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  1. itzmydamnlyf

    FS: Storage Hardware 4tb seagate portable external hdd, Cat6 22.8m flat lan cable, 80mm 24v slim fans and more

    Hi Guys, Selling the following: 1. Product : seagate 4tb portable external hdd. Link : Price : 5.5k plus shipping Date of purchase : Nov, 2021 Warranty : nil ( was used as internal ) Condition : 5/5 2. Product : BlueRigger Cat 6 Ethernet Cable Flat 22.8m Link ...
  2. itzmydamnlyf

    FS: Keyboard and Mice Vaxee outset AX, Roccat Burst Core gaming mouse, zowie camade bungee

    Hi Guys, Reducing my mouse collection. 1. Vaxee outset AX matte black - 4 months used - stock - 5.8k plus shipping 2. Vaxee outset AX matte black - used for 2-3 matches - backup mouse - modded with kailh 8.0 switches plus tiger arc mousefeet - like new - 6.5k plus shipping 3. Roccat burst core...
  3. itzmydamnlyf

    FS: Video Card Asrock challenger 6600xt with bill, box and warranty

    Hi Guys, Selling my trusted 6600xt in immaculate condition. It stays cool and has low power draw while delivering high fps. It was used primarily for cs go. I can bundle with zowie 240hz monitor at an amazing price if interested. Regards
  4. itzmydamnlyf

    FS: Desktops Amd fx6300 + Asus M5A78L M LE + 8gb (2*4gb) ddr3 ram + Huntkey 600w APFC psu

    Hi guys, Just upgraded my parents old pc. Following parts are in immaculate position and up for quick sale. Amd fx6300 + Asus M5a78l m le + 8gb ddr3( 2*4gb - one 1333mhz , one 1600mhz ) + Huntkey 600w APFC + FSP saga 400W psu ( no stock cooler ) 10 days testing warranty. Regards
  5. itzmydamnlyf

    WTB Low end gpu just for display

    Hi guys, Looking for a low end gpu just for display purpose. Do hit me up with your offers.
  6. itzmydamnlyf

    WTB Looking for a cheap cpu cooler for LGA 775/1151

    Hi Guys, Look for a cheap cpu cooler. Budget around 500/- Do let me know if u have anything lying around like CM hyper and likes. Regards Niraj
  7. itzmydamnlyf

    FS: Monitor and LCD Zowie XL2546s 240hz 25 inch e-sports gaming monitor with 0.5ms response Dyac+

    Hi Guys, Selling my amazing Zowie XL2546s 240hz esports gaming monitor in very good condition. Comes with box, DP cable, power cable and all accessories. Please do not lowball. Monitor arm is available for 1k plus shipping extra Regards
  8. itzmydamnlyf

    FS: Keyboard and Mice Hotswappable epomaker ep84 75% keyboard with brown tactile switches

    Hi Guys, Selling my epomaker ep84 in excellent condition. It is around 10 months old. It comes with the following: 1. Holee mod for stabs 2. Stabs lubed 3. Foam between pcb and plate 4. TTC brown rk tactile switches 5. New abs doubleshot keycaps 6. 4 extra switches, keycap puller, switch...
  9. itzmydamnlyf

    FS: Desktops Core i5 11400f ( or can be exchanged with core i5 10400f )

    Hi guys, Look to exchange my almost new 11th gen i5 chip with 10th gen i5. It was sold to @skumar9988 who later discovered that it was incompatible with his zotac magnus one as it only supports 10th gen even after having same socket. The chip is currently with him and can be sold too for 9.8k...
  10. itzmydamnlyf

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding 2 weeks old Cooler master Hyper 212 rgb Black edition cpu cooler and Cm sickleflow 120mm 3 fan argb fan kit with controller

    Hi Guys, Selling the below new like items: 1. Cooler master hyper 212 rgb Black edition cpu cooler. It is 2 weeks old and in new like condition. Date of purchase is : 6th March, 2022. Price: INR 3250/- 2. Cooler master sickleflow 120mm argb 3 fan kit with controller. It is around 1 and half...
  11. itzmydamnlyf

    SFF case without the need to pay itx tax..

    Hi Guys, I wanted a micro atx case to fit my micro atx motherboard and atx psu. I had cooler master NR200 earlier with a mini itx board and sfx psu. The ryzen setup was an overkill for my usage so got hold of an i5 11th gen intel system. While looking for a micro itx case, I stumbled upon this...
  12. itzmydamnlyf

    WTB Need 2*8gb 3200mhz ram

    Hi, Need 2*8gb 3200mhz ddr4 ram. Budget: 4k shipped.
  13. itzmydamnlyf

    FS: Desktops Like new Deepcool DQ750m fully modular 80+ gold PSU - 1.5 months old

    Hi Guys, Selling my like new Deepcool DQ750m 80+gold psu fully modular with flat cables. It it was bought last month. Expected price 1. Deepcool Dq750m - 5899/- Like new condition as expected. Reason for sale: extra Regards
  14. itzmydamnlyf

    FS: Desktops Mega sale thread - Sealed Asrock B560m pro4 mobo, 120mm fan lot, Antec 750w 80+ gold psu, 8gb So dimm laptop ram, 2.5 inch hdd, intel wifi cards

    Hi Guys, Selling few stuff : Selling the following: 1. Brand new sealed Asrock B560m pro4 ac/ac wifi motherboard - bill, box, full warranty ( dtdc delayed delivery so bought locally, still sealed ) -...
  15. itzmydamnlyf

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Almost brand new Antec Neo eco 550w semi modular power supply and TP link bluetooth 5.0 adapter

    Hi guys, Selling below almost new items which didn't get used as plans of a budget rig got shelved. 1. Antec Neo Eco v2 550w power supply with flat ribbon cables. Used for an hour max. Comes with bill, box and warranty. price: 3.6k shipped 2. Tp link bluetooth 5.0 bluetooth adapter. Unused...
  16. itzmydamnlyf

    FS: Desktops ryzen 3500 am4 combo for cheap

    Hi guys, Selling below combo: 1. Ryzen 5 3500 processor 2. Gigabyte B450m DS3h motherboard 3. Silverstone KR03 cpu cooler 4. Almost brand new Antec Neo eco v2 semi modular 550w psu with flat ribbon cables 5. 8gb ram gskill 3200mhz without heatsink. Only psu and cpu cooler are in warranty (...
  17. itzmydamnlyf

    FS: Desktops Asrock B550m itx/ac ryzen motherboard, Amazon eco 4th gen, Adata 2tb external slim hdd, zygen np01

    Hi guys, Selling the following: 1. Asrock B550m itx/ac ryzen motherboard - bill, box, 2.5 years warranty price - 10.9k 2. Amazon eco 4th gen speakers - brand new sealed, corporate gift, no bill warranty price - Sold 3. Adata 2tb HV620S slim external hdd - bill, box, 1.5 years warranty left...
  18. itzmydamnlyf

    FS: Desktops Ryzen 5600x NR200 mini itx cpu without gpu for sale

    Hi guys, Selling my below mini itx system 1. Asrock B550m itx/ac motherboard - bill, box, 2.5 years warranty price - 12.3k 2. Ryzen 5600x - bill, unused stock cooler, 2.5 years warranty price - SOLD 3. Corsair lpx 2*8GB 3600mhz dual channel kit - no bill, box available, lifetime warranty...
  19. itzmydamnlyf

    FS: Desktops Brand new sealed intel i3 10105f, FSP saga II 400w psu, amd phenom II 555 BE, Tp link dual band high gain wifi adapter, LG DVD sata writer

    Hi Guys, Selling the below items: 1. Intel core i3 10105f brand new sealed - reached me today. 14th Dec online purchase. 3 years warranty with bill. Changed mind regarding new build. - INR 6999/- - SOLD 2. Amd phenom ii 555 BE am3 processor from old pc at home. 2012 purchase. Working fine...
  20. itzmydamnlyf

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Antec prizm 120mm pwm fan*3, controller hub and 2*magnetic led strip combo

    Hi Guys, Selling the Antec 120mm argb fan combo as per link given below: amazon link