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  1. raydialseeker

    FS: Video Card 3080ti fe

    FOUND THE BILL! Bought it for 132 from @Mann been used for gaming and 3d rendering since but I can't really use it to its full potential since I mainly play apex and league anyway. The bill box and warranty are all available. Again I'm not a scalper. Just looking to sell this card and...
  2. raydialseeker

    FS: Video Card 3080TI FE - 6 months old

    Didn't end up using it much to game. Downgrading to an LHR. Bought this back in October 2021 at 132000.
  3. raydialseeker

    WTB 3070Ti LHR

    Looking to buy a 3080/3070ti/3070 lhr card. I have a 3080TI that I can swap for the same as well
  4. raydialseeker

    Gelid Thermal Pad PRICE DROP

    Our response to the previous post was amazing on this community. We're pushing to drop prices to the norm as fast as possible and make sure that there's enough stock. Here's our huge price drops! Contact me at with your requirement UPI: scorpzon@kotak
  5. raydialseeker

    WTB Samsung soundbar rear speaker kit These available anyone ?
  6. raydialseeker

    Gelid Thermal Pads

    Hey Guys We've started working with Gelid to import their products into India. this is our first shipment of the same and more stocks will arrive for it shortly. These prices are really low relative to the current market prices. This forum has been amazing. Thanks for all the great support and...
  7. raydialseeker

    FS: Processor 2x Ryzen 9 3900x

    Mates are selling their 3900x s and buying 5600x s. They want to keep the wraith cooler Expected price 33000/- per unit edit : Will ask them about selling the wraith cooler as well as Ive recently found out that 3900x warranty can only be redeemed if you have the wraith cooler.
  8. raydialseeker

    Graphic Cards Reality check on the 30 series and why theyre mediocre at best.

    All of us are well aware of the shortage. The 30 series however was intended to be a return to status quo in terms of pricing(ironically). The $700 3080 FE brought performance 20-30% better than the 2080Ti at a really compelling price. Similarly the 3070 did the same with the 2080Ti. However...
  9. raydialseeker

    Any Forza Horizon 5 players here ?

    The game has consumed me hahahah. Anyone down to drive around in convoys or do races ?
  10. raydialseeker

    WTB 3090/3080TI/3080 FE Sealed

    Looking for the above Even if you have an RPTech form that works too
  11. raydialseeker

    My battlestation (Always a WIP)

    BeforeAfter Excuse my awful formatting im still a noob at this. Anyway here's the current list: 3700x -> R7 5800x Arctic LF II 240(Stock cooler for 2 days) MSI b450i gpm Crucial Ballistix RGB 3200cl16 OC'd to 3800cl15 Cm nr200P Cm v650 SFX 3080 FE -> Zotac Trinity RTX 3080Ti 2x 500GB MX500...
  12. raydialseeker

    Refurbished Arctic Products!

    Hey, after speaking to TE staff we've put together an exclusive offer for TE members. We're pretty proud that our refurbished products carry the same warranty as new ones. We at Scorpzon Trading also handle the rma process for the same You may contact me on whatsapp at 9870780005 or...
  13. raydialseeker

    WTB Looking for a 27in 1440p curved panel

    Ideally a samsung one to pair with my G7
  14. raydialseeker

    Budget 90k+ What do you guys think this part list would be worth ?

    Y'all aeem to have a lot of knowledge on local part prices. Was wondering what would be a fair offer for these parts.
  15. raydialseeker

    WTB 5600x / 5800x

    Looking for a used 5600X at 20K or a used 5800X around 25K.