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  1. nick2012

    WTB Ps4

    Hello guys I am looking for a ps4 in working condition. Kindly Pm me or post here the details. Thank you
  2. nick2012

    Wtb motherboard for 955be(am3)

    Hey guys i need motherboard which can hold my old 955be processor.
  3. nick2012

    Budget 51-70k Need suggestion for a laptop

    Budget- flexible 40-60k Usage- surfing, full hd movies, gaming Any size as it is mainly for home use. Brand preference- asus, msi etc. Must be full hd atleast i5 or i7 processor and a good gpu to play any game in atleast medium settings. As my relatives are coming from canada next month. If...
  4. nick2012

    WTB Portable hard disk or laptop hdd any size

    Want to buy any portable or laptop hdd any size. Must have no bad sectors. Give me your offer guys :)
  5. nick2012

    Budget 0-20k Need a 24/7 rig

    Want a 24/7 rig for office use. Must be efficient. Not a gaming rig
  6. nick2012

    Monitors Gaming monitor for 10k ?

    Yesterday my led monitor got kaput. Was using lg monitor from last 5years. Budget-10k Suggest the best guys :D Thanks
  7. nick2012

    WTB external hdd 2.5"

    require a hdd of capacity 160,250,320 or 500gb. need to buy 1 urgently pm me your offee guys
  8. nick2012

    WTB miracast or android dongle

    pm me your offer guys :)
  9. nick2012

    WTB dd-wrt router with usb support

    need urgently pm me your best price :)
  10. nick2012

    WTB need external hdd 250 or 500gb

    Hey guys pm me your price Need to buy 1 urgently
  11. nick2012

    WTB power bank

    Guys need a portable charger aka power bank. Pm me your offers
  12. nick2012

    Want to trade s3+cash for note2 or s3

    Guys I want to trade my s3 with note2 or iphone5. Please let me know your offer guys. Condition is good with some minor scratches on side ring:)
  13. nick2012

    WTB Adsl+router with good range

    Want adsl2+router can even trade with rtn13u b1 ;)
  14. nick2012

    Storage Solutions From where to get hdd pcb??

    My 250gb samsung portable hdd gets overvoltage due to this pcb gets burnt. From anywhere can I get a new pcb?? Or someone can arrange??
  15. nick2012

    WTB Good 2.1 speakers

    Guys need 2.1 speakers for music,gaming and movies. Budget 4-5k Can increase if get some good offers :) Pm me guys :)
  16. nick2012

    PC Peripherals Razer Rma Delhi

    want to rma my deathadder having left click issue how much warranty does deathadder carry?? bought in 14-aug-2012
  17. nick2012

    Android Samsung Galaxy S3 - battery drain

    battery gets drained so fast. have to charge it 3 times a day now no gaming just some internet. have to change the battery or custom firmware fault??
  18. nick2012

    WTB Sound card xonar or creative

    Guys wtb a sound card like xonar dg, dgx, dx or creative Hit me with offers :)
  19. nick2012

    Shipping of heavy and delicate things

    Hey guys As I dont know its the right place to post this thing or not. Mods can move this thread to the right place. I am about to ship my ps3. And this is the first time I am shipping this much heavy and delicate thing. Which is the safest shipping service?? And how to pack the ps3?? I asked...
  20. nick2012

    Buffalo 1TB USB 3.0 @ 3700

    Just in case if anybody is interested. . Buffalo 1TB USB 3.0 @ 3700 and also buffalo hdd's are good from my experience. Add then use bank code from here .