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    Camera Suggest me the best DSLR in the 30-35k budget

    Hi guys, I've finally decided to get myself a DSLR. I'm done with Point n Shoots as I want more control of the shots. I know DSLR is not for everyone but I'm going through different tutorials on DSLRs daily and I'm positive that I can manage it. So here I'm looking for a decent starter DSLR...
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    WTB ZTE AC2766 CDMA Modem

    Guys, if anyone has a AC2766 modem for sale, pm me your offers.
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    WTB Chicago VPS subscription

    I'm looking for a Chicago VPS subscription (3TB bandwidth 100GB disk 100Mbps) with 4 months or more validity remaining. If there is anyone who wish to sell theirs, please ping me with your price. Thanks.
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    FS: Headphone AudioTechnica ATH-M50 Coiled

    Product Name: AudioTechnica ATH-M50 Coiled Expected Price: Rs 6500 Time of Purchase: July 2011 Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Expired Manufacture Product Link: Reason for Sale: Not using. Getting more...
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    NuForce µDAC-2 USB DAC for 5k

    Product Name: NuForce uDAC-2 USB DAC Expected Price: Rs 5000 Rs 4500 Rs 4000 Shipping charges: At actuals. Manufacturer page URL: http://www.nuforce.c...ucts/iconudac2/ Price: $129 from Amazon. Not available in India as of I know. Description if any: Bought from US by Fah33m. Later bought it...
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    Sansa Fuze 4GB Refurb for 2k

    For Sale - Sansa Fuze 4GB Refurbished Expected Price - Rs.2000. Time of Purchase - 1 year ago. Indian warranty valid Remaining Warranty period - No. 3 days testing warranty. Reason for Sale - Need money urgently. Already have Clip+. Purchase Invoice Available - No. Product Condition -...
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    SoundBlaster Audigy value @800 & Delta 120cfm fans @550

    Product Name: Creative SoundBlaster Audigy Value Sound Card. Expected Price: Rs 800 shipped. Non Negotiable. Manufacturer Warranty: Nil. Around 2 years old. Testing Warranty :Yes, can provide 3 Days testing warranty. Purchase Invoice: Bill is missing, but Original Box is available. Product...
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    Audio Technica AD700

    Hi guys, for sale is my friend's AD700. This product needs no introduction.:cool2: Product condition: 9.5/10 Bought it from eBay GEB around 6months ago. Expected price: Rs 4600 shipped Rs 4400 shipped. Non negotiable!! Price of new: Around Rs 6500. Reason for sale: Urgent need of cash...
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    Audio Technica AD700

    Mods please delete the thread. Somehow two identical threads were created accidentally.
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    Laptops Need serious help. Laptop bios bricked.

    Last day my friend bricked his laptop MSI CX620 when he tried flashing the bios (ami bios). Dont know where is messed up. But the result is worse. Bios wont even post. Screen remain blank with no beeps. Is there anyway to reflash the bios. RMA is the last thing he want to do.
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    Voice call feature in Huawei E122

    Guys is it possible to enable voice call/USSD features in E122? It would also be cool if someone explain terms like dashboard/dashboard upgrade in data cards. Dashboard = Mobile partner s/w I assume. I have my E122 running on FW.
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    Laptops Which netbook? Samsung N148+ or Asus 1005PX?

    Hi guys. I'm thinking of grabbing a netbook from ebay. Which one to go for? 1. Samsung N148+ for Rs 14250 shipped? 2. Asus Eee PC 1005PX for 14900 shipped? or any other? Main requirements:- 1. Max Battery life 2. Looks 3. Aftersale service. 4. If possible smooth 720p playback. :bleh: My budget...
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    Application of Mathematics in Electronics & Communication

    Hi guys. I have been asked to submit an assignment on application of Mathematics in Electronics & Communication. All 72 students from my class are to produce different application topics. If two or more students submit same application topic, their assignments will be rejected. So folks help me...
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    Video DISHTV payment query

    Guys Its been 3 months now since we took home DISHTV. It came with 3 months pack preactivated. The last date of the plan is 11-09-10. Day before yesterday I recharged using rechargeitnow for GOLD pack (pay 6 get 7 i.e Rs 1260). Just after the recharge DISHTV confirmed the recharge by sms. But...
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    Unlocked HUAWEI E1550 (Idea netsetter) USB modem

    Hi guys. I'm planing to buy an unlocked Idea netsetter (HUAWEI E1550) USB modem. Its said to work with every 2G and 3G sims. Planning to purchase it from ebay. So thought to ask you guys about it before I buy the same. Any known flaws/bugs with it? For now will be used for EDGE connection...
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    PC Peripherals Help me with Corsair VX450 RMA :(

    Guys my Corsair VX450 is dead all of a sudden. I have no experience with RMA. I dont have their service centre in my place. Please suggest me how to do RMA. :(
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    PC Peripherals inverter,smps compatibility issue

    Hi guys. My inverter is Whirlpool Elantra 800VA pure sinewave paired with a prestolite battery. PLz check my siggy for my system specification. My psu +5V/+12V rail voltages drops to 4.4V & 11.2V respectively whenever its powered by inverter. My old rig never had such issues IIRC. Same happens...
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    Storage Solutions Help WD RMA assisstance !!

    Guys My WD 1TB Black is showing some decay in performance. HD Tune checkup showed me two bad sectors. Sometimes I hear clicking sounds from the HDD as well. So I guess its dying. Guys which method should I opt for RMA - courier them or ask them to pick? If I opt for WD pick up should I...
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    Which is your Favourite Anime soundtrack?

    I would pick this one. FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST - BROTHERS YouTube - Full Metal Alchemist OST 1 - Brothers Very touching song :'(. Just the right one for FMA. This one is not Japanese though, its Russian.:P
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    My A3 Laser print Posters.....:D

    Here are the pictures: Damages :20 bucks per print :D