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    WTB Samsung Galaxy watch 4 Bluetooth 44mm

    Hi . Please let me know if someone has a sealed Samsung Galaxy watch 4 Bluetooth 44mm
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    Budget 51-70k Need a laptop for day to day use

    Hey Guys. One of my aquantaince needs a laptop for day to day use. Use case : browsing , making and giving presentations, watching online videos in full HD,netflix etc. He is interested in only Dell and nothing else. Will an 8gb RAM be sufficient or is it better to future proof it with a 16gb...
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    Android Micromax Q463 not discharging even when connected to a charger

    Hi Folks Had bought a Micromax Canvas 5 lite from here in TE for 1500 bucks. Received the phone in good physical condition. However when i connected it to a charger , it was charging up pretty...
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    WTB 4G WiFi dongle for Vodafone

    Looking for a 4G WiFi dongle to be used on Vodafone. Or a cheap used 4G phone with excellent reception would be fine too.
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    Websites offering gadgets for 10-15% of the original price

    Hi Guys I recently came across many websites on Insta selling Apple ,Bose ,Samsung and oter brand products for 10-15% of the original price. I know this sounded too good to be true and might be scam but he is offering COD. Also has some instagrammers putting up reviews on the same. The...
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    FS: Keyboard and Mice Logitech M190 full size wireless mouse for sale

    Logitech MX190 full size wireless mouse for sale. Selling it as its too big for my palm. Used it for an hour and kept it back in the package. Hence as good as new. Can Dunzo it in Bangalore. Shipping not viable in this covid situation.
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    Less than 10K Need a cheap 4g LTE phone to be used as a hotspot

    Hi As the title suggests i need a cheap phone that i want to use as a hotspot. Wanted to go for dongle but the mixed reviews for almost all the dongles has kept me away from them. I will be using Vodafone(cheap plans + night usage free) on this phone. What is the cheapest phone with LTE...
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    Android S9+ not connecting to network

    My s9+ which is running on stock android/not rooted is not connecting to any network from 2 days. I can see the Vodafone network on manual network searching mode but says it cannot connect to sim is working perfectly on my other phone - an iPhone. Tried another Vodafone and also a jio sim...
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    Budget 41-50k PC for playing Fortnite and other games

    What is your budget? 50K excluding Monitor ,Keyboard,mouse and UPS What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) None Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model) None Which hardware component are you looking to...
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    PC for playing Fortnite and other games

    Hello People I need to build a PC for someone i know to play Fortnite,Call of Duty and other games at high settings with good FPS. Budget : 40k for the pc excluding monitor and keyboard. I have been out of touch with the hardware world for some time ,hence any reply would be appreciated...
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    FS: Home Audio Video VU smart TV 55 inches

    Selling my Month old VU smart tv. Excellent performance for the price. Moving out of India,Hence plan to buy a 3D projector and carry it along with me...
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    Xbox 360S : green light on but no display

    Hi I recently bought a Xbox 360S (used) fro one of the members here.Its a JTAG ed version with a 250 GB drive. Yesterday evening when i switched it on ,the green light came on but there is no display even after 30 mins. tried switching it off and on but the same result. Removed the drive and...
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    Found a Consoles,games,modding contact in Bangalore

    Hi. I recently wanted a kinect sensor for a XBOX 360 that i bought from here. I came across a guy selling a sensor for 3.5k.used for a couple of years.Upon chatting with him , i came to know that he has been in the field of consoles for more than 10 yrs and does all kinds of modding too.He also...
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    Graphic Cards Zotac 9800 gt: Blank screen

    Hello Guys I have a Zotac 9800gt 512mb version .Purchased it somewhere in 2008. Working fine till now. But yesterday when i booted the pc ,all i got was blank screen and the BIOS beep too did not come up. I immediately removed the card and connected the HDMI cable to my motherboard's HDMI slot...
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    WTB Kinect for Xbox 360

    Anybody willing to sell their kinects?? My location is Bangalore.
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    Paytm deals on computer components

    Received a mail for the same: saw some good deals on the power supply units.,124107,2783,2637...
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    Pico projector with 720p native resolution

    Dear members I was in lookout for a pico projector which has atleast 720p as the native resolution to watch videos. Does anybody have any experience with these pico projectors?? Saw a couple of them on Ebay and amazon, but having a native resolution of 800*480 or less. My brother bought this...
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    Buying an imported TV from Ebay

    Is it safe to buy an imported TV from EBay.Have shortlisted a samsung 55 inches tv fro 70k and a sony 50 inches for 80k.has anyone bought from ebay?? This is the one am looking at...
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    MTS - 40gb fo 999 on 3G plus network : feedback

    Hi has anybody used MTS's 3G plus network ?? How good is the coverage in North Bangalore. And does anyone have the 999 plan 40gb plan here??