Musk has invested billions in his factory in China. Twitter is often used to highlight sensitive topics from Tibet to Taiwan Invasion or worse, atrocities on minorities. CCP can use his factory as a pawn to arm-twist and clean off such topics.
  9. kalph09

    Musk strikes a deal for twitter

    From this takeover. Considering Tesla's massive investments. The biggest winner is China (CCP). Now they will be able to wield a bigger stick to silence dissent against them.
  10. kalph09

    Low noise air cooler

    Am looking for an air-cooler too. I have no idea which one to get. A couple of questions 1) How long can you run this? 2) Does it occasionally spray droplets of water on you? 3) is water container steel or plastic? I get hard (150-180ppm) water most of the time.
  11. kalph09

    Xiaomi OLEDs in india at 89999 and additional 3 year comprehensive warranty on day one purchase

    If the panel quality is the same as their cellphones. Not worth it. I find it dull when compared to samsung's oled.
  12. kalph09

    ‘Violating privacy laws’: Ola Electric gets notice from customer for making data public

    Folks, the message here is to understand the absolute power of digital evidence and the scope of manipulation by big-tech-corps. Ola should have taken this 1-1 with the guy first instead of blowing it up on the internet. I can imagine someone's insurance claim being denied as they were doing xx...
  13. kalph09

    ‘Violating privacy laws’: Ola Electric gets notice from customer for making data public

    Quoting my post from Jan 2022. Link: I never expected the future to arrive so early. lol. The rider might be at fault, but publicly sharing personal usage data is a bit...
  14. kalph09

    Musk strikes a deal for twitter

    He just wanted to shut that kid who was tracking his private jet.
  15. kalph09

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Yamaha India’s online presence isn’t on par with competition. Be it updating their website, twitter or IG presence. Take them with a pinch of salt. I test rode SXR160 (I would assume it’s same as SR160 with bigger body n smaller wheels) before I booked Aerox. The SXR160 felt more comfortable...
  16. kalph09

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    This costs 1.76l on road (Bangalore) and expected to hike by 2k in May. Riding experience has been mixed. Smooth and stable on good roads. Spine shattering and head bobbing on rough and bad roads. I’ll be getting after market suspension that’s tuned for comfort soon.
  17. kalph09

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Website would say OOS. Bangalore outlets , you can get black ones under 2 weeks. Blue and Grey has a wait time of 45 to 60 days.
  18. kalph09

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Finally a replacement for my bike that was sold off a couple of years ago. Was very close to getting the Ather EV, had to scratch that off for many reasons. This scooter is a blast to ride in cities, and can do decent speeds on highways. Stiff ride quality on the rough road is a story for...
  19. kalph09

    Non Tech/ General hot deals thread

    Otaku should check these