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    Floaters with Bouncy/ UltraComfort Sole

    Hi all, I'm looking for floaters (sandals) which have the most comfortable inner sole. Something like in which the feet dig in. Any suggestions?
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    Ethernet cable to connect 2 Mesh Routers

    Looking for a cable to connect 2 Mesh Routers placed approx 20 Metres away. The ISP speed is 75 Mbps. Is this cable good enough...
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    Where can I buy this? (Desk Cable Management)

    This object is for routing cables behind the desk. Any idea what is it called and where can I get it online?
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    WTB Headset with Mic (for WFH)

    Looking to buy a headset with Mic (not gaming ones). Budget 1.5k
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    WTB Webcam (720p / 1080p)

    Hi all, looking to buy a decent webcam. Atleast 720p, 1080p would be great. Shipping to 142001.
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    Which SSD will fit my laptop?

    Hey all, I am returning to the forum after 7 long years. Could never log back in after I joined the rat race to success. Back to the point, I have an HP Probook 400 G5 - 8GB RAM and Core i7 with 1TB HDD. Despite such a good config, the performance is still meh... I read about the M.2 SSDs and...
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    WTB Gears of War 3 for XBOX 360

    Hi All, I need to buy Gears of War 3 for XBOX 360. The disc should be in good condition. Looking forward to good offer. spawnfreak
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    FS: Tablet iPad 2 White 16 GB Wi-Fi (Scratchless;Very rarely used)

    Hey Pals, I bought an iPad 2 Wifi 16GB White for Mom last year, but she barely used it. Now she has told me to sell it as it is of no use to her since she is more than happy with her Galaxy Grand. P.S - It comes with free Case Crown Leather Stand Case I bought from US for Rs. 1750. Expected...
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    Laptops Which RAM to go for? HP Core i7 Elitebook

    Hey friends, My dad's HP Elitebook which has a core i7 CPU with Windows 7 - 32bit enterprise, needs more speed. I guess, only upto 4GB can be used. Which RAM should be put? Money not a problem. Performance should be great. Kindly suggest, Corsair, Transcend, GSKILL whatever brand, the best...
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    FS: Others CaseCrown Clip On Case for Apple Macbook Air 11" - Smoked

    hey friends, up for sale is CaseCrown Hard Clip On Case for Apple Macbook Air 11" - Smoked. Ordered from US for myself, but I sold my Mac this morning, since I've got a new laptop from Office. Just tried it on the mac. The buyer didn't go for it since he liked the mac naked. Therefore, I'm...
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    Audio SoundMagic MP-21 vs. Skullcandy Ink'D (with MIC)

    hey audiophiles, I'm sick of these stupid apple bundled earphones and looking for decent earphones (or IEMs - dont know the difference) for listening to travel on the go. Will be using em to listen to some hip hop, some rap, some punjabi songs and of course talking to my girlfriend so mic is a...
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    Audio Are the Monster Beats by Dre genuines? (shopclues)

    Hey friends, are these monster beats by dre originals? listed on shopclues and the seller claims them to be removed from htc sensation box. kindly reply. thanx iBeats by Dr Dre In-Ear Headphone with Mic & Music Control from HTC/Monster
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    Cheapest phone that can run WhatsApp

    Hey ppl, i belong to Punjab n recently moved to delhi for a job. I own an iPhone 4 and for using my punjab no., need a phone that can run whatsapp. Should be the cheapest one. Plz recommend. Thanx
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    WTB iPhone Earphones

    Hi People, want a pair of iPhone earbuds (the ones that come with mic). A new pair would be better but a slightly used will also do the job. Thanx
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    FS: Others Cartinoe Sleeve/Case/Hand/MessengerBag for MacBook Pro 13'

    Hey friends, Up for sale is my MacBook Pro's (which i've sold) sleeve/case/handbag/messenger bag. It is around 2 months old and was purchased for £24 (Rs. 2200 + Rs. 120 as custom duty) The sleeve is waterproof and fits only the MacBook Pro like a glove. Features: -Water Resistant NetronTec...
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    the AIR is here

    I used to have sleepless nights after the day (June 15) I fell in love with the MacBook Air. The superthin body made me go ga-ga and it had a core i5 processor with 4GB of ram seemed sufficient for my browsing, office-ing(word, excel) and watching a movie sometimes. I already had bought the...
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    Nokia Stereo Bluetooth Headset BH-503 @ DEALS&YOU - Original?

    Guys, I was looking to buy a stereo bluetooth headset, shortlisted Dell BH-200, found lowest @ letsbuy, bought but they cancelled the order and refunded. Now, I got a mail from Deals and You, linking to this page Nokia Bluetooth Headsets ; Express Delivery! Nokia BH-503 Bluetooth Headset @ Rs...
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    Idea vs. Vodafone (network coverage) in DELHI

    Guys, i've just moved to delhi for my job and need to buy a new connection. I'ce researched and shortlisted Idea & Voda POSTPAID. Idea offers great plans but m not aware about its delhi network. Also, I've heard of bill cheating. Vodafone has useless plans but i've heard a lot bout its robust...
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    FS: Tablet HP Touchpad 16GB (Non-Refurb) Rarely Used - only 4 times charged

    Hey mates, I bought a brand new HP TouchPad for my Mom from a TEian in January. Installed Android CM7. But she didn't take interest and used it only once. It has only been charged 4 times till now. So, the Touchpad is in a brand new condition. I had ordered a leather cover for it from Amazon...
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    Car & Bike Vehicle: Honda City (2010)

    Name: Honda City (2010) Date Added: 28 January 2012 - 05:36 PM Owner: spawnfreak Short Description: Change the Rules...! View Vehicle