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    Budget 0-20k i7 4770 or i7 4790k

    Confused between these two. I am getting new box packed 4770 from a friend for 11k and another friend of mine is selling 4790k (about 5 months used) for 18k. So which one should I go for?
  2. D34THL0-2D

    FS: Processor Intel i7 2600k [2 years warranty left]

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Intel i7 2600k Expected Price: Rs. 14000/- Time of Purchase: November 2011 Company official warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: About 2 years warranty Left. Reason for Sale: Need Money! Purchase...
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    Power Supply >= 1000W - Under Warranty!

    I want a PSU (preferably - Modular) 1000W or 1200W! Should be under warranty!! Thanks! :clap:
  4. D34THL0-2D

    PSU Required! > 900 W

    Looking for PSU for my setup, I want it to be 1000 W or preferably 1200 W and under warranty.
  5. D34THL0-2D

    Asus N560GTX Direct Cu II

    Asus GTX560 Ti Direct Cu II Looking for 560 Ti under warranty!! :D Budget - Around 10 k
  6. D34THL0-2D

    Entertainment Laptop between 35-40 k

    My friend is looking for an entertainment laptop ( This includes good screen quality, good speakers, and casual gaming). His budget is 35-40k. Need some urgent help here.:clap::clap: