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    FS: Home Audio Video Cavalli Liquid Carbon X | Balanced Headphone Amplifier

    One year old Cavalli Liquid Carbon X Balanced Amplifier. Works flawlessly. Will be shipped in the original packaging. This was bought in December 2020 (Out of Warranty). No invoice since I bought it using throw away mail id to get 10$ off. Pune buyers will be preferred, but can also ship...
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    25L Geyser (AO Smith or Bajaj)

    Hey Guys, My parents are looking for a geyser for home. I looked on Amazon and found 2 of the most famous ones. AO Smith and Bajaj. Please suggest which one is better in terms of overall reliability and after sales support. (Please suggest some other brand as well if its good). Also water...
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    UPS suggestion for PC

    Hey Everyone, I am looking for a UPS for my PC. Specs - 3900X + 3080 +750W PSU. Please suggest a good UPS based on your personal experience. Thanks.
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    Can someone share their TATA Sky Broadband experience?

    Hey Guys, I have been using Airtel Fibre for almost 4 years now but have started facing issues now. Downtime happens quite of often. I have been chasing them for almost a months now to increase my subscription plan but no response. (Neither from app nor from customer care). The only other...
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    Budget 51-70k Laptop Recommendation for Coding

    Hey Everyone, My cousin requires a new laptop. He is currently in his 3rd year of engineering in (IT). Primary purpose Coding (Web Development, SQL, Python, ML etc). Budget - 60k Size - 14' (No thick gaming laptop) Primary Purpose - Coding (Web Development, Python, ML etc)
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    Nvidia CUDA

    Hey, Has anyone here worked on CUDA. I have a Nvidia GPU and was thinking of leaning CUDA (C side of things not python). If anyone has worked on it and know any good sources do share some. Thanks
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    WTB Balanced DAC

    Hey Everyone, Looking for a balanced DAC. Thanks
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    WTB 22-24 Inch Monitor

    Hey Everyone, Looking for a 22-24 Inch Monitor (Preferably IPS) in 4-8k range based on the conditions. Pune Sellers preferred. Non-Pune sellers can also message if they have original box and packing. Thanks