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    PC Peripherals Wireless receiver

    Hey guys, I lost my logitech unifying receiver :( and a new one costs 395/- which's almost 70% of cost of a brand new mouse! Any of you planning to buy a Logi mouse(but you must already have a receiver)-- pls get intouch in me. Or I can buy one and ship you the mouse for a lesser(nego) fee. The...
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    FS: Video Card Palit 9600GT GDDR3

    HI, Im selling my old gfx card for cash :) . Please find the details below: Product Name: Palit 9600GT 256-BIT 512MB Expected Price: Rs. 1800 Shipping charges: included Description if any: GFX card proper wokring condition. output ports: 1xHDMI, 1x DVI and 1x VGA Reason for Sale...
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    FS: Cabinets Coolermaster Elite case

    hi there, Im selling my 3 year old Coolermaster Elite 310 full tower case. It's in good condition except the left side cover which was dropped due to a small accident. Only the edges are a bit mangled can be made alright :=) Final pricing is 2100rs including shipping(PSU not included). Shipping...
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    Storage Solutions 4-5k ssd

    Hi guys, now that I have uninterrupted power supply for my amd desktop . I'm planning to go for a ssd. My mobo is still an old sata2 model and no issues till date. Budget is 4-5k .. 64gb should be enough for win7 plus some basic programs. Please suggest one which is supported by good service...
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    Airtel - my plan

    Hey guys, I'm on a prepaid plan from Airtel and I'm planning to take up my plan 199 from Airtel. According to my usage 199 offers the following freebies and even call to mobile charges are .40 per min 100mins local mob to mob 250mb 2g which is sufficient for whatsapp, nominal browsing one...
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    Storage Solutions SSD and Power failures

    Hi guys, I am planning to buy Samsung 830 64Gb drive from Richie street this weekend. My query is about power failures. I have a desktop(configuration given in sig)--Can this SSD withstand sudden power failures?? I dont have a UPS for the computer :( so need to know if sudden power failures...
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    FS: Mobile Lumia 620

    Hi guys, I am selling my 1.5month old Lumia 620 for 13,100rupees. It's in perfect condition, always kept inside a velvet pouch( a soundmagic pouch which I got with my ES18, this will not be given with the mobile :) ) and carefully handled. Screen guard was applied on day 2, and there is no...
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    Storage Solutions SSD on a 4-year old AMD desktop

    Hi Guys, I plan to buy a entry level SSD for my aging desktop to give it a speed boost :-). This will be my first time in SSD. My budget is 5K. Which is the best SSD for reliability and with minimal RMA within 5K? Readily available is Kingston V(100/200) series, and sandisk. I'm not aware of...
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    Nexus 7 charger issue

    Hi, My nexus 7 charger suddently stopped working :@ . I tried calling up asus customer care and they said to call up google support. So, it looks like there's no authorized service center for the same and will have to send it back to US/UK for any repairs :@. I bought a duplicate samsung...
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    Cliffed Norm XL game

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a game that looks like Cliffed Norm XL IOS game( link here- mt=8) . I'm not sure if there are games like this in Google Play but please let me know if you know one that has this kind of gameplay. p.s: I...
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    Video Best 40" tv within a budget

    Hi guys, My friend is looking to buy a 40" lcd panel for his parents as a gift. He's planning to buy a grey market piece as it would be cheaper. tp:// or SONY BRAVIA 40BX450 FULL HD LCD TV +DEALERS WARRANTY | eBay or BRAND NEW...
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    1x2 GB DDR2-800 RAM

    Hey guys, I want to upgrade my computer ram to make it faster. I currently have 1Gbx2(for dual channel) RAM and would like another pair. I don't really OC so a decent pair would do. Kindly PM me if you have any offers. Thanks and have a nice day!
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    Firefox Win 7 pin to taskbar issue

    Hi guys, I have pinned the firefox program in my system taskbar like below- Uploaded with But when I open it, it opens in another version of the taskbar like below Uploaded with How do I make it open in the first pinned instance itself? Is there a method here...
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    Gigabyte GM-6800

    hi, is anyone selling a new Gigabyte GM-6800 Optical mouse?? My budget is 650rs. I have already enquired in Chennai(Ritchie Street dealers) none of them have a Gigabyte mouse model let alone heard of one :@ Please PM me your offers. Dealers, if you have one in stock, please PM immediately...
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    sports cafe/bar in chennai

    hi guys want to watch the cl finals in a sports cafe in chennai. any recommendations? should not be expensive(the drinks i mean :P) ;
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    Video 46/47" lcd tv

    Hi, my dad wants to buy a 46" or 47" LCD or even if needed LED for our new apartment. The screen should not be glossy as we plan to keep it close to the windows(TV will be wallmounted). How is LG TV? They're giving free blu-ray player+ Tata Sky 47 LCD Model: LD 460 Price 80000 47 LED Model:LE...
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    Philips SHP2000

    Hi, I'm selling my Philips SHP2000 I bought a year back... Dont have bill as I got it from ebay.. Selling it for 250rs :-) It's in perfect condition, not using it anymore.. Looking to dispose of it locally... Cheers
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    Hi, I'm selling one CSK vs RR(April 3rd-4pm game in Chepauk) 1000rs ticket.. It's for Stand A-lower tier. Please contact me asap if you need one. Thanks!
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    PL-11 small buds

    Hi, my SoundMagic Pl-11 [small] ear buds are damaged due to wear and tear.. If you're not using the small ones, I'll like to buy it from you :ashamed:: . Or we could do a small exchange(I've the remaining ones- medium and large).. Please PM me if you're willing to sell it off :hap2:
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    Palit 9600GT 512MB

    Selling off my Palit DDR3 512MB(proper 256bit card with 2xdvi and 1xHDMI port) for 3800Rs. Was purchased from a TE dealer(ITWares).. Will provide the bill and 3 months warranty's remaining for this card. Looking for a quick sale. Hope to find a chennai based buyer as shipping would be a hassle...