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    Budget 21-30k Which laptop from States ?

    Need this for my Dad. He is currently using a Inspiron 1564 with i3 3rd gen(IIRC). The battery on that thing is dead and I just upgraded the HDD to a SSD. He requires it for Tally and little Word processing. I personally use a MacBook Air and love the form factor. Looking for something similar...
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    Suggestion required for a Bulk Image downloader for Mac/Windows !

    Hi Guys, I need a software/application to download all images from a website. I would prefer something for Mac over PC. I don't mind paying. I am looking to download images from woodenstreet / pepperfry / urban ladder etc. Suggest me a good one please. Thanks
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    FS: Home Audio Video Projector Vivibright GP100

    Hi Guys, I am planning to sell mine newly acquired possession, Vivibright GP100 native 720P 3200 Lumes projector. This is the basic version and not the android version. The projector is sparingly used(max 10 hours as of now). Also comes with all the original accessories and with box. Will...
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    Hi Guys, I am looking for iPad (bigger size preferred). Don't mind the generation and don't mind the usage. I will only be using the Pictures app. Want something with a decent battery life. Let me know your offers.
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    Less than 10K Mobile phone for Mom from E-Zone store !

    Hey Guys, So I have Ezone vouchers worth 3K expiring on 19th Feb and I need to buy a phone for my mom from there. They have lot of brands but apart from the usual suspects(Xiaomi, OnePlus, Motorola, Apple) I know nothing about the brands available there. They have Samsung, HTC, Apple, LG, Sony...
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    Budget 51-70k Buying a PC for a friend after a long time ?

    Hey Guys, A friend asked me to select a few components for his next build. Its been a while since I have shopped for PC parts(more then 4 years) so I really don't know what to look for. He basically needs one for his Home Office where he watches movies on his PC sometimes. Nothing too fancy...
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    All OS What tablet for Kids iPad vs Mi Pad vs Others ?

    Hi Guys, I need to buy a tablet for kids and I am considering a Mi Pad. Cause for the Price I think nothing comes close. I am specially buying this exclusively for kids and there would be games and educational stuff on the tablet. Educational stuff is more important then any thing else. I own...
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    Thinking of buying the Moto 360 from

    Hey Guys, Have a little spare cash and a itch to get something new. The Moto 360 looks interesting specially at $200 price point. Amazon has a good deal on it. Also considering the Asus Zen Watch but the 360 looks better. Specially with the round display. I know the next gen is around the...
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    All OS Best App to store and sync passwords across OS and Platforms ?

    Hi Guys, Need help on deciding on an app for safely storing passwords and bank accounts web logins etc. I have actually zeroed on a few but the prices are through the roof these days, specially for a mac. I am on Android phone and OS X laptop and the two apps which I have found are 1Password...
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    Android Show Off your RedMi 1S cases

    Hi, I just received a Redmi 1S and its going to my dad. I need a minimal, subtle yet strong case for him. There are tons available on FK and Ebay but wanted a end user pics and impressions on their cases. Please post your cases and impressions on the same. Regards
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    Best way to download YT playlist ?

    As the thread title suggest. I need to download a complete playlist from YouTube. Whats the best way to go about the same. I am looking for something with resume feature. Thanks
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    Android Android L ROM for OnePlus as daily driver.

    Hey Guys, I have been using MIUI as my daily driver on the OnePlus for quite a while now. Its pretty stable and everything but some of the apps just don't work as desired on the MiUi as they are supposed to work on Android. Like True Caller etc. I want to have a taste of the Android L on the...
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    How is MTNL/BSNL 3G performance and price in Noida ?

    Hey Guys, I am planning to purchase a 3G wifi modem and get a unlimited(high capacity) 3G connection just for broadband. I wanted some info regarding the same. How is MTNL/BSNL connection in the Noida area. Anybody with first hand experience. How is the performance and what all good plans are...
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    User Review Honest OnePlus 1 review. With Mi3 comparison.

    Hey guys, doing this after quite a while hence don't mind the flow of the review. I am not here to tell you guys about the specs, speed,gimmicks or whatever you earlier don't know about the device. What I am here for is to tell you is that weather or not you need to beg or pay a limb for the...
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    Suggest decent app for Mac to download YouTube videos

    I need a decent app suggestion to download youtube videos. Tried Airy and its good but pricy. I mean in a age of $1 Apps a $20 app doesn't really cut it. And while we are at it any good app for the android for the same. TIA Switch
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    Android How to take iTunes like One Click Backup/Restore for Nexus 5 ?

    Hey Guys, I need to give my Nexus 5 for replacement/repairs and I have loads of data Apps/Pics/Sms and what not on my phone. I don't want to individually backup everything. I need a one touch backupsolution like iTunes for the same. Whats the Windows/Mac based program to do that. Reading over...
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    Android Suggest alternatives for stock android apps

    What's a good email app for android. Something like the default iOS app. The default Google app is too colourful :p
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    LG G2 or Nexus 5?

    Confused between G2 and N5. Whats the price difference. And whats the best place to buy one right now. I am in Indirapuram and can go either route. Retail or over the net but want quick delivery. Anybody in Indirapuram seen one in a store. Would like to physically check out a unit. Also what...
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    Mac OS How to run Windows Programs on Mac(Mavericks) ?

    Hey Guys, Did some research on running Windows Applications on Mac and found out that two emulators namely Wine bottler and Crossover helps doing the same. Tried downloading the Wine bottler but safari refuses to download it. I want to run Tally 9.0 on my mac and no other program as such. I...
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    Need advise on buying an Electric Shaver

    Rotary vs Foil which tech is better. Which ones are good and are reasonably priced and are available in India. I am looking at the Philips AT890. I hate to shave cause I find it really messy and tend to get it done by my barber every fortnight. Hence trying this. I am not looking for a clean...