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  1. Shakensoul

    FS: Laptop Macbook Pro 13 (Sold)

    Please read the description properly. The Macbook suffers from random shutdown issues. When it shutsdown, laptop does not boot till battery is disconnected and power drained. Have reinstalled macOS but still same problem. Hardware diagnostics does not show any result. Macbook can be used for...
  2. Shakensoul

    Macbook Air

    Wanted to buy Macbook Air 13" in good condition between 20000-25000. Must be willing to ship to 781006 (GUW). Preferable with SSD drive. Thanks.
  3. Shakensoul

    FS: Processor AMD Athlon X2 240 / Athlon 64 2800+

    For sale is 2 CPU AMD Athlon X2 240 CPU with Heatsink Athlon 64 2800+ without Heatsink free with the X2 240...
  4. Shakensoul

    FS: RAM 6GB G-Skill DDR3 1600 RAM

    6GB Gaming RAM G-Skill DDR3 1600 3 x 2GB sticks with heatsink. Will only sell all 3 sticks together, single stick not for sale. Part No. F3-12800CL9T-6GBNQ
  5. Shakensoul

    FS: RAM 4GB RAM DDR3 (2x2GB) Original Apple Macbook Laptop RAM

    4GB RAM kits for sale. All are original Apple certified RAM taken out from Macbook Pro while upgrading. Kit 1 - Rs. 1500 2x Samsung M471B5673FH0-CF8 2GB DDR3 1066MHZ PC3-8500 Mac Memory (4GB total RAM) --- Kit 2 - Rs. 2000 2x Hynix 2GB PC3-10600 DDR3 1333MHz Memory (4GB total RAM)
  6. Shakensoul

    FS: Others Original sealed Apple 85W Magsafe Portable Power Adapter for Macbook

    Original sealed Apple 85W Magsafe Portable Power Adapter for Macbook Pro. Completely new and unused, still in sealed pack, with warranty. This is a 85W MagSafe1 Power Adapter for MacBook Pro.
  7. Shakensoul

    FS: RAM Original Macbook Pro Hynix 4GB kit 2x2GB Laptop RAM

    Original Macbook Pro 2x2GB DDR3 1333Mhz Ram kit for sale. Upgraded to 8GB, hence selling. Condition is good as new, came with Macbook Pro laptop, hence certified Mac RAM. Part# HMT325S6CFR8C
  8. Shakensoul

    Looking for Freelance content/creative writers for startup Blog

    As the title suggest, we are looking for Freelance content/creative writers for a startup Blog. Topics can be anything starting from Technology, mobiles, gadgets, electronics, travel, finance, telecom, etc.. Since this is for a startup blog, payment will be reasonable, don't expect it to be a...
  9. Shakensoul

    FS: Mobile Blackberry 8520/White for 5000 and 8900/Black for 3000

    Mobile 1: Blackberry 8520 White Color Date of purchase - Aug 2011 Warranty - Out of Warranty Box and Bill - Bill/Charger Reason for sale - BB Services no longer required Location - Guwahati Expected Price : Rs. 5000 shipped Condition - Good condition, normal usage condition. No visible mark or...
  10. Shakensoul

    Budget 51-70k Is this a good deal Dell XPZ 15z for $1000 from ?

    Is this a good deal Dell XPS 15z for $1000 from ? Hi All, Is this is a good deal for XPS 15z ? List price $1399 - $400 discount = $999 Best Dell XPS 15z Core i7 Laptop Coupon & Deal | LogicBUY XPS 15z Core i7-2640M 2.8GHz Dual-core 8GB RAM, 1080p LCD, 1TB Hard Drive, Backlit...
  11. Shakensoul

    Camera Canon 550D + which lens for 50k?

    I think its time to take my photography hobby more seriously and upskill myself. :D Have been using a Canon S3 IS since the last 5 years and did not regret one moment, infact enjoying every click I have taken except in low light conditions. So am deciding to stay a loyal customer and be a...
  12. Shakensoul

    Reliable and fast hosting for Joomla Virtuemart Ecommerce Music Website

    I am looking for a reliable and fast hosting provider for a Joomla Virtuemart based Ecommerce Music Website which will be selling digital downloads. As of now the budget is around 5000/year and shared hosting is ok, will be upgrading depending on volume and traffic. Currently approx 10GB space...
  13. Shakensoul

    Best deal for Dell Streak 5 to buy in US?

    I have a friend visiting US in the first to second week of July and I am planning to get myself a Dell Streak 5 unlocked version.:) Please post any good deals on the Dell Streak 5, the 7 will be too big for me, 5 is the ideal size which can be carried around. Looking for a deal in the $300-$350...
  14. Shakensoul

    Defective Logitech Z680 speakers

    Up for sale is a Logitech Z680 speaker system where there is a problem with the amplifier, rest of items are working absolutely fine. I am too occupied to try any DIY or take it for repairs. The problem with the sub started with a crackling sound which is described here Suggest a replacement...
  15. Shakensoul

    Hard Drive Dock USB+eSATA

    Looking for a hard drive docking station which will support both 3.5" and 2.5" SATA hard drives, connectivity through USB and eSATA required. Please post your offers. :)
  16. Shakensoul


    Looking for a used blackberry, preferable 8520, in good condition without any scratches except normal wear and tear. Budget around 5-6k Delhi people will be preferred for transaction. Preferably will deal with senior and old TE members to avoid any goof up. Will need good pictures from...
  17. Shakensoul

    Sign and support the petition for Real Estate Regulation Act

    Hello All, We are starting an online campaign to show our support as consumers for the Real Estate Regulation Act bill which will benefit people from all walks of life. We hope the moderators and admin team of Techenclave will support us. Please sign the online petition to support the Model...
  18. Shakensoul

    Video HDTV font problem when connected to HTPC

    My display is Panasonic 42" L42U20D full HD LCD TV. When I connect the LCD TV to my HTPC, the fonts are jagged and does not appear smooth. This was happening with the onboard video GF9300 before and even now after changing the video card to a discrete ATI 5450. OS is Windows 7 and HDTV is...
  19. Shakensoul

    Things to do after establishing a website?

    I need to know the procedure, steps to do after you establish a website to protect or limit any legal liabilities, for e.g. how to copyright the website, define privacy/terms and conditions or any other important information. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. Shakensoul

    MTNL Broadband - Painfully slow browsing in Windows XP

    I am on MTNL broadband Delhi. I recently reinstalled Windows XP in my laptop from Windows 7. Since then internet browsing on the laptop has become extremely slow while torrents are working fine. On the same router, I have my desktop connected which in on Windows 7 and browsing is fine. I am...