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    FS: Tablet Micromax Funbook P300

    Up for sale is my 7 month old Micromax Funbook P300. Details below: Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Micromax Funbook P300 Expected Price: Rs 4200/- Time of Purchase: 24 May 2012 Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes | 5 Months Reason for Sale: Up for...
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    FS: MP3 Player Sandisk Sansa Clip 2 GB

    Product Name: Sansa Clip 2 GB Expected Price: Rs 700 shipped from Rs 800 shipped from Rs 1000 shipped Shipping charges: At actuals Manufacturer page URL: Sansa Clip Review – MP3 Player Reviews Description if any: See below Reason for Sale: Already have 2 more that I use. Product condition: 6...
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    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy Captivate i897 - Bangalore

    Up for sale is my Samsung Galaxy Captivate i897 phone. It is in mint condition without any scratches on it. Details are as follows: Product Name: Samsung Galaxy Captivate i897 Expected Price: Rs. 13000 Rs. 12500 Shipping charges: Rs. 600 for insured shipping Product specifications: Samsung...
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    FS: Others Samsung Galaxy Captivate Scratch guards and TPU cover

    Up for sale are the following accessories for Samsung Galaxy Captivate: Item Price Quantity Anti glare scratch guards 80 3 Clear scratch guards 50 4 Local TPU Case, white color 100 1 These accessories were bought from ebay some time back and have been lying idle since I bought too...
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab 750

    Hi all, Up for sale is a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 running on Honeycomb OS. The device is brand new and unopened in the original box. The seal can be seen in the screen shots. This is sold outside India as Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and has 3g and wifi both. I got this as a gift from...
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    Samsung Captivate Body glove

    Hi all Was wondering if some one had a spare Body glove for Samsung Captivate to sell off at a modest price. Alternately, any links from where I can purchase the same (Budget is approx Rs 300) will be appreciated. Cheers
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    Help with ebay US, Paypal and seller

    Hi guys So I bought this Samsung Captivate phone from eaby US and made the payment via my credit card through Paypal. It was 285 USD (Rs 14k) In about 2 hours, I saw that the listing is gone. Also, in my ebay account I could no longer see that I had purchased this item. Upon further research I...
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    PSP 2000 Slim Fully Modded

    Hi I would like to sell my PSP 2000 popularly known as PSP Slim (Fully modded to play games from memory card). The PSP is in pristine condition. It has a screen guard from day 1 and has been kept inside a hard case ever since I got it. The entire package includes the following items: 1. PSP...
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    Latest Talk in Mobile Phones – (My Blog Post)

    Posting a thread after a long time. Samsung's latest phones have got me spellbound, so wrote up a small blog about the same. Source: My blog here Latest Talk in Mobile Phones – Samsung Do visit the blog and leave a comment :)
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    Car & Bike Where to get the Pulsar 150 Dtsi Engine overhaul in Bangalore

    Hi all, One year ago, I had purchased a second hand Pulsar Dtsi 2005 model which had some 22000 km on it.:cool2: Coming to the present, the bike has crossed some 33000 km. Some people are suggesting to get an engine overhaul done. They say Pulsar engine overhaul is required every 30000 km.:@...
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    Sandisk Sansa Clip

    Looking for a Sansa Clip new / used in good condition since I broke the clip off mine. PM or post offers here. If anyone knows where I can get a new one, well that would be just awesome.
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    Broke the clip of Sansa Clip, where to get a new one?

    So I broke the clip of the Sansa Clip yesterday. Anyone knows where I can get a new clip for the Sansa Clip? Or some funky alternative :hap2: Also, I was looking at and could not find a new Sansa Clip for sale. Are these babies being sold in India anymore? If so, where do I get my hands...
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    Which wifi usb dongle to go for?

    I need to connect one PC to a wifi router setup on a different room. Hence, need suggestions on a Wireless USB Adapter for 802.11g. Was thinking of going with the Netgear WG111 but reviews on newegg don't seem too great. :( How is the Belkin F5D7050 listed here BELKIN F5D7050 Wireless G USB...
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    Suggest In Ear phones for gymming

    So I just broke 2 pairs of EP630's in 2 days flat :@:huh: Need some suggestions on good IEM's with solid build quality to hit the gym with. Max Budget is 1.5k. Does any one know whether Sound Magic PL-30 are any good while hitting the gym; main criterion being as comfy to wear as EP-630's. Or...
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    Anyone stays in whitefield, near Hope Farm?

    Hi all Was planning to move in Whitefield, near the Hope Farm Junction, particularly near the Whitefield Police station. Needed some info about the area. Does anyone from TE stay there? Cheers :hap2:
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    Really Urgent : Where do I buy zip ties in Delhi

    Need some help guys. I need about 1500 zipties by tommorrow morning. Does any one know where I can buy them in Delhi especially in and around Rohini. Any help will be really really appreciated. Cheers Deepak
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    Been 1 day since I got the LZ8 and broke the screen

    So, I got the Panasonic LZ8 yesterday from ebay. And guess what, dropped the damn thing today by accident while searching for the serial no. on it so that I could register on the Panasonic website for warranty purposes (talk about irony :@) Nothing physically broke, except when I turn the LCD...
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    GIR Bangalore

    Hi all Planning to go to GIR Bangalore at Palace grounds tonight. :hap2: Any one else from TE coming? :bleh: Oh, any one know if we can get the tickets at the venue itself? Cheers!!! Edit : the site is GREAT INDIAN ROCK : The largest and loudest ever its a rock concert at palace grounds :P
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    Wanted : Room Mates near Whitefield, Bangalore

    Hi All Since I will be joining SAP, Whitefield office in October, I am looking for room mate(s) to take up a flat near that area. If someone knows someone who is looking for the same, or has place for one more guy in their flat, please do let me know. Cheers Deepak
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    Urgent!!! Need some career advice...

    Hey all First the background I am currently working in the Banking domain in i-flex solutions on PL/SQL technology. Now the real story Today, I got an offer in SAP LABS Bangalore with a really good compensation pay package. I will be working in the HR module specifically on the payroll...