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    Finished elden ring what next any suggestions

    There is no alternative than to start super slow. Take your sweet time dealing with each enemy at the start. It's not that you can go button mashing. Thats a sure shot way to get yourself killed in a matter of seconds. In the first few hours of the gameplay your main aim should be to try to...
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    WTB Want a dead / non working PS3 super slim for parts

    Got it from a local shop. MODS can close this thread. thanks.
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    FS: Others Almost new Dualshock 4 for PS4 [Latest Model CUH-ZCT2G]

    bump. Also have a XBOX Series S controller in the same price range. Will put that up for sale later on.
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    FS: Others [Giveaway] Thermisto Intermediate 7 in 1 Soldering Kit

    replied. THE TS100 is the perfect tool. But damn the price is too much. Its cheaper for me to get the soldering done by mobile repairing guys. :p;) Package booked for @lepermessiah The package will be picked up tomorrow from my place.
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    FS: Others [Giveaway] Thermisto Intermediate 7 in 1 Soldering Kit

    Hello everyone, I am giving away the Thermisto Intermediate 7 in 1 Soldering Kit. It contains a Soldering iron, Solder, Flux, Stand , and desoldering wik. This does an Okay job. Not suitable for high precision job. I am keeping the wire cutter and tweezer. THEY ARE NOT A PART OF THE GIVEAWAY...
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    Finished elden ring what next any suggestions

    Finally completed ELDEN RING. That last boss was something. ELDEN BEAST its damn difficult using a melee build. especially when it teleports somewhere else and fires homing missiles. o_O But finally managed to take it down. The last few locations are not that great. And end bosses are...
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    FS: Others Giveaway of some old tech stuff

    But won't sending a RAM stick to TAIWAN a costly affair? Thank you brother. BTW , are those RIPJAWS RAM?
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    Online Game Deals - Steam, Amazon, Origin, GOG, Humble Bundles

    Prey is a great game. I completed it a while ago and it is worth playing. Although I had in my account since a long ago but i never felt like playing it. It has a slow super slow start. And many things don't make a sense in the beginning.
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    Windows How to record Zoom meeting on laptop.

    The teacher had intentionally NOT allowed recording. So was looking for something to record. Also my friend is using Intel graphics so no shadowplay / relive for him. The XBOX record function is fine for him. Just a single issue is that the recorded file is huge in size. An hour of video is...
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    FS: Others Giveaway of some old tech stuff

    Interested in the internal USB FLOPPY DRIVE card reader.
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    FS: Others Almost new Dualshock 4 for PS4 [Latest Model CUH-ZCT2G]

    Hello everyone, Up for sale is almost a brand new Dual shock 4 controller for the PS4. The model number is CUH-ZCT2G. This is the latest model of DS4. Never repaired or opened. Condition is just like new. Selling on behalf of a friend. Controller bought in Feb / March 2022. Box / bill not...
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    PC Peripherals How many fans does your chassis have?

    I have great experience with cooler master sickle flow fans. They are silent even at max speed. and they last a long long time. I still use mine which i bought in 2014-15. It was a red colour led fan. The red LEDs are dead now but fan still works flawlessly.
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    Need for Speed Heat

    NFS heat is just another NFS. It's neither groundbreaking in gameplay nor it is bad is any aspect. It's just your run of the mill NFS games. Takes heavy inspiration from NFS CARBON AND MOST WANTED. Graphically it's great and comparable to say FORZA HORIZON 4. The night time is worth mention and...
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    Graphic Cards [Suggestion Needed] Shiprocket Lost package with GPU

    Shiprocket is a horrible in case something is lost or not delivered. I had sent one package in the month of January 2022. Their tracking was showing in transit for more than one month. I got in touch with the so called customer care several times within this period and all they could do was...
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    Where to sell or giveaway old USB hubs, CD sets and gaming consoles?

    It was a sale. I bought the two consoles. The battery of PSP costs a BOMB (Rs 949 for a fake battery :bawling:). Original battery not available anywhere. PS3 has some serious power issues. Normal cleaning and debugging was NOT fruitful at all. Its still a work in progress.
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    FS: Storage Hardware Some internal and external HDDs

    1 TB Hard drive is working fine. Feedback left.
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    WTB Want a dead / non working PS3 super slim for parts

    As the title suggests, looking for a dead or non working PS3 super slim. I am trying to restore one. You can keep the controllers, cables. All I require is the main console itself. But body of the console should be in decent condition. Please let me know your offers. Item to be shipped to...
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    CPU/Mobo Just built my first PC but it doesn't boot. The red CPU light and orange DRAM light on the motherboard are flashing alternatively :( What do I do?

    +1 to UPS especially for areas prone to power cut and surge. I have had 2 HDDs fail on me due to sudden power surge inspite of using a APC 1KVA ups. While the UPS at Kolkata got ruined due to non usage. Power quality is really great (no surges etc) and power cuts are also rare in Kolkata. So...