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    PSA - Titokhan giveaway - check it out!

    @Titokhan has organized a giveaway of some licenses for paid software. Link
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    FS: Others Godrej Viroshield 4.0 UV Box 30L for Sale - 8 months warranty

    VISAKHAPATNAM BUYERS ONLY. Godrej Viroshiled 4.0 Disinfecting Device is for sale. 30L large capacity. Can fit in a good amount of groceries or items like handbags. It has 4 UV lamps with mirrors on all 6 sides. Bought in September 2020, very sparingly used. Have another and have moved...
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    FS: Home Audio Video Media Player WD TV Live! For Sale!!!

    For sale is my WD TV Live! Media player. As-good-as-new. Used probably 5-6 times max. Condition mentioned as 4/5 - only & only because it is used. Even the plastic wrap on the top is still in place. The ones with the TV are to show that the player is in working condition. PM me your...
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    FS: Mobile LG G4 Accessories - Battery Charging Kit (BCK-4800) + leather back

    For sale are three genuine LG G4 accessories. [1] LG Battery Charging KIT - including: Battery Charger - 1 Battery - 1 Battery: rechargeable Li-ion Battery for LG G4, LG Official Model : BL-51YF Charger: Charging Cradle Model : BC-4800 Input : Micro USB 5 pin Compatible with : BL-51YF (G4's...
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    Windows Help! PC not booting

    I had 2x1TB Seagate HDDs installed. Both of them are 4-5 yr old. The one with OS is gone. Sputters but doesn't work. Ordered a Samsung 750evo 250GB. Installed the Windows 7 everything was OK. Installed all reqd software too. Did error check on the previous 1TB HDD with Win7. Problem is the PC...
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    Apple engineer explaining the new MacBook pro.
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    Lenovo killing own brand to shift to Moto Interesting and much needed for the company. Lenovo for some reason or, the other never got accepted by the market, esp., India. While Moto has good brand equity and great recall for VFM. Only thing now is the hopwLenovo...
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    User Review Samsung On8 ::: Quick Review

    This is a quick review of the recently launched Samsung Galaxy On8. I got it for ~Rs. 13,000 during the 2016 Flipkart BBD Sale. This was after applying all possible offers! The need was: [1] phone within 15,000 [2] good screen with decent sunlight legibility [3] battery that would see off a...
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    Budget 10-15K Is Moto G Turbo worth buying now?

    I am looking for a waterproof or, at least water-resistant phone. My primary phone is a Mi4i. Had bad experience of it going kaput in the rain. So waterproof / splash-resistant feature is a must. I am looking at this as a backup phone. Will keep it synched regularly. This would be backup for...
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    UPI will make mobile wallets redundant

    United Payments System will make mobile wallets redundant : Link. This would make the transactions safer from the point of view of prevention of skimming off of cash from the accounts that was reported in paytm. The one thing I really liked about the system is they are making it...
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    Google activates carrier billing for Play store payments

    Google is launching carrier billing, initially for Idea: link. link2. Apparently this is activated for both prepaid & post-paid. This is quite a good development. Reduces risk for the customer.
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    Pl. Help - modem+router - urgent buy!

    My BSNL modem had become unreliable. Tried with other BSNL modem that was perfect, so there seems to be no alternative but to change. Need to order today a modem+router. I do have a Netgear 614 router but, thinking of going for a new combo. The Netgear would be as emergency standby for router...
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    Storage Solutions USB OTG adapter

    Has anyone here used this type of USB OTG adapter? link Have a few pendrives lying around, thought of getting one, it would be cheaper than buying an altogether new 2-in-1 pendrive
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    User Review Lenovo G50-70

    Background: My needs were: a budget Laptop for home use Ultimately took the plunge and bought this Lenovo G50-70. 1.9GHz Intel Core i3 4030U Processor 4GB RAM 1TB Hard drive 15.6-inch Screen, Integrated Graphics Processor DOS Operating system 2xUSB 2.0 & 1xUSB 3.0 Ethernet/LAN HDMI Card reader...
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    Budget 21-30k Laptop for home use

    What's your Budget? ~30k. Willing to stretch a little. What will be your primary usage for the notebook be? web surfing/office apps/Casual Gaming/HD Movies What size and weight considerations do you have? 14"-15" Any brand that you prefer, or any brand that you detest? None Any other...
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    Amazon Appstore Deals

    Free apps worth $100 today!
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    Windows 10 will be free for software pirates

    Interesting move. They did it in UK some time back. Wonder if this applies to all illegal copies or, only the Chinks?!
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    SSL-busting adware from Comodo's PrivDog

    Comodo is one of the popular free AV / Firewalls available. Comodo's firewall and antivirus package Internet Security 2014, installs a tool called PrivDog by default. Some versions of this tool intercept encrypted HTTPS traffic to force ads into webpages. Read the full article here...
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    Android Xiaomi Redmi Note cases / covers

    Bought this cover for the Redmi Note on FK - very good finish, very VFM. Final cost Rs. 222.
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    GOSF - Great Online Shopping Festival : 10-12 Dec

    Google is at it again: Great Online shopping festival link: Will be interesting to see how aggressive the deals would be. After the FK fiasco & Amazon backing...