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  1. MiteshR

    Amazon India lightning deals

    Yes, thinking the same.
  2. MiteshR

    Amazon India lightning deals

    Had ordered this, the tempered glass was shattered completely and was in pieces and dust upon receiving, amazon gave me full refund and as the product was non returnable, they told me to discard it, now I have two glass splinters in my fingers and a free case without that side tempered glass...
  3. MiteshR

    PC Peripherals Need a long lasting good quality wireless mouse

    Yes this happens all the time.
  4. MiteshR

    FS: Video Card ASUS Expedition GTX1050ti 4GB

    Price dropped to 11k
  5. MiteshR

    Metal Dragon Build

    Saw some of your older DIY posts, Legendary stuff. :)
  6. MiteshR

    Metal Dragon Build

    That looks Superb man, what is the other material you are using along with MDF, the panel which is connecting eyes and nose of the dragon to be precise.
  7. MiteshR

    What is Techenclave's official stand on affiliate links?

    I think is whenever someone is asking for suggestions they are expecting replies from fms who have first or second hand experience with the products from said category or have some expertise in that regards, If forums allow affiliate links you might see some number of people recommending on...
  8. MiteshR

    Flipkart deals

    I remember reading there T&C for that offer/scheme, and i think it was mendatory to make remaining payment for product to get delivered. Anyone else read that?
  9. MiteshR

    FS: Video Card ASUS Expedition GTX1050ti 4GB

    Hi all, this is my first sale post, if I miss anything let me know. I just upgraded to 1650Super thanx to this forum, and selling ASUS Expedition GTX1050ti 4GB Dual fan GPU, it was RMAed some two years back, never repaired or overclocked. Has some rust on screws and display port, its because...
  10. MiteshR

    FS: Video Card Inno3d GTX 1650S+ Antec V550P plus 550w PSU

    Received GPU in perfect condition, Waiting for PSU.
  11. MiteshR

    FS: Home Audio Video Audioengine A2 & Audioengine D1 DAC

    If you look closely in the original post, the left speaker surround suspension is not in original shape like the other driver specially towards right side of the driver, and it looks peeled from some sides, also to consider the original post was made in June so that picture is 3 months old and...
  12. MiteshR

    Tablet Battery what is White, Red, Black cable, can we connect charge cable direct to motherboard

    If you can, try this method - there are lots of other videos on the same trick.
  13. MiteshR

    PC Peripherals PC Speaker

    If you can extend your budget a little, get obage speakers value for money products.
  14. MiteshR

    Apple dealers forcing extras for launch day purchases

    Were there any other products/options other than overpriced bose & beats, or seller was deciding what all you can buy. India is a poor country because 10% Indian population holds 70% of nations wealth.
  15. MiteshR

    Audio True Wireless (TWS) Earphones / Earbuds - What is your opinion about them?

    What I hate about tws headphones is the fact after year or two the battery dies and even if the headphones are in great working condition has great sound quality, there is nothing much you can do about it as the battery no longer holds the charge, I have two tws headsets lying around I dont use...
  16. MiteshR

    EU Commission proposes removing chargers from all smartphone boxes

    From what I read, they are saying to standardise USB C port for all the phones.
  17. MiteshR

    User Review iPad pro vs Galaxy Tab S7. Android TABLET or iPad only??

    What a nice detailed comparison! Great video shots and editing, you deserve more subscribers. WOW.
  18. MiteshR

    Lithuania urges people to throw away Chinese phones

    Indians with third world problems really don't care or don't know about data thefts or cyber security issues, as someone said above, we still buy things which are cheaper and have good specs on paper, They might support ban or boycotts with China on issues like if there is tension on border, but...