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    Status of PS3 mod ?

    Guys, Finally taking the plunge into buying a console.. tired of upgrading my PC !! Was reading up on PS3, confused as to the current status. Question 1: Which console? (budget : 20k.. should last 3 years) Requirement: Should be moddable, incase I want to try some new games before buying...
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    Complete CPU - OR - C2D or better Laptop

    Need this setup for my parents, so needs to be pretty basic and very very reliable. My current rig is being used by them for surfing purposes, so need a new one for them to get my rig back :P :bounce: :2guns: - Price : 20k tops all inclusive - dont need monitor,kbd,mouse,ups etc.. just the...
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    Motorola Atrix reception problem

    My friends Motorola Atrix is having weird issue, it loses signal for 3-5 seconds after every call. We tried removing all applications, but this is still persisting. Any suggestions as to why this may be happening ?
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    Audio Speakers Suggestions

    Hi guys, I wanted to buy a good pair of speakers, and will be using them primarily with my laptop and at time with PC. 5.1 = z906 :D Here are the few of them narrowed down.. Z906 <- can these make a 2 channel sound come from all 5 speakers ? (music.. from ipod/laptop) ? JBL creature 3 : 4.7k...
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    Samsung Focus - No market access

    I was able to access the market until yesterday, when it asked me to create a zune account, I selected India.. and after that its not allowing me to change the setting again / displaying any market place items. Any work arounds ? I dont want to hard reset it !
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    Unlocking samsung Focus

    Hi guys, my Focus just reached me, can anyone tell me how to unlock it ? Its locked and I havent switched it on yet. Thanks
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    Samsung Focus

    Guys, want to buy a used/new samsung focus.. but the cosmetic condition needs to be excellent. Please PM your offers. Preferably from Delhi/NCR region.
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    Speck case; otterbox

    Guys, where can I buy speck case for Macbook pro from (13") ? and otterbox for atrix ?
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    Deal : Dell Venue

    If anyone's interested : New Dell Venue 8Gb with Android Froyo 2.2 AT&T | eBay 259$ with free shipping :)
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    How to pay for Items shopped on ebay usa

    Since paypal is the only way to pay there (or so it seems). I cant seem to be able to transfer money from my HDFC bank to my paypal account. My debit card does not allow for online transfers. Net safe isint working with paypal.. because of the 24 hour validity. Please guide me, how do I proceed ?
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    Dell Venue Pro

    Guys, I'm buying dell venue pro for a friend through shop abraod from here : Dell Venue Pro Windows 7 Unlocked Smartphone | eBay Which 'brand' do I chose ? Why do I have to chose a brand if I am buying an unlocked handset ( can it be used with Indian Sim cards ?) ? and... is it a good phone...
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    Need a member from Noida for a trade. (12+ Itrader ratings)

    If the deal goes through, then the member will receive the mobile, confirm its receipt to me and I shall transfer the money to the seller. The member is new, has no ratings. Any Volunteers ?
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    LG optimus 2x or Motorola Atrix ?

    1 - I would rarely use the camera 2 - Bigger memory, more ram, better screen, fingerprint reader are an attraction towards the atrix Considering both are from the US (hence no warranty) and are at similar price points ~16-17k Which is better ? Is there something my noob self needs to know ?
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    Audio Mp3 player with armband - for Gym.. Please post your suggestions..

    I need an mp3 player with armband - for Gym workouts.. Please post your suggestions.. Budget less than 6k.. storage ~ 8gb.. dont need video playback.
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    Help! need to finalise one today.. which phone ?

    My old phone went kaput.. so need to buy a new one, Have a budget of 20k tops.. 1) Moto defy - lacks the front facing camera... may be of use someday ? (14k?) 2) HD2 - on offer for 16k.. again the front facing camera and battery life ? 16k 3) Nexus s - fits the bill .. why isint it that...
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    How to setup a NAS

    Is it possible to setup a remote harddrive storage on the lines of Apple Time capsule using a USB/Internal HDD and a router (or any other components ) ? Time capsule is too expensive..
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    Webcam + USB port replicator

    Webcam , preferably with mic . USB port replicator must have external power adapter. would be better if both products carry warranty. Ship to : Lucknow
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    Storage Solutions Reliable laptop hardrive

    Please help me chose between the two / give your suggestions for more RELIABLE hardrive.. speed not important.. eBay India: Seagate Momentus SATA 500GB Laptop Hard Drive 500 gb (item 130392749304 end time 26-May-2010 11:59:25 IST) eBay India: Western Digital WD 500gb Laptop Sata Hard Drive...
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    Storage Solutions 500 gb 7200 rpm V/S 640 gb 5400 rpm

    1 - Is it correct that lager capacity drives are generally faster ? 2 - AMONG : Western Digital WD6400BEVT Scorpio Blue Mobile Hard Drive - 640GB, 2.5", 5400RPM, 8MB, SATA-300, OEM at Hitachi 0S00157 Travelstar Laptop Hard Drive - 2.5", 7200, SATA 3G, 500GB, 16MB Cache at...
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    Urgent purchase of windows 7 licenses (business or better)

    Interested in buying 6 windows 7 licenses (original of course), kindly let me know if someone can arrange a discount or provide the same. Has to be legal. Needed before this weekend. Please pm the price along with your offer.