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  1. prabh91

    FS: Networking Tenda | TP-link | Huawei | Netgear Wifi Range Extenders

    Please DM me if any of them are left.
  2. prabh91

    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 with lots of Accesories

    Can't DM you. You'll have to start a thread.
  3. prabh91

    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 with lots of Accesories

    Since the next version is launching in August itself, if you can negotiate the price by a good enough amount, I might be interested.
  4. prabh91

    FS: Others Lots of cables used and new

    unable to DM you. please DM me.
  5. prabh91

    FS: Others Lots of cables used and new

    Please ping me. I want to buy aux, hdmi and power cables.
  6. prabh91

    FS: Mobile Samsung Z Flip 3 8gb 256gb

    Is the price negotiable? If yes, please PM me.
  7. prabh91

    FS: Others Sale and giveaway of misc items including SFX PSU, Cabinet, old GPU etc...

    I would love the GPU for my unraid server for video output. Any metro station that I can pick up from? Edit:My message went for approval and someone else with higher status level claimed the GPU before me. Better luck next time for me.
  8. prabh91

    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 256GB Black

    Hello, when u say the scratches are on the screen guard, do you mean an extra screen guard that you have installed or the permanent screen guard that Samsung has installed as part fo the inner foldable screen? Please DM me as I'm interested
  9. prabh91

    FS: Others Amazon Firestick 4k w/alexa remote, Dungeons & Dragons board game and OPPO TWS earphones

    Hello sir, Firestick for 2500? Please DM if you agree.
  10. prabh91

    FS: Office Hardware Herman Miller Celle Task Chair

    Hello brother, I want buy HM product and I've been trying since 6 months to get a used product as I couldn't afford a new one. I don't have any medical paperwork to show, but I'm 6'2" and a little on the heavier side and a back pain started last year when I started WFH during lockdown. I bought...
  11. prabh91

    FS: Headphone Brand new sealed Air Pods Pro with 1 Year Warranty

    I'll buy it, please ping me.