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  1. panky.killer

    System Restarts Itself

    Do you have electric circuit shock proof check for earthing some times those are the case and then driver
  2. panky.killer

    Win 7 Desktop appears 2 mins after login

    Did you try deleting your profile ?
  3. panky.killer

    [GO] HMT Pilot - Mechanical watch with White dial and Blue hands

    is there any space for poor guy here?
  4. panky.killer

    The Photography Thread !
  5. panky.killer

    WTB PS3 Games-Mumbai seller's

    Let me check but price seems to be over priced for me, I am looking for lots of games let me check with him Thanks mate
  6. panky.killer

    WTB PS3 Games-Mumbai seller's

    Hello Guys, I am looking for PS3 games. Looking for sellers from mumbai only. Please PM me with the price and game you wish to sell. I don't like to wait for the couriers to come to me Regards Pankaj
  7. panky.killer

    eBay India - Coupons & Deals

    Ping me anything for ebay need to buy nexus 4
  8. panky.killer

    Camera Looking for camera bag >4K

    what kind of lens body and other things you need to carry ? bag should be one time investment vengaurd can cost arond 8k which can hold upto 2body and 3lens and one 14" laptop
  9. panky.killer

    The Photography Thread !

  10. panky.killer

    The Photography Thread !
  11. panky.killer

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Bought Canon 430EX II :) Damage of 15.5k
  12. panky.killer

    FS: Laptop Dell XPS L502x Ci7,8GB,2GB,750Gb

    Product Name: Dell XPS L502x Expected Price: 40,000/- Shipping charges: As per applicable Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: Base cover has been changed normal scratch nothing much laptop works well no issue Reason...
  13. panky.killer

    Web Hosting,Which one to pick ?

    got re-seller account :) hosted on softlayer
  14. panky.killer

    How to search my own status updates on Facebook?

    you need something :scared14:
  15. panky.killer

    How to Sell & Ship food items outside India ??

    Are you sure you had think totally in this matter of choice question comes why buyer will buy from you ? i am working with company which sell some stuff in international level and i will let u know that its too pathetic to sell in US and some country. Consider courier scenario you are paying...
  16. panky.killer

    WTB Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens.

    Rational Photographics new not with bill @ 5,400/- u have to pay for shipping extra its cheaper at this price
  17. panky.killer

    Hardware & Networking Future (IT Administrator)

    I am working in hardware & networking filed and currently in job profile IT Administrator. Having Experience 6 years, was doing business for 3 years but not so turn up right, so decided to work again but doing business has stopped my growth in terms of servers & network experience. Now earning...
  18. panky.killer

    The Photography Thread !

    :) m back let me share something after long dayz - - - Updated - - - :) m back let me share something after long dayz