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  1. mrmash

    WTB Yuphoria

    Is someone registered for tomorrows Yuphoria sale on amazon. I need to buy it for a friend and the registrations are closed.
  2. mrmash

    Is it possible to revive an old mobile number?

    I used to have an old Mtnl Dolphin Mumbai number which was used by my dad earlier and I used it for 2 years, till 2008. Due to network issues I stopped using that number and switched over to vodafone with a new number. Is it possible to revive that old number, and then port it over to another...
  3. mrmash

    Android Got a Lenovo K3 Note in cart. Anybody interested?

    I have a K3 Note White in my cart. Let me know if anybody needs it. Payment has to be done before 4 pm today.
  4. mrmash

    Car & Bike National Green Tribunal (NGT) introduces blanket ban on diesel vehicles more than 10 years old

    Source I have an Innova which will complete 9 years in December. It is well maintained and is still serviced by Toyota. I think this ruling is unfair for a lot of people. [emoji34]
  5. mrmash

    Budget 31-40k Shortlisted - but stuck between two

    I have shortlisted two Lenovo laptops 1) Lenovo G50-70 59-422410 Best price I am getting is 33905/- 2) Lenovo G50 59-413719 Best price I am getting is ~32900/- My dilemma is - both these laptops have identical specifications. I am unable to find any difference anywhere. Which of these two to...
  6. mrmash

    Govt may shut down Air India, MTNL, HMT & few sick units

    Read full article here
  7. mrmash

    Car & Bike Sony XSP-N1BT - is it any good?

    My car audio system of 8 years went kaput recently, and I have been on the lookout for a cheap and reliable system with USB, AUX and Bluetooth support. Yesterday I went to Chamunda Circle, Borivali West for changing my steering wheel cover and chatted up with the owner. He showed me some...
  8. mrmash

    Google's Project Ara - Spiral 2 prototype launching first in Puerto Rico

    Google took the wraps off the first Project Ara modular phone that will be commercially available at a dedicated developer conference. Dubbed Spiral 2, the handset will first launch in Puerto Rico in the second half of this year. The Project Ara Spiral 2 model specifications include dual...
  9. mrmash

    Car & Bike BMW working on a Smartwatch that can park your vehicle for you

    German carmaker BMW has been known across the globe to deliver cars that feature the most modern technological advancements. Moving a step ahead on the technological front, BMW has reportedly been working on Smartwatch which is a part of Remote Valet Parking Assistant that enables the vehicle to...
  10. mrmash

    Car & Bike Changing key fobs

    Hi there guys, Is it possible to change the old style key fob of my Toyota Innova (2006) to the new style one which has the central locking buttons on the key fob itself? Or better still, to the one with the buttons as well as the flip key?
  11. mrmash

    YotaPhone Dual-Screen Smartphone Set to Launch in India via Flipkart

    It seems Yota Devices, the Russian company popular for its dual-display YotaPhone, is all set to launch its first device in India, if a newsletter from Flipkart is to be believed. The e-commerce giant spilled the beans about the launch of the dual-screen smartphone in a newsletter sent to the...
  12. mrmash

    Android Moto E Screen Issue

    My Moto E is acting up and certain areas of the screen have become unresponsive. Around a month back it was just the corners but now there is this big spot as marked in the photograph. Is this going to be covered in warranty? What according to you guys would be the cost if the screen has to be...
  13. mrmash

    OnePlus 2 Confirmed to Launch in 2015

    You still can’t buy the OnePlus One without securing an invitation first, but it looks like the company is already gearing up to launch a new phone sometime next year. The Chinese-phone maker confirmed the news during a Reddit AMA interview on Monday, promising that the OnePlus 2 will launch in...
  14. mrmash

    Car & Bike What does exchange benefit mean?

    With festive season around the corner, almost all major car manufacturers are offering special deals on some variants of their cars. Some offer discounts, some offer limited editions, some offer free insurance while some offer exchange benefits. I have always been flummoxed by this term. After...
  15. mrmash

    Car & Bike Mahindra ties up with Snapdeal for Scorpio facelift pre-bookings

    Mumbai based auto maker, Mahindra & Mahindra has tied up with the E-commerce firm Snapdeal for online bookings of its upcoming Scorpio facelift. Slated to launch on September 25, M&M opened pre-bookings for the SUV effective yesterday. Instead of going to the Mahindra & Mahindra showroom...
  16. mrmash

    Acer introduces a Selfie Hat for Iconia Tablets

    WTF accessory of the day...... Last Monday, As a surprise Acer has announced a new product accessories that brings the selfie tech to a ridiculous new level. The company introduced a never-seen-before "Selfie Hat". This latest weird development in selfie tech is basically a giant sombrero...
  17. mrmash

    SanDisk announces 512 GB Extreme Pro SD Card

    We always need a Extreme high-capacity SD cards for the New Cameras that can record 4K videos, which requires a very high memory card to hold all these videos together. SanDisk has now announced a new card that should make the life of any videographers a bit easier. Today, SanDisk has...
  18. mrmash

    Internet addiction on the rise.........

    Woke up to this piece of disturbing news in Mumbai Mirror. Boy tries to stab mom for cutting internet access This trend of giving young children too much access is leading to psychiatric issues in our young generation. They are becoming socially awkward and increasingly volatile.
  19. mrmash

    Moto Hint - Is this the first Non-Dorky bluetooth headset

    While the Moto 360 was unquestionably the wearable of today, Motorola quietly showed off a little something else. Something very little, in fact. The Moto Hint is a teeny-tiny Bluetooth headset, and it's the first I've seen that isn't actively stupid-looking. But it's not just for making...
  20. mrmash

    iPhone 6 pricing leaked ahead of launch date

    As per the leaked screenshot, the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will be priced at HKD 6,663 (Rs. 52,000 approximately) for the 16GB model; HKD 7,671 (Rs. 60,000 approximately) for the 32GB model, and HKD 8,679 (Rs. 67,500 approximately) for the 64GB model. Meanwhile, the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 is said to be...