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    WTB 64 gb kit ddr4 so dimm laptop ram

    Looking for 64 gb kit for my laptop, post your offers...
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    WTB 2 TB NVME Gen3 SSD

    Hi Guys, in need of 2 TB 2280 M.2 nvme gen3 ssd drives ... must be under warranty for around 3y ... it may be a Intel 660p 2tb or better ... Post ur offers ...
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    Budget 30-40k ip68 mobile suggetion

    kindly suggess ip68 rated water proof mobile phone...
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    WTB 2TB nvme ssd wanted!

    guys looking for some good deal on used nvme ssd 2Tb no less... must be some thing like 3 years of warranty remaining ... and some less terabyte written... looking for intel 660p specially ... if any body want to jump to PCIEX4 ssds, here is a good chance to relieve your old hardware... happen...
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    Budget 71-90K Laptop for office

    I am looking for a laptop of the following requirements [1] must be an IPS FHD display 1920x1080 [2] must have full keyboard with full Numeric keypad [3] upgradable Ram, not soldered. [4] ssd + hdd is good. budget 100k. I dont like the laptop in which the numpad enter key is small or missing...
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    Wanted a i7 3770 k or non k

    Wanted a i7 3770 k or non k ... Let me know asap!
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    Movies & TV Identify the song

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    FS: Desktops CPU E5400, Asus P5NE sli, 6 GB ram ddr2, Asus 210 gtx 1 Gb,

    Following on sale: [1] mobo: ASUS P5NE-SLI with custom heatsinks for NB and SB , 3500/- No Warranty, Prestine Condition. [2] Proc: DualCore E5400 2.7 Ghz, 2250/- No Warranty, Prestine Condition. [3] Ram: dynet 1 GB ( 667 Mhz) x 2 - 1500/-, corsair 2 GB ( 800 Mhz) x 2...
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    CPU/Mobo suggest combo.. cpu, mobo & ram

    Hi guys! Kindly suggest a overclocking combo as i am on a very tight budget, I wont be overclocking immediatly though till i arrange right cooling hardwares. components suggestion required are as Cpu, Mobo and Ram, rest of the description is as follows.. What is your budget? 20K What is...
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    NOKIA E72 in Pristine condition with Box

    Hi guys.. the following item on sale: Product: Nokia E72 Color: Black Condition: Excellently working, no scratches any where:hap2: Price: 12000/- Date of purchase: 29-05-2011 Warranty left: 7 months Reason for sale: Upgrading.... so need cash Images of phone: this is full...
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    PC games !

    guys wanna sale the following games: Update: Combo Deal - Purchase all the games in one go for 1800/- shipped to your place!:hap2: Red Faction: Armagaddon: 500/- GTA IV-EFLC: 350/- Crysis 2-Limited Edition: 750/- Unreal Torunament III: 350/- All games are originals with all box...
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    2.5" Portable 500gb hdd,must be under warranty!

    I am looking for 2.5" 750 GB or 1 TB laptop internal hdd, preferably having remaining warranty of 1 y or more. Interested members PM me your offers. thanks!
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    Xfx 8600gts 512 gddr3 boxpack

    Hi.. selling my XFX 8600GTS 512 GDDR3 BOXPACK ;which i got as a RMA of old 8600gt 512 gddr3 condition : boxpack \unopened. warranty: till 09/04/11 asking price:2250 shipped! price dropped!!!!!!!!!
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    system for sale !

    hi guys! following items on sale : cpu - intel e2160 - 1800\- arctic cooler freezer pro 7 - 700\- asus p5n-e sli - 2000\- xfx 8600 GT 512 MB gddr3 - 2000 \- 2x1 gb ddr2 dynet - 1000 \- psu zebronics 450 W - 250 \- cpu : intel e2160 - 1800\- purchase date ...
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    Xfx 8600 gt 512 mb gddr-3 pci-x

    selling my XFX 8600 GT 512 MB GDDR-3 PCI-X, 12 months of warranty left ;:hap2: 2500 + shipping xtra!! :hap2:!!!!!!!:hap2:! as u can see this card overclock like mad!!! this card is for the guys: who are unwilling to invest for a costly power supply :cool2...
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    HDD 250 gb SATA II - SOLD!!!!!!!

    Got 1 seagate hdd 250 gb SATA II .... Model ID:- ST3250310AS warranty unto 16 JAN 2013 ... 1500\- + shipping xtra :hap2::hap2: reason for sale is a bigger hdd , need slot in cabinet.... Rma'ed unit 2-3 months old but as u can see ample amount of official warranty almost 33 month of...
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    Recommend games!

    hey guys! suggess me games that will make my rig begg for mercy @1024 ,no AA ,no AF:hap2: rig procci intel 3 ghz [e2160] 2 gb ram 800 mhz ddr2 8600gt insanely OCED 512 MB GDDR3:bleh: enuff storage :hap2::)
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    identify the song plz!

    can any body kindly identify the song plz! DXHagrVBBI8:cool2::S THANX!
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    FS: XFX 8600 GT 512 MB GDDR-3 PCI-X + farcry [orig]

    guys selling my XFX 8600 GT 512 MB GDDR-3 PCI-X, 2 years of warranty and fantastic condition as it is rma'ed unit and 5month old....... Price dropped!! 3000 + shipping xtra!! :hap2:!!!!!!!:hap2:! this cant get any better ...dont wait ; go for it!!!!!GO GO GO!!:hap2: gfx card has no...