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  1. srjsrajan

    WTB Samsung galaxy buds

    Buds plus under warranty
  2. srjsrajan

    WTB 2.5 inch 1 or 2 tb HDD

    Should be under warranty or in full health with a good price if it's not ubder warranty.
  3. srjsrajan

    WTB Ps4 controller

    V2 in good condition. Pm me offer P.S- don't need no special editions or colors unless you're selling it for the normal price as black one.
  4. srjsrajan

    WTB Wanna trade my mint macbook pro 15" 2015 with a gaming laptop.

    Macbook is in superint condition, Not even a single scratch. It has the Dual gpu board with Radeon M370x 2GB & Intel 1.5 GB I7 cpu, 16 GB Ram. And about the workflow trust me this is still a super fast device, I make music and some vidro editing, it works so smooth even after using so many...
  5. srjsrajan

    WTB 500gb laptop hdd

    Pm me offers
  6. srjsrajan

    WTB 1TB NVME SSD (WD Blue or Crucial)

    Pm me offers.
  7. srjsrajan

    WTB 2.5 inch sata HDD 500gb

    Pm me offers.
  8. srjsrajan

    WTB Dualshock 4 ds4 v2

    Pm me offers
  9. srjsrajan

    WTB SSD Nvme 500gb

    Pm me offers.
  10. srjsrajan

    WTB WTB Apple airpods 2nd gen left bud. (Or if you wanna buy right + case)

    Pm me if you have it and if you wanna buy it i can give it to you with non working left bud , charging case and right is working , with bill 1 year old.
  11. srjsrajan

    WTB Ps4 slim console

    Pm me offers
  12. srjsrajan

    WTB Airpods or any other true wireless earphones

    Pm me offers
  13. srjsrajan

    WTB Airpods

    Pm me offers
  14. srjsrajan

    WTB Need ryzen or i5 cpu and mobo, ram, psu

    Pm me offers
  15. srjsrajan

    WTB Oneplus 7 pro 8-12gb variant

    Pm me offers.
  16. srjsrajan

    WTB Trade one plus 7 pro with my samsung s10 128gb under warranty

    Pm me if anyone interested. Warranty left around 4 months. Mint condition. Prism white.
  17. srjsrajan

    WTB Broken macbook pro 15 inch 2015. Logic board

    Wanna buy the logic board of any broken macbook pro 2015 15 inch A1398.
  18. srjsrajan

    WTB Wtb ps4 ds4 controller

    Pmme offers
  19. srjsrajan

    WTB Exchange my galaxy s10 128gb with iphone xs or xs max.

    Mint condition s10 not even a single scratch. 4 months warranty left. Prism white color, 128gb storage 8gb ram.