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  1. PapaDoom

    WTB WTB a broken or non working gaming mouse

    As title suggests I want to buy a broken or non working gaming mouse. Wire should be in good/ working condition
  2. PapaDoom

    FS: Others FS : PowerA Spectra Infinity Xbox Wired Controller

    Product Name: PowerA Spectra Infinity Xbox Wired Controller Expected Price: Rs 3500 Shipping charges: 50/50 between me and buyer Manufacturer page URL:
  3. PapaDoom

    Finished elden ring what next any suggestions

    Yesterday I finished playing Elden Ring and platinumed it ( my 2nd from soft game which I have ever finished and got platinum trophy for first one was Bloodborne). Now I need some suggestions what do I play next any suggestions will be appreciated. Also Ive finished playing Dying Light 2 Stay...
  4. PapaDoom

    Need teammates for Apex legends ranked

    As title suggests I'm looking for teammates for Apex Legends ranked . Last season I was pushing solo for diamond but unfortunately I started rank grind little late (15 days before season was ending) so I wasn't able to reach diamond. I play solo so I'm looking for teammates who are willing to...
  5. PapaDoom

    Budget 21-30k Is this a good deal?

    What is your budget? 30K What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) none - buying this for my sister. Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model) None Which hardware component are you looking to buy...
  6. PapaDoom

    WTB PS4 Slim

    I'm interested in purchasing PS4 slim at fair price. If anyone here is interested lemme know.
  7. PapaDoom

    WTB Intel i5 6th generation or 7th generation

    I want to buy Intel i5 6th or 7th gen at decent price (not at their real MSRP which everyone tries to sell them at). If anyone here is selling please let me know.