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  1. SleepyK

    User Review Dell G15 5515 (5800H+3060) initial review

    Recently bought a Dell G15 5515. Plastic chassis, 165hz 1080p screen, Ryzen 5800H and RTX3060 with a MUX switch. It's finished in speckled grey plastic that makes it look like a very boring office laptop. The display is decent, even good, for a budget laptop. It comes with a Dell 240W barrel...
  2. SleepyK

    Budget 30-40k Phone under 35k

    My Oneplus 6 has aged a lot. Back glass cracked, some mild burn-in on the screen and on top of that, a lot of heat issues now. Need suggestions for a phone that costs 35k or less. Will be using it as my primary phone for a bit, till the next iPhone or S22 come out. Don't want an Exynos...