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  1. raheelshadab

    FS: Mobile Oppo Reno 2z 8gb/256 - Rs 25000

    Oppo Reno 2z 8gb/256 - Rs 25000 Hi, I am selling this on behalf of my friend. It is more than 2 months old but barely used and in mint condition. Interested ones can pm me for deal.. Regards, Raheel Shadab 1574357414
  2. raheelshadab

    FS: Video Card MSI GTX660 TwinFrozrIII 2GB

    Hi, Selling my MSI GTX660 TwinFrozrIII 2GB Graphics Card as I am upgrading to newer card. Please PM me for for any kind of query or deal. Regards, Raheel.
  3. raheelshadab

    FS: Mobile Micromax Dual 5 (4gb/128gb)

    I have received Micromax Dual 5 as gift from my uncle. Since I am not keen on using Micromax, I want to sell it to gain access to the brand new iphone. Its only few days old. The main highlights of the phone are 3 sony cameras and massive storage along with chip level security. I have also...
  4. raheelshadab

    FS: Others ClearTrip E-Voucher Rs 2000/-

    I have received a milestone gift from SBI Card i.e. Rs 2000 ClearTrip E-Voucher. It will be delivered electronically after realization of payment. Regards, to decent offers.
  5. raheelshadab

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding iBall Sprinter 600W PSU (42 Amp on 12v rails)

    I am selling iBall Sprinter SMPS 600W Power Supply Unit because it is lying unused as I have upgraded my PSU and it has been working absolutely fine. Regards, Raheel
  6. raheelshadab

    FS: Mobile LG G4 Dual (H818) 32GB Leather Brown @Rs13000 now

    Hi, I am selling my LG G4 Dual 32gb because I need some money urgently. It is working flawlessly apart from those 4 small black spots at back cover as indicated in pics. You can send queries in PM. Thank you.
  7. raheelshadab

    FS: Video Card MSI HD 6770 1GB @ Rs 3700 now

    Hi, I am selling a fully functional 2 years old MSI HD 6770 1gb card with a testing warranty of 2 days from the receipt of the delivery. It has no problem whatsoever. Any queries, take PM route. It will be dispatched via preferred courier of the buyer. Regards, Raheel. IMAGES...
  8. raheelshadab

    FS: Motherboard ASUS H61M-CS

    I am upgrading the system, hence the mobo is on sale. PM me for any further queries...
  9. raheelshadab

    FS: Mobile AT&T LG G2 32gb

    Hi Guys, I am selling my AT&T LG G2 32gb which is in very good condition along with compatible data cable and charger. Any queries, take the PM route. I am selling it because I have recently purchased LG G4 from fellow TE member "Mainak". Phone is currently running Marshmallow 6.01 (Custom...
  10. raheelshadab

    FS: Mobile Samsung S4 (Snapdragon) & Nokia 210

    I am selling one year old samsung s4 i9505 & Nokia 210 along with the following accessories. It has to be noted that no technical flaw is there in both the handsets, only the silver bezel is worn out in case of S4. Samsung S4 Accessories 1. ANKER 5200 mAh Extended Battery 2. Back Cover 3. Box 4...
  11. raheelshadab

    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy Core II

    Hi all, This mobile has been used with great care. It is in mint condition. All original accessories will be provided with the handset and original box. Data cable and headphone are unused since purchase. Also providing back cover with these stuff as bonus. this phone has never been routed...
  12. raheelshadab

    Unable to add online friends in Mortal Kombat KE via STEAM

    Hello, I have recently bought Mortal Kombat KE (PC) from flipkart just to play it online. I have also registered myself on STEAM with the help of Mortal Kombat KE Activation Key. The problem is that I am unable to added online Mortal Kombat KE gamers found in the STEAM. It always get an error...
  13. raheelshadab

    Android Samsung S4 default Call volume too loud bothering privacy.

    Hi respected members, I want a favour from you all techies. When I receive incoming call from someone in pin lock mode, I am unable to decrease the in-call volume which is way loud literally acting as a speaker. I cannot even alter the call volume of incoming and outgoing calls. Is there any way...
  14. raheelshadab

    PC Peripherals Brother HL-1111 printing unwanted black spots after 2 months usage.

    Hi all members of TE, I had purchased Brother HL-1111 monochrome printer two months back. It was operating Ok till recently when I observed that it is printing text along with black spots all over the page in every single print. I am providing an evidence of it as attachment so that you all can...
  15. raheelshadab

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding iBall Sprinter 600W PSU (42 Amp on 12v rails) @1700

    I am selling iBall Sprinter SMPS 600W Power Supply Unit because I am upgrading. I am currently using this PSU and it is working absolutely fine.
  16. raheelshadab

    FS: Others ANKER USB 3.0 PCI-E Card (Almost New)

    Used this ANKER USB 3.0 PCI-E Card for just 2 days. It is in absolutely mint condition.
  17. raheelshadab

    FS: Mobile Sony Xperia ZR Scratchless @Rs 13.5k

    Hi, I am selling this little over three months old Xperia ZR for 17,500 shipped. Actually bought it for Rs 21,499. Bought S4 from another TE member (Excellent Seller) Zanderzone, hence selling this one off. Kindly be reasonable while providing your offers. Only bill, handset, battery and back...
  18. raheelshadab

    ASRock H61M-PS2 Motherboard (4 MONTHS OLD) Price Slashed - 2000 + shippings now.

    Hi, I am selling ASRock H61M-PS2 Motherboard which is about 4 months old. It is in good condition though dust misleading the exact condition of the motherboard. Waiting for the offers. Regards, Raheel.
  19. raheelshadab

    FS: Storage Hardware WD AV-GP (WD30EURS) Internal Hard Drive (3TB) SOLD

    Hi, I want to sell WD AV-GP (WD30EURS) Internal Hard Drive (3TB) for a sum of Rs 5.5k shipping included. PM me your offers and queries. Regards, Raheel.
  20. raheelshadab

    Android How can I install Android 4.4 Kitkat on my LG optimus P715??

    Hi all TE members, I am novice to rooting device and installing Android OS on mobile device. As the title suggests, I want to upgrade the operating system of my LG Optimus P715 to the new Android 4.4 Kitkat. The URL of my phone is My...