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    WTB Need 3 monitors, 22" or higher

    Looking to buy 3 monitors, 22" - 24" from reputed brands like Samsung, Dell, Benq. The product should be under warranty and in MINT condition. Location is Kerala. Plz contact me urgently if you have any offer, regarding the same. Regards Imrahn
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    WTB Xonar DX or similar sound card

    Looking for a nice sound card like the Xonar DX or an equivalent one.Don't need a higher end card like the STX or D2X. Usage is mainly movie and music playback,hence no old value sound cards plz. Location is Kerala btw. Do post here or PM for any offerings you may have. Thanx and regards...
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    WTB 2.1 or higher speakers...

    Looking for a of nicely maintained, 2.1 or higher channeled speaker set.....not interested in iBall and the like, only branded ones. Budget is quite flexible.My location is Kerala, so has to be shipped here. Thanx and regards Imrahn
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    FS: Others PS3 Eye Camera

    Product Name: PlayStation Eye Camera for the PS3 Expected Price: INR 1100/- Shipping charges: Free Manufacturer page URL: Buy PlayStation®Eye Camera for the PS3? System - PlayStation®3 Accessories Description if any: Used once or twice and been lying idle ever since. Reason for Sale...
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    FS: Mobile Galaxy S3 White with 5 months Warranty.

    Product Name: Samsung Galaxy S3 White Expected Price: INR 23000/- (maybe, slightly negotiable :D ) Shipping charges: Free Manufacturer page URL: Samsung GALAXY S III ? Samsung India Description: Am the second owner of the set and had bought it around October or so from Shripad in the forums...
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    WTB 3TB Internal HDD

    If anyone is willing to sell a 3TB internal HDD for a decent price, lemme know.My location is Kerala btw. Regards Imrahn
  7. I - Feedback Thread

    Bought a Puma casuals(around 6k) and intending to buy a Nike or Adidas(in the 8k+ range) using the 33% Off coupon that I got with the Puma purchase.But seeing a few fake product alerts on a google search, should I be worried? Are 'Made In China' shoes Ok for these brands? Regards Imrahn
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    CPU/Mobo i5 2400 or i5 3550 ?

    Looking to get a Core i5 setup and these two offers came up. Usage: 1.Strictly office work. 2.Should run a virtual machine. 3.4 gb or 8gb DDR3 support. Will a Corsair CX430 run this with a low end PCI EX card and 1 TB HDD? Also, plz suggest the cheapest mobo that can go with this combo, just...
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    WTB 2nd/3rd gen Core i3/i5/i7 systems

    Hi, Looking for a 2nd/3rd gen Core i3/i5/i7 system in warranty.Don't need fancy motherboards as usage is strictly for office. Locations is Kerala.Plz PM me your offers shipped to my location via PM or post here. Regards Imrahn
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    WTB Lite-ON IHAS drive for XGD3

    Looking for a Lite-ON IHAS 'B' drive that is compatible with BurnerMax firmware for XGD3. Thanx and regards Imrahn
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    MacBook Pro or MacBook Air?

    Thinking of making my first foray into the MacBook world.I have a few queries which needs serious help from the experts here. 1.Is it worth it considering the resale value or diminishing returns with respect to new models being pushed out every year? Or should I go for a 'normal' laptop from...
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    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note

    Got a Samsung Galaxy Note which i bought from member Shripad Kudtarkar few months back for sale. Warranty: Till 29/11/2012 Condition: 8/10(conservative) Screen and sides are in MINT condition.Got few usage marks to the back plastic panel which was quite unavoidable in day to day usage.There...
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    WTB C2D, C2Q 1st/2nd Gen with Mobo and Ram

    Looking to build few PCs for need medium-to-high powered PCs having C2D, C2Q 1st and 2nd gen powering them.Compatible mobos and Ram combos preferred. Plz post here or PM me and keep the pricing sane.Not looking for near market-price deals. Location: Kerala Regards Imrahn
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    FS: Mobile 5 months old Samsung Galaxy Nexus in MINT condition

    Product Name: Samsung Galaxy Nexus Expected Price: Rs 20000 shipped via DTDC Blue/Pus whichever applicable, slightly negotiable. Manufacturer page URL: Galaxy Nexus Description if any: Scratchless,very rarely used as my backup set.On a full body coverage since day one.Removed the scratch...
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    Finding name for new software company....

    We are starting a new software development company but unfortunately, cannot close in on a striking name so far.It's a multi platform oriented,Private limited company and our main focus is on PERL training, corporate training, mobile app development and web development. So far, gone through...
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    Unlock options for iPhone 4

    One of cousin's friends bought an iPhone 4 from UK....its locked to Carrier O2 and on iOS 5.0.1.What are his prospects on getting this set unlocked ?? Regards Imrahn
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    X360 modding in Trivandrum?

    Does any Keralite know where in Trivandrum i can get my X360 modded? Plz share details here or via PM. Thanx and regards Imrahn
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    X360 LT 2.0 and 3.0 query

    1.If i have 2 consoles modded with LT 2.0 and 3.0 , is there anyway i can make an XGD3 backup play in both consoles apart from burning two different copies with and without topology data or upgrading the 2.0 to 3.0? 2.Also is the iHas drive recommended anymore if the SOLE usage is offline SP...
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    Need a watch under 20k

    Searching for a good watch for myself but not finding much to my liking.Plz help me find one meeting the following parameters. 1.Budget 15-20k 2.Leather strap only. 3.Not TOO LARGE(like Diesel watches) Something like this one is in my mind....but not finding better and similar ones...
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    Storage Solutions Best deal on 16gb USB?

    Whats the current best deal on a 16gb USB pen drive? Links would help so that i can order right now. Thanx and regards Imrahn