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  1. Metalspree

    Need a GPS based solution to measure land area

    I am on lookout for a GPS based solution to measure land area. My requirement is that my new work site is hilly and its practically not possible to measure the land by tape. It's become a hectic task for me to make payment to workers. Let's say they have done work for about 10 Acres and in...
  2. Metalspree

    WTB Pantech Burst Screen Protector and Case

    Looking for a case and screen protector for a friend's pantech burst. I know i can get it via eBay USA but it takes quite some time and the one in ebay India are priced crazy. PM me if you have any Location: Bangalore Payment : Cash / NEFT.
  3. Metalspree

    WTB 20 / 40 gb ide hdd

    I am on lookout for a 20 / 40 GB IDE HDD for my old PC which i am donating to a under privileged diploma student. My Location : Bangalore Brand/ Condition : Any brand will do as long as it doesn't not have any bad sectors Price : Post your offers generously.
  4. Metalspree

    Ministry of External Affairs selling data to telemarketers

    Just happen to notice this while uploading application form for renewal of friend's passport :facepalm: :facepalm:. The passport application form has all details( PAN card, Passport number, Voter ID card , present & permanent address) and i don't expect them to do it. I am sure 99% of the...
  5. Metalspree

    WTB iPad 2 16GB Wifi or 3G

    Looking for a iPad2 16GB either wifi or 3G in good condition ,with smart cover or any case is preferred . Location : Hyderabad. PM me your offers.
  6. Metalspree

    FS: Others 4 TDKR tickets for Saturday 6PM show at Urvashi cinemas , Bangalore

    I booked a total of 6 tickets out of which i am selling 4 tickets for Saturday 6PM show. Why selling it? : Friends backed out due to personal reasons. How much ?: 260/- each , the same amount i paid. Which class? : Platinum class , second row from top. Where are the tickets? : I don't have...
  7. Metalspree

    FS: Others Raspberry Pi Model B (BNIB)

    Product Name: Raspberry Pi Model B Expected Price: 4000/- Shipping charges: Free Manufacturer page URL: Description:The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard. It’s a capable little PC which can be used for many...
  8. Metalspree

    FS: Others Panasonic BL-C111 Indoor network camera x 3

    Product Name: Panasonic BL-C111 Expected Price: Rs 7500/- each or take all at 21.5K Shipping charges: Free Manufacturer page URL: BL-C111 | Camera Line-up | Network Products (BB/BL) | Security Systems | Business & Professional | Panasonic Global Description: Selling 3X network cameras which...
  9. Metalspree

    FS: Networking ZTE MF636 unlocked 3G Modem

    ZTE MF636 unlocked 3G Modem with free 16GB microSD card Product Name: ZTE MF636 Expected Price: Rs 1000/- Shipping charges: Free Manufacturer page URL: Description: Selling less less than a year old modem which is being lying unused from past 6...
  10. Metalspree

    WTB MicroUSB wall charger

    Looking for a MicroUSB wall charger to power up the Raspberry . Prefer the Samsung original ones as the power rating is 5V @0.7A which is required by the raspberry. Location : Bangalore PS: I know i can get it from ebay at 300/-, but want used as i want to keep the cost low as pi itself...
  11. Metalspree

    WTB iPhone 4 16GB or 32GB

    Looking for a used Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 either 16GB or 32GB is good condition . Budget : 25K max Location : Bangalore
  12. Metalspree

    WTB Lenovo x120e

    Looking for Lenovo x120e in good condition. I got the one sold by drkrack but on lookout for one more. Sulekha and Flipkart are sold out My location :Bangalore PM me your offers.
  13. Metalspree

    Denon D2000 half MarkL modded + Accessories

    For Sale Product Information Product Name: Denon D2000 Expected Price: Rs 12,500 Shipping charges: I will bear 50% of the cost . Manufacturer page URL: Description: Selling my beloved D2000 which is 1.5year old in mint condition , i have done half...
  14. Metalspree

    Replacement battery for Samsung Focus i917 / Galaxy S

    I am on lookout for a replacement battery ( original and not OEM) for Samsung Focus i917 , tried a couple of samsung stores but none have it .AFAIK same battery is used in galaxy S , S2,Omnia W. My Location : Bangalore
  15. Metalspree

    Car & Bike ICE suggestions for a swift @ 70K

    A friend of mine wants to get his swift ICEd and th budget is 70K include installation. Requirements 1) Needs a good sub ( tight one not those boomy ones) 2) Head unit which has iPhone connectivity 3) He listen's mostly to EDM and wants pretty tight bass. Existing Hardware 1) Some...
  16. Metalspree

    Car & Bike Which SUV or Crossover under 25 Lakhs

    I am dumping my Nissan Xtrail soon and on look for a SUV or a crossover under 25L OTR Bangalore. Reason for dumping such a beautiful car is the cr@ppy A.S.S by Nissan , over priced parts and failures of various parts in the car over the last 4 years. My requirements 1) Diesel Engine 2) High...
  17. Metalspree

    Video How to watch 3D movies in Sony KDL55EX720?

    Been trying to watch 3D movies on Sony KDL55EX720 but failed. Can some one point out what shoiuld be the 3D format of the movies , there is side by side 3D and there is regular one. I downloaded side by side and activated 3D but still its not working. Could not find any guide online as well...
  18. Metalspree

    Samsung Focus i917 + Case+16GB Card

    Product Name:Samsung Focus i917 Expected Price: Rs 10500/- Shipping charges: None Manufacturer page URL: Description:The phone is unlocked by ATT themself.It works with all GSM carriers in India. Reason for Sale:Need Money...
  19. Metalspree

    Laptops Compaq Presario v6608AU dead

    My brother seems to face over heating issues with his Compaq laptop which is close to 4 years old . It so happened that the laptop is not turning on any more he suspected it to be over heating so gave it to a local repair shop who said its not over heating but the MOBO gone bad and also said...
  20. Metalspree

    Car & Bike Vehicle: BMW 525d (2011)

    Name: BMW 525d (2011) Date Added: 14 March 2012 - 11:02 PM Owner: Metalspree Short Description: Was a gift from parents to me but did not accept as it was their dream to own a BMW, so let it go even though i love the car. View Vehicle